Is HP instant ink worth it?

We all know that printer ink isn’t particularly cheap, especially if you have a printer made by a big brand like HP. Another big pet peeve for regular printers is running out of ink, right when you need to print something important. HP introduced their instant ink plans all the way back in 2013 to try and ensure that you’ve always got enough ink for your printer.

But just how viable is their instant ink plan? Is it only worth it for those that have massive printing demands, or can more casual users benefit from the instant ink plan too? Let’s break it down to find out whether it’s worth you signing up or not.

Is HP instant ink worth it?

The truth of the matter is that for some people, HP Instant Ink will definitely be worth it. If you print regularly each month in full colour, then you should look at signing up to the HP Instant Ink subscription service. However if you only print occasionally or irregularly, then you should probably just refill your ink as and when you need to.

Whilst it is a subscription service, there is a little bit more to Instant Ink than meets they eye. Let’s look more into what you can actually get more your money.

What exactly is HP Instant Ink?

HP Instant Ink is essentially just a subscription service for printer ink. So, you never need to worry about your HP printer starting to run out of ink, because each month you receive a fresh supply of prink ink to use. Subscription services have become one of the more popular methods of sales in recent years, with some people preferring that regular supply of reusable products as opposed to having to manually order it each month.

Another one of the main selling points of this service is that it works on a per page basis. This means that whether you print one word on a piece of paper, or a full photo print, it’s going to cost you the same amount in this subscription service. This is probably music to the ears of those that are regularly printing in colour, and it definitely suits these people more than anything else.

How does it work?

When you sign up to the Instant Ink service, you’re volunteering to give HP access to your printer. This means that they can monitor it’s performance, and they can see how high or low the ink levels are.

When the ink levels get low, HP will send you your new ink cartridges to put into your printer. You’re also then required to send the used cartridge back to HP for recycling purposes. It’s quite an easy and simple process to get used to.

HP Instant Ink – Pros and Cons

To break things down a little more, let’s look at the pros and cons of Instant Ink. This should help you work out whether it’s right for you.


Lowers costs for regular printers – If you’re printing on a regular basis every month, then HP Instant Ink can help to lower your overall costs at the end of the year.
Never run out – If you use Instant Ink properly, then you should never have to run out of printer ink. When you started to run low on ink, HP will know and automatically send you a new cartridge.
No discrimination! – Instant ink doesn’t discriminate against any one kind of page. This means that an almost blank page is treated the same as a page full to the brim of colour.


Internet needed – You have to be connected to the internet any time that you want to print. Whilst most people will have the internet at home anyway, this might not be ideal for some of us.
Pages count the same – Whilst all pages count the same is a good thing for those that print in colour, it’s not beneficial for those that print in black ink only, or need to print things with less information on them (like mailing labels). These people won’t benefit for the service much.
Fees – If you end up printing more pages than your subscription allows you to, then you can get hit with some fees. They’re quite expensive at up to 10p per page, so you should ensure that you don’t go over this if you do sign up to the plan.


Overall, HP Instant Ink is going to be a fantastic service.. for a certain demographic. The thing with HP Instant Ink is that it tries to fit a very select group of people, and yes, these people will definitely benefit from the service.

If you’re printing up to 100 pages a month regularly, then yes – HP Instant Ink is a good idea. This is especially true if you’re printing pages in full colour, especially if they’re detailed photo images.

However, for those that are printing as and when they need to, then HP Instant Ink isn’t going to be for you. Just refill your cartridges as and when you need to, and purchase a budget printer to fulfil all your printing needs. And for those printing more than 100 pages, if they’re not in colour, then you could be better off upgrading to a ink tank printer instead of a regular ink cartridge one.

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