ITV Hub Not Working? | Here’s a Quick Fix

If you’re facing problems with your ITV Hub not working, then don’t worry too much – you’re not alone. Whilst ITV Hub is actually one of the more reliable catch up services out there, there are still occasions where you might have issues with it.

And in recent months, with more and more different methods for accessing ITV Hub, this may have created an increased amount of problems with it not working. So, what’s the cause of ITV Hub not working, and how can you go about fixing it?

ITV Hub Not Working? | Quick Fix

Now, much of your problems with the Hub will actually greatly depend on the device you’re using to access it.

For example, if you’re trying to get access to ITV hub on a smart TV, then the issues you’ll face will likely be different than if you were to access it on your laptop browser. And, they’ll be even more different if you’re accessing it on your mobile phone.

If you want to get ITV Hub working quickly, then you can try clearing your cache, your cookies and switching to another web browser. You’ll also want to make sure that your device is fully updated, as well as resetting your home router and the device that you’re using.

These are the most common solutions to the problem you’re going to face, but it really depends what is actually happening with your app. Let’s look at them in a little more detail now.

A Blank Screen – Common with Browser Access

One of the most common issues that a lot of people have been running into when they try to use the ITV Hub app on their tablet or smartphone is that you’ll just end up seeing a blank screen.

This can be a common problem on all different devices, but it’s primarily a problem if you’re accessing the ITV Hub directly from your web browser. This means Google Chrome, Mozilla or Safari.

So how can you resolve a blank screen issue? Well, there’s a few things that you can do to fix this;

Clear your cache – If you’re trying to access the ITV Hub directly from your internet browser, then make sure that you clear your cache in advance. This can resolve your problem the majority of the time.
Clear your cookies – Whilst you’re clearing your cache, you may as well go ahead and clear your cookies too. This can be another pretty easy way to fix a problem with a blank screen.
Use a different browser – Although there’s not much of an explanation for it, many people seem to have this problem when they’re using Google Chrome. Try using ITV Hub in Safari or Opera instead, as this may then work.

Generally your browser will use cookies to track the websites that you’ve been on. It will then cache the page, so it loads faster when you head back there later. This can cause issues on occasion over the long term, so it’s worth clearing them out.

Crashing and Freezing – Common App Problem

Another extremely common problem that you’ll find with the ITV Hub sometimes is that it might crash, or freeze on one screen. This isn’t just a problem with ITV, as it can happen with pretty much any catch up or streaming app.

Although this also can happen with pretty much any device you’re using, it’s most common with the ITV Hub app. So what can you do to fix the issue?

Check your updates – More often than not, issues that arise with your ITV Hub app are actually a problem with an older version of the app. You can update your app on your phone, which should have the fix for whatever problem you’re having.
Delete and set up – One thing that you can do with the app is deleting it and reinstall it, which can definitely help to reset the app and might get it working again. This will give you a whole fresh new version of the app, which should resolve any problems.

In conclusion, there are various different reasons why your ITV Hub might not be working properly. There are some common problems that unfortunately, it’s not that easy to fix.

For example, at certain times ITV Hub may not be able to make it through an ad break without crashing, forcing you to restart it after every break. There’s not much you can do about this issue aside from clearing your cache and use of cookies.

Buffering – Smart TV Issues

Although this could also happen on pretty much any device, it’s most common to be a problem on your smart TV. This can be frustrating, because it’s difficult to know where exactly to pinpoint the issue itself. But, there are some things that you can try and do to fix this problem.

Check your signal – Make sure that you try and use the other apps on your smart TV and that it’s just a problem with ITV Hub and not all of them. Otherwise, you could be having signal issues with your television and your internet.
Reset your TV- Having to reset your television isn’t much of an issue, and it actually manages to fix a lot of problems you may be having. So, try giving your TV a quick reset to see if this fixes the problem.
Reset your router – Often, buffering issues might not actually have anything to do with the app itself, and it might actually be a problem with the internet connection in your home. The first thing you should do in this instance is to reset your home router, as this will likely fix any connection issues.

With many smart TVs, you can actually find the problem very easily but going into the settings of your TV. Though they’re not the most intuitive and easy to understand on some smart TV models, you can usually reset and clear your cookies here quite easily.

You should be able to find out what exactly the problem is, and how you can go about resolving the problem.

Potential other issues

These are the main issues that you are going to find with the ITV Hub app. Another one of the more common problems that you may face is having general issues with the app itself – particularly the screen coming up with “Not Available”. Usually, this can be down to one of two things.

Firstly, it could still be an issue with the internet in your household. So, this is the first thing to check in this scenario.

But, sometimes this is a problem with the app itself, and there’s actually nothing you can do about it. However, if you come back to the app a little later, then the problem should have resolved itself.


In many cases, it might be a problem with the app itself. But, you’ll also want to consider that it might be a problem with the device you’re watching it on too, and fixing this might resolve the problem for you.

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8 thoughts on “ITV Hub Not Working? | Here’s a Quick Fix”

  1. Hi Jon- we can no longer access ITV hub- we have had it but not for several weeks now downstairs we have it on the 2 tv up stairs. I have turned it on and off twice but no result- they are telling me to clear caches or cookies but don’t know what that is? I can get bbc I player but not 4 or 5 downstairs?

    • If it’s a smart TV, then you should try going into Settings, then Apps/System Apps. You should be able to select the app here and clear its cache (it’s like that for Samsung smart TVs). It varies on other brands, for example on an LG TV it’s within Application Manager > Storage, on Sony it’s System Apps. Hope that helps!

  2. I have a Sony smart TV and received a software update after which I encountered problems with some of the tv streaming sites.
    I rectified this by going into “factory settings”.
    During this operation I found that the smart tv enabling icon was deactivated. On enabling this, all the tv catch-up apps where once again functiong.
    I then found it was also necessary to sign in to all the sites again.
    I hope this provides some assistance to anyone who has lost their streaming service.

  3. I have a Sharp TV and when I try ITVhub I get all the ads before the programme then nothing. It works fine on the other TV which is Samsung. I have excellent signal and have reset the TV …we do not have the settings then app option.

    • That is an odd one. Did you try clearing the app cache? You should be able to go to All Apps > Settings > Apps, then select All to see all applications. Then select ITV Hub and ‘Clear cache’. If that doesn’t work, I would uninstall and then reinstall the app. Hope this helps, Sue!

  4. 50 meg download speed and I still Carnt watch the euros on my phone. Just buffers. ITV get all that money and can not produce a simple app. Put the football back on bbc iPlayer. There’s works just fine.

  5. Help – I have a Sharp smart TV. Can’t get itv live. No idea why. Itv App on smartphone works; but I want the football on the big screen!

    • Unfortunately, this is a common problem and seems to be a limitation of ITV Hub itself. However, there are workarounds for various TV models that are discussed in my ITV Hub on a smart TV post. In short, you should be able to use the TV’s web browser or mirror from another device, though it is far from a perfect solution. Hope this helps, Laura!


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