Why Is My Laptop Making A Static Noise?

Why is my laptop making a static noise? Has your laptop begun to make a weird, static noise out of the blue? There are a whole host of different reasons why the laptop might be making a weird, static noise, and the sooner you are able to isolate the problem, the better.

Thankfully, a static noise from your laptop isn’t a serious problem, and we have compiled a bunch of different solutions that will allow you to fix the issue. However, the first step is to identify exactly where the noise is coming from.

The noise could be generated from any number of components, including the cooling fans, the hard drive, or the speakers. These are the three most common components that could be causing the noise.

But, before you can go ahead and fix the issue, you need to figure out exactly what is causing the noise. Sound problems usually occur from components that have degraded over the passage of time and have been subjected to a considerable amount of wear and tear.

Another reason why you might be experiencing a noise is due to the use of improper software or drivers, which can impact the performance of the hardware itself.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of quick fixes that you can implement and those might make the annoying sound go away altogether.

However, it’s important for you to note that these quick fixes will require you to open up your laptop, so if you have a laptop that’s still under warranty, you might want to go another route. But, if your laptop is old and the warranty has already ended, there’s no harm in opening it up and then fixing it.

If your laptop is covered under warranty and there’s a sticker with the infamous “warranty void if removed” on the underside, the best course of action available to you is to take your laptop to the repair center.

Let them know about the excessive noise coming from the machine, and they will take it in for repairs. It’s the ideal choice if you don’t want to meddle with these things. However, if you don’t, then just read on to find out how you can fix the problem.

Why Is My Laptop Making A Static Noise?

Static Noise From Cooling Fans

The cooling fans in your laptop play an instrumental role in making sure the machine does not overheat. Owing to the amount of procedures and calculating taking place in the processor, the temperature tends to rise inside quite quickly.

That is one of the reasons why cooling fans are installed; they provide a considerable amount of ventilation and ensure that the temperature doesn’t rise inside.

When the temperature begins to rise, the cooling fans kick into gear. If you live in an area where the temperature is particularly hot, you might have noticed that the cooling fans tend to kick into gear quite often. So, needless to say, that is the first place that you need to look.

To figure out whether your laptop is the one that’s making all the noise, you need to first do something that may cause the fans to spin up. Launching a heavy game or playing a video in 4K or even HDR is going to cause the fans to spin.

Ideally, these fans are designed to be as noiseless as possible, but there is a chance that they will make a bit of noise as they begin to degrade.

Once the fans start to spin, you can check whether the noise is being originated from there. You might want to use a flashlight and target the vents.

If the fans are vibrating, you will probably know that the issue is caused by them. But, if you are unable to figure out anything directly like this, then you might want to inspect the fans from the inside.

The only way to do that is by taking the whole thing apart. Turn the laptop upside down, and look for the screws on each corner and the middle.

Depending on the make and model of your laptop, the screw positioning is probably going to vary. Once you are able to remove the bottom cover, look at the sides of the fan to identify signs of wear and tear.

You might be able to notice worn out bearings or broken fan blades, both of which could be causing the problem. Try to spin the fans on your own and see if you can recreate the sound.

In most cases, the problem is caused by loose screws, so just tightening them up should fix the problem. If that’s the case, you have got it easy. Just tighten the screws and you are good to go.

But, if the fans have sustained damage and are actually beyond repair, you might want to take the laptop to a local repair store, and get it fixed. The only course of action is to replace the fans. However, finding a suitable replacement can be difficult, especially if your laptop is old.

Laptop Making Weird Noise From Speakers

When the speakers get old and begin to wear out, the components inside are likely to break down and eventually start degrading. If these components break down and start to degrade, you will notice a static noise emanating from the speakers too.

If you begin to hear a static noise from the speakers every time you play any kind of audio or music on them, there is a chance that the volume might have been set overly loud.

So, the audio might be distorting. This is an easy fix; just lower the volume ever so slightly and see if that fixes the problem. However, in some cases, the static noise might not be caused due to a fault in the hardware.

Instead, it could be a software problem. To isolate the problem, you need to plug in your headphones, and see if that same noise is coming from the headphones too. If that’s the case, your audio drivers are in need of an update.

Open the Device Manager, and then browse to Sound. Tab on the arrow, and a sub menu is going to open up. From there, just select the speakers and check for a driver update.

If you are using Realtek drivers with your computer, there is a chance that those might cause an issue with static too. You might also want to consider running the Troubleshooter included with the Windows Operating System to determine the cause of the issue.

Click the Windows Menu Icon, and then browse to Settings. In the Search Bar, just type Troubleshoot, and then click on Troubleshoot Settings.

From there, just click on Playing Audio and then execute the troubleshooter. You might want to try out all of the solutions before you determine the cause of the problem.

If none of the software issues result in a fix, then it’s time for you to unscrew the bottom cover and examine the base again. Once you have done that, look closely at the speakers.

Do you see any signs of tears or something broken inside? If you notice any piece of stone or any debris, clear it away as soon as possible.

If that doesn’t work, the only solution available to you is to send your laptop to the company for repairs. Depending on the costs of speaker replacement, the charges are going to vary accordingly.

Noise Comes From the Hard Drive

Another issue that you are going to face, especially if you are using a mechanical hard drive, is noises from the hard drive. Old, mechanical hard drives have a ton of moving components that make them prone to issues, and there is also a chance of data loss.

To prevent that from happening, you might want to check whether the hard drive is running properly. The best way to check whether the noise is coming from your hard drive is to execute a function, such as copying data from one drive to another.

The hard drive will start spinning, and you will be able to check whether the noise is coming from that particular component. However, if the noise is coming from your hard drive, you should know that there’s no quick solution or easy fix for that.

The only solution in most cases is to replace the entire hard drive, and you will want to consider installing an SSD. SSDs have all but replaced mechanical drives, and are the standard choice for people who want quick performance.

These are just a few common methods to help you fix the static sound coming from your laptop. As long as you are able to isolate the problem, figuring out the next step won’t be an issue whatsoever.

These are just a few tips to help you out and make matters easier for you. These noises can be quite frustrating, so it’s best if you fix the problem right away.

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