Luxpro thermostat troubleshooting – how to reset & more!

Luxpro Thermostats may not be the most popular thermostats on the market, but they are jam-packed with functionalities, unparalleled usability,  exceptional durability, resilience, and efficiency. They usually function flawlessly, but if there is a problem with your thermostat, we have got this Luxpro Thermostat troubleshooting guide for you. 

The batteries are the first thing to check on a nonworking Luxpro Thermostat. Next, reset the thermostat and look for faulty cables. Finally check the circuit breaker.

Luxpro Thermostat Troubleshooting

Let’s begin with our Luxpro Thermostat troubleshooting guide. Try every method one after the other until the thermostat starts working flawlessly. 

Restart Thermostat

You can use restarting the thermostat as one of the most frequent troubleshooting strategies to get out of most sticky situations. This is a basic process that doesn’t need complicated steps like removing the batteries or anything else. 

To switch off the thermostat, simply click on the power button under the cover. Turning your thermostat back on with the same key will usually fix any troubles you were having with it. 

Let us explain the restarting process step-by-step. 

How to restart a Luxpro Thermostat

  1. Open the cover below the screen of the thermostat
  2. Look for the power button from the list and press it
  3. Now, wait for 5 minutes before restarting it
  4. Press the same power button to switch on the Luxpro thermostat
  5. Check if your device is working now

If restarting fails to fix the issue, then head to the next method. 

Reset Thermostat

If you can’t get it to run after restarting, or if the thermostat is frozen and unresponsive because of an error, that’s cause for concern, and you’ll want to ensure you fix it correctly. Fortunately, the reset procedure is short and straightforward, and all you have to do is click the Reset button to get everything back to normal. Below are the steps for the Luxpro thermostat reset procedure. 

How to reset Luxpro Thermostat

  1. Lift the cover below the screen of the thermostat
  2. Get a pin or a needle and put it inside the small opening that reads H.W. Reset or R. Reset
  3. Once you put the pin inside, you’ll feel a button there
  4. Push that button for 5 seconds and wait for the screen to start blinking
  5. The thermostat will now restart
  6. Set up the device and check if it is now working properly

Is your thermostat still not working after the reset? Check out the other Luxpro Thermostat troubleshooting methods. 

Check Batteries

The first thing you should do is check whether your Luxpro thermostat is running low on batteries. Change the batteries on your thermostat if it’s heating or cooling your house considerably more or less than you’ve set it to. 

Purchase fresh batteries using your old ones as a guide. Check to see if they are inserted correctly. Your thermostat should start to work correctly if the battery is the main culprit. If not, then move to the other methods.

Clean Thermostat

If dust builds up within your thermostat, it might interfere with the device’s operation by obstructing the wires. You should clean the device inside and out with either a soft brush or a canister of compressed dry air. 

Check Wiring

Other things like bad wiring might cause problems with your thermostat. One of the most significant problems is the wiring. You must ensure that all connectors are correctly linked to the terminals and that no faulty connections are present. 

Several additional factors can also harm your wire, such as the conductors’ deterioration over time, short circuits, and other such issues. If you’re not cautious, your thermostat may stop working altogether. However, after an electrician has fixed the wiring, you won’t have to worry about it happening again.

Other common problems

Minor problems might occur on rare occasions. Your thermostat could be prone to freezing and malfunctioning. Here are some other fixes that you can try as part of your Luxpro troubleshooting procedure. 

Circuit breaker

Make sure your thermostat is receiving electricity if the batteries aren’t defective. Short circuits, ground faults, and other electrical problems can all cause the circuit breaker to trip. 

Batteries may still be present, but their purpose is to serve as a fallback in the case of a power failure, and with a faulty circuit breaker, the batteries run out quickly, and there’s no power. 

A frequently tripping circuit breaker is unquestionably a problem. As a result, you’ll have to seek the assistance of an electrician.

Brass contacts

Getting to this point indicates that your problem may be more particular. Look for the brass connections on the subbase. A pair of brass tongs are usually situated a little above the lettering on the wiring connections, where they can be identified by their shape (tongs). 

If your thermostat isn’t working properly, try squeezing the brass contacts together. You don’t want to damage them, so use caution. You can resolve connectivity troubles between the switches by wiping down the circuit board’s single contact pens using cotton Q-tips or earbuds.

Heat Pump Switches

The thermostat’s dip switches are found on the rear. To use the fan, you must have Switch1 set to the “On” position and the fan switch set to “Electric.” For these modifications to take effect, you must restart your thermostat. So, restart your thermostat to check if it’s working properly.

Locked display box

Sometimes the display box on your Luxpro thermostat can lock and trigger issues. A locked symbol will appear on the screen. To unlock the keyboard, tap the icon and then tap “Unlock Keyboard.” 

You have to input your lock code. After entering the code, choose ‘OK’ and then push the up and down arrows. As soon as you’re finished, click ‘OK.’ 

It’s also possible to use the thermostat’s reset button if you’ve lost or forgotten your lock code. When you turn on your Luxpro thermostat again, it will unlock.

Contact Customer Service

Were you able to get your thermostat working again after doing any of the Luxpro thermostat troubleshooting methods mentioned above? If this is the case, congrats! If not, you’ll need to get in touch with Luxpro Technical Support. 

Unfortunately, Luxpro’s customer service is difficult to reach, but they’ll respond in less than a day or two once you do.

Moreover, the lifespan of your thermostat impacts its efficiency, so if it’s been a long time since you’ve installed it, you may want to consider changing it.

Why is my Luxpro Thermostat not cooling?

Here are a few reasons why your Luxpro Thermostat may not be turning on your cooling system: 

  • You have not set the thermostat to COOL
  • The temperature displayed by the thermostat is incorrect
  • Wrong settings

Ensure that your thermostat is in the COOL position before attempting to repair the problem. If the issue persists, try resetting the thermostat to resolve any errors or malfunctions in the temperature settings.

And if batteries power your thermostat, swap out the old ones with new ones so that it will work appropriately for the long term.

Why is my Luxpro Thermostat display not working?

If the display on your Luxpro thermostat is blank, here are some probable causes: 

  • Weak battery 
  • The circuit breaker got tripped. 
  • Fused or faulty wiring 

Rebooting the thermostat should be the first troubleshooting step in resolving this issue. Change the batteries if that does not work. 

Try resetting the thermostat software if none of the other options work. Next, check out whether your HVAC system’s circuit breaker has blown or tripped. If this is the case, toggle it on. 

If you’re skilled with thermostats, you may proceed to inspect the wiring and fuses to determine if anything is amiss. An HVAC specialist can check for and correct electrical problems if you’re not sure how. 

After attempting all of the repairs, your Luxpro thermostat display should now function properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

After listing all the Luxpro thermostat troubleshooting methods, let’s answer some of the most searched questions about the issues related to its functioning. 

Why is my Luxpro thermostat not working?

If your Luxpro thermostat stops working, first check that the batteries are in good condition. Examine the circuit breaker, the thermostat, and the cables to see if any of them are damaged or malfunctioning.

How do I fix an unresponsive thermostat?

You can fix an unresponsive thermostat by restarting it. However, if that does not work, then you can always reset the device and wait for it to restart on its own. 

What does flashing flame on Lux thermostat mean?

Whenever the compressor is locked, the flame icon on your thermostat will flash. Disruption or loss of electricity may be the cause of this issue. Also known as the flame indicator, this indicates that your compressor has been cut, so you need to reset your Luxpro thermostat to get it working again.

How do you know if your thermostat is faulty?

You know it is faulty when your Luxpro thermostat won’t change the temperature or perform the most basic heating and cooling functions. It also fails to abide by the custom temperature settings for your home. In such cases, it is better to get an expert to inspect the thermostat and fix it for good.


There’s no known cause for the “Luxpro thermostat not working” issue, as you may have seen above. Your thermostat may have this problem due to faulty wiring, expired batteries, or dust buildup inside the machine. 

However, the good news is that restarting or resetting your thermostat will usually take care of the problem. Replace the batteries, clean off the dust, and make sure there aren’t any wiring issues. 

We hope our guide smoothly walks you through all the Luxpro thermostat troubleshooting methods. Let us know in the comments which one worked for you! If none of the methods worked, please get in touch with the Luxpro customer support.

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