Macbook vs Windows Laptop – Which should you pick?

If you’re thinking about getting a new laptop, then there a lot of things for you to consider. One of the main decisions that you’ll need to make is whether you opt for a Windows laptop, or you decide to go for a Macbook.

This can be a difficult decision to make if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. However, if you know what kind of experience you want, then this can make your decision a lot easier. So, let’s look at some of the differences between a Macbook and a Windows laptop so you can work out which one would suit your needs more.

Macbook vs Windows Laptop

The main difference between a Macbook and a Windows laptop is that they run on different operating systems. Whilst a Macbook runs on the Mac OS, a Windows laptop runs on Windows OS.

And whilst Windows is by far the more used worldwide, Macbooks are still increasing in popularity and everybody knows someone who has a Macbook. But what are the benefits of opting for a Macbook over a Windows laptop? Let’s take a look.

Benefits of a Macbook (Using the Mac OS)

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Macbook over a Windows laptop.

  • It will crash less – Although newer Windows laptops are less likely to crash than ever, they typically will still crash on occasion. In comparison to this, I’ve used Macbook’s for a decade and none of them have ever crashed. So if you want more stability, then a Macbook might be a good idea.
  • It has a much cleaner user experience – If we’re being honest, the main reason that people opt to use Mac’s nowadays is that the user experience is better. Obviously this is subjective, but many people find the design and functionality of a Macbook far better than the Windows alternative.
  • Easy integration with iPhone – Another very prominent reason why people opt for a Macbook is that it’s very easy to integrate it with your iPhone. This means that you can easily get your emails, messages and contacts up on your laptop without any hassle. This can be a bit of a chore with a Windows laptop. You can even take calls on your Macbook if you have an iPhone linked up to it.
  • (Almost) No viruses – Although Macbooks can still get viruses, they are much less likely than if you’re using a Windows laptop. However with a Windows laptop, you will get viruses if you don’t have a good anti virus software in place,
  • Easy cloud integration – If you’re happy using cloud storage, then this is another reason why you should opt for a Mac. Syncing all your devices up with the iCloud makes for a seamless experience.
  • The trackpad is 10x better – Okay, I might be a little biased on this one but using the trackpad on a Macbook is a ton easier than using the trackpad on say, a Lenovo Thinkpad. It just makes the whole experience easier and you can easily scroll with a Macbook trackpad.

Benefits of Using a Windows Laptop (Windows OS)

It’s only fair that we look at some of the advantages of using a Windows laptop, too!

  • Windows laptops are often cheaper – Okay, I’m as big of a fan as Macbook’s as anyone, but let’s be honest – they’re way too expensive. For the amount you pay for an 8GB laptop with Apple, you could buy a 16GB laptop with most of the other brands out there. With Apple, you’re really paying for the GUI and customer service. If this isn’t of the utmost importance to you, then a Windows laptop might be better.
  • You can upgrade them later down the line – This isn’t the case for all Windows laptops, but with many of them you’ll have the option to upgrade later down the line. This isn’t the case with new Apple laptops, as they’re making it more difficult for users to upgrade the laptop themselves.
  • Cheaper support – Although Apple support is good, it’s really expensive and they’ll only help you if your machine is in warranty. However, to combat this many Windows laptops are being sold with free warranties or cheaper warranties, which is definitely valuable for those buying a new laptop.
  • Abundance of ports – In danger of this turning into a rant about my love and hate of Apple, the last thing I’ll mention is the ports. Apple laptops nowadays have two ports on the side, with no USB port. This means that most people end up having to buy an adapter to plug in their USB sticks to charge anything! Most Windows laptops will still come with USB ports, and some will come with more than that (HDMI etc).

So which should I go for?

Most people struggle to decide between the two, so don’t worry if you are – you definitely aren’t alone. In my mind, it’s quite simple to decide whether you should opt for one over the other.

If you’re want the best deal possible, are an avid gamer, use Microsoft Excel a lot or you want more control over your laptop in general, then you should definitely opt for Windows. Windows laptops will give you a powerful laptop for your price.

However if you’re a graphic designer or an artist, or you want a simple experience, then it’s a better idea to opt for Apple, as their user experience is second to none in my opinion.


Overall, these are just a few reasons why I’d opt for one brand over the other. The reality is that both brands have their ups and downs, and it really depends on your criteria and what you want from a laptop more than anything else.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a laptop, check out my guide to the best laptops under £500 – it’s perfect for people who want to purchase a laptop on a tight budget. Also, if you want any advice about which would be best for you, then feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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