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If you’re looking for a keyboard to accompany your Mac, then you’ve probably come across the Magic Keyboard already. It’s Apple’s primary keyboard that they offer with any Mac product, and they can be a useful addition to your Macbook, and a necessity if you’re going to get an iMac.

However, a Magic Keyboard can be quite expensive in comparison to other wireless keyboards out there. So is it worth you paying out for the Magic Keyboard, or should you look at another brand instead? Let’s have a look at the Magic Keyboard in closer detail.

Magic Keyboard Review

The Magic keyboard is a good choice if you’re a Mac user. It’s available in two different designs, one with a numeric keypad and one without. Obviously, you’d prefer to have the one with a keypad, but it is a bit more expensive than the smaller keyboard.

Apple Magic Keyboard - Numeric
  • Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad features an extended layout, with document navigation controls for quick scrolling and full-size arrow keys for gaming.


The design of the Magic Keyboard is up for debate. It’s definitely one of the most attractive looking keyboards that’s currently available. It’s a very responsive, and it’s not too loud either (however, if you’re looking for a next to silent keyboard, this probably isn’t it). It uses scissor switch technology. This type of keyboard switch is typically going to be more expensive than using silicone dome switches, however it does help with performance.


The only criticism that you might have of the Magic Keyboard is it’s ergonomics. For some people that may prefer it, however others will want more wrist support. If you need more wrist support, then you could always match the Magic Keyboard up with a cheap wrist rest.


I haven’t had any issues with the connectivity of the Magic Keyboard, however I don’t really turn my Macbook off that much, so haven’t had to connect to the keyboard too much. However, it’s worked perfectly the whole year that I’ve had it, so I can’t have any complaints in the connectivity department.


Bear in mind that you get one lightning connection port on the magic keyboard, which you’ll need to connect to charge it up. You connect to the Magic keyboard via a lightning port on the top of the keyboard.


Battery Life

I’ve actually been really surprised by the long battery life of the Magic Keyboard. Unlike the Magic Mouse, which I need to charge every week or so, the Magic Keyboard lasts a lot longer than this. I’d say that I’ve only charged it every 3 weeks or even once a month – and I use my laptop quite extensively, too. So if you’re concerned about it’s battery life, then you don’t need to be.


The only area where people might feel like the Magic Keyboard falls is in it’s price. Now in the UK, it usually retails at around £70 without numeric keypad, or £110 with. You may or may not think that’s expensive, but when you add the cost of the Magic Mouse, you’re looking at paying £130-200 for the pair.

If we look at what else is out there on the market keyboard, then you can easily pick up a cheap Logitech keyboard for £20 or £30 that will have the same performance. So, it really comes down to your own preference, as you’re obviously paying more for the Apple brand, as with all their products. If you’re interested in other options, check out this list of wireless keyboards.

Adjusting from Windows

If you’re worried about transferring over to a Mac from a Windows device, then there are things you can change to help you out. I’d advise looking at the modifier keys and seeing if there’s anything there that can make it more like a Windows keyboard for you, like changing the Command function.


Common Questions about the Magic Keyboard

Is the Magic Keyboard worth it?

This is really subjective, and it will depend on what you need! If you want a great aesthetic, and you appreciate having all of your accessories made by Apple to match and work with each other, then of course it’s worth it. However, if you couldn’t care less what your keyboard looked like, then there might be another option out there that’s more cost efficient.

Will Apple release a new magic keyboard?

Apple released the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad this summer. However, there’s still no update on when another keyboard for Macbooks and iMacs will be released as of yet.

Is the Magic Keyboard backlit?

No, the Magic Keyboard is not backlit. Apple have released statements that they have been thinking about releasing about a backlit Magic Keyboard, but so far nothing has come to fruition.

My Magic Keyboard isn’t working

Although not a common problem with Magic Keyboards, sometimes they can become unresponsive. If this happens to you, then the best thing you can do is to hard reset your keyboard.

How long does the magic keyboard battery last?

I think in the past that Apple have stated that the keyboard is expected to last 2 months. I usually charge mine every month, However i’ve never come anywhere near to using all of the battery. So, 2 months sounds about right.


All in all, the Magic Keyboard is going to split people like every Apple product does. Some will say it’s overpriced for a pretty basic keyboard. However, Apple fans will appreciate it’s look and simple design, and think of it as a good addition to their office setup.

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