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If you have a Mac already or you’re looking at getting one, then you might be thinking about what accessories you need to go with it. One of the most commonly bought accessories is the Magic Mouse, which is Apple’s wireless mouse accompaniment to any Macbook or iMac.

Although the Magic Mouse is pretty popular, it definitely does have it’s critics out there. So is it worth getting the Magic Mouse? Or should you opt for another brand that’s out there, like Logitech or Razer? Well, let’s take a look at it in closer detail.

Magic Mouse Review

The Magic mouse comes in both a white and a space grey. However, the space grey is usually at full cost of around £100, whereas you can find the white version on sale at around £60-65 if you’re lucky.


What sets the Magic Mouse apart from the competition is it’s simple design, which makes it one of the most attractive mice out there. You can choose whether you want to have the right click function on the mouse activated or not, which gives you the option of more control from just the mouse.


Another good thing about the design of the Magic Mouse is it’s ability to scroll. It works just like the trackpad, where you trace your finger a lot the top of the mouse to scroll up and down. If you spend a lot of time reading articles like I do, then this is a necessary function to have.

You can also add smart zoom, which zooms in when you double click your mouse. You can do all this in System Preferences.



The connectivity is generally very good with the Magic Mouse. If you leave it on all the time, then it should stay connected to your Mac whenever you turn it on.

The only problems I’ve had with the mouse is when I turn it off consciously because I’m going to use the laptop’s trackpad. Whenever I’ve turned the mouse back on, it doesn’t reconnect automatically for a while, and I’ve had to go back into system preferences to connect it. Sure, it only takes 20 seconds to do this, but it’s a little annoying.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Magic Mouse is decent. On average , I’d say that I charge it around once per week. I use my laptop pretty much 8 hours or more a day every single day, so when you think about it like that, the battery life is pretty impressive. It also charges up really quickly too, so even if you are running low on battery, this isn’t too much of a concern if you can charge it. You can also turn the mouse off via the switch on the bottom to save battery life.



As always with Apple products, they come under a lot of criticism for their price. The Magic Mouse retails at around £60 or £70, which is pretty expensive for a normal wireless mouse. If you want to keep all your products Apple, then it’s a must. However, if you want a cheap option or you want something else, then check out Spacehop‘s list of wireless mice. You can find a good mouse as cheap as £20, but also some that are even more expensive than the Magic Mouse.

Common Questions about the Magic Mouse

Is the Magic Mouse worth it?

This will entirely depend on your perspective on Apple products in general. If you like Apple products and are happy to pay a bit more for better design and usability, then you’ll appreciate the Magic Mouse. However if you want the best value for money, then the Magic Mouse isn’t going to be the best choice for you.

Is the Apple Magic Mouse ergonomic?

The short answer to this is; no, not really. For a mouse to be ergonomic, it really needs to provide wrist support to the user. The Magic Mouse is just flat, so it doesn’t really provide any support at all.

What’s better; the Magic Mouse or the Trackpad?

This will come down to preference, but for most people the mouse is going to be the better of the two. It’s more precise, and for the typical user they’ll find the mouse more easy to use than the trackpad. However, there definitely are a lot of people who love the trackpad, and some even use both of them simultaneously.

Do I need to turn the Magic Mouse off?

Although some people do, you don’t really need to turn the Magic Mouse off when you’re not using it. After a while, the mouse will understand that you’re not using it, and go into standby mode.

Can you use Magic Mouse with iPhone?

I’m not sure why you’d want to, but yes you can use the Magic Mouse and the Magic Keyboard with iPhones as old as the iPhone 5 model.


All in all, the decision to buy a Magic Mouse will entirely depend on your relationship with Apple. The likelihood is that if you’re reading this, you’ve already got or are going to buy a Macbook or an iMac. So, you probably like Apple’s products, and you’ll probably find the Magic Mouse a great addition. There are those that won’t like it, and if you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse, then there are better options out there.

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