Netflix party on iphone – what is it and how to do it?

Netflix Party has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Even if you’re thousands of miles apart, you and your friends and families can now share the pleasure of every movie moment in real-time virtually, no matter how far you are. 

With more than 10 million users rising, the Teleparty extension has not been available for Apple’s iPhone and iPad users. The iPad and the iPhone do not have this browser plugin. 

What’s the reason behind this? Does Netflix Party work on iPads and iPhones in any other way?

Netflix Party on iPhone

A Netflix party on iPhone could be something you’d like to do with your friends. This can be done in a matter of minutes with the help of an extension called Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party) that lets you watch Netflix with friends. This plugin enables you to communicate via text, talk, and emojis while watching.  


Netflix Party on iPhone – Is it Possible?

As of this writing, Teleparty is only accessible as a Chrome extension for desktops and laptops running Chrome and on Android devices. Sadly, this implies that to enjoy the shared viewing experience, you and your friends will both need to have devices compatible with the service.  

Even the System Requirement section on Teleparty’s official website states: “Teleparty runs on laptop and desktop computers and Android devices. You can download Teleparty as a browser extension available for the Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Opera browsers. You can also install Teleparty on your Android device. Coming soon (but not currently available): iOS smartphones or tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles and other devices.”

What is Netflix Party (now known as Teleparty)? 

Netflix Party, now known as Teleparty, is a free extension for browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Opera. 

It is possible to view the same show/movie simultaneously from each of your Teleparty accounts. Added convenience comes in the form of a chatroom that runs along one side of the screen. 

It’s a place where you may type anything you want to say to your pals, such as commenting on a movie or TV show, asking how they’re doing, chatting about the trends, etc. GIFs, emojis, and screenshots can also be sent. It would distract from the viewing experience if there were voice or video chat options, so Teleparty does not have those communication options.  

The maximum number of people who can attend a Teleparty is up to 1000, but that’s a lot of folks! Telepartying with people from all over the world is possible, but keep in mind that not all countries have access to the same shows or movies. 

As a bonus for individuals concerned about their privacy, all communications are permanently wiped from the Teleparty servers after each Teleparty.

To watch a movie or TV show with your friends, download the Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, HBO Now, HBO Max, or Disney Plus apps and use the online versions of those services to sync your viewing times. That way, you can watch content simultaneously and participate in the discussion.

How to Have a Netflix Party on Your iPhone

Although Netflix Party on iPhone is not available on Teleparty, we still have third-party apps like Rave that let us stream our Netflix Party on iPhone and iPad to have a good time virtually. 

Rave is a great way to have a Netflix Party on iPhone. Rave has an app for iOS and Android and apps for Windows and Macs. You can stream from different platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and Vimeo can all be streamed simultaneously. What’s more? You can also stream videos from Google Drive and enjoy them with your family and friends at a watch party. 

How to Netflix Party on iPhone via Rave

Follow the steps below to use Rave on your iPhone and iPad to have a watch party with your friends:

  1. Download the Rave app from the App Store and sign-up for a new account.
  2. Once installed, launch the app and tap the “+” button on the lower right corner.
  3. You will now get multiple streaming options. Choose the one that you want to stream from, like Netflix.
  4. Type your Netflix account’s login credentials and open Netflix. 
  5. Open the show/movie you want to watch and hit play, and then pause.
  6. Now, select Friends from the Privacy options to invite specific friends. You can invite them on Rave or send a link for them to join. By default, this option is public, but it is better to tweak it to Friends to enjoy privacy in chat. 
  7. Once all the steps are done, you can begin your Netflix party on Rave. To stop the party, just tap the “X” button in the upper left corner. 

Other Netflix Party Alternatives for iPhone

Using Netflix Party, you and your friends can watch episodes and movies together and communicate with one another while you’re doing so. It’s a great way to alleviate some of the loneliness of watching on your own. Here are some great alternatives for those who want to use Teleparty or Netflix Party on iPhone. You will get the same functionality with these options. 


Scener is relatively a newbie. This is also a Chrome add-on for your PC, similar to Netflix Party. Nevertheless, the service is compatible with a variety of streaming providers, including Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO GO. 

You can also create a public party on Scener. Theoretically, a million other individuals may be viewing the same movie or show simultaneously. Up to nine more hosts can join you in hosting the event. When watching a movie with others, you may even put up a video camera to record your reactions to it.


This service supports streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Hearo also enables virtual viewing parties for streaming platforms like Disney+, Crunchyroll, Paramount Plus, HBO Max, Prime Video, Hulu, and more.  It even has the capacity to link to cable TV providers, allowing you to view live sporting events and more.


In addition to Netflix, Kast is another option for hosting a Netflix Party. Another feature of Rabbit is its compatibility with YouTube and other third-party services. On its website, you may install its app for Windows and Mac. Additionally, Kast has mobile apps for both iOS and Android users. Video chat and other capabilities are available, and you can share videos via the applications. 

A Kast Premium membership costs $6.49 a month, but it’s free to download and use. With a paid subscription, you can get rid of advertisements and enhance movie quality.

Twitch Watch Parties

Amazon’s Twitch streaming service, which offers compatibility for its new Watch Parties feature, has recently launched. If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, you may join fellow Twitch users’ Watch Parties. 

Hundreds of movies and TV episodes are at their fingertips via Amazon Prime Video to help them host these events. Only PC Twitch platforms are supported; this service is not available on mobile devices, gaming consoles, or smart TV apps.

Prime Video Watch Party

Although Amazon just introduced Twitch Watch Party, they have also released a new option to host a watch party on Prime Video. The Prime Video Watch Party is now available to Prime subscribers. 

The Prime Video Watch Party does not require an app or extension. To view and broadcast a film or Television episode on your laptop or desktop, open the Prime Video website and click the watch party option.  

As the host, you can alter the video feed that the rest of the group views. Video playback may be interrupted, or fast-forwarding can be paused and resumed at any time. In addition, your friends can engage with you using the text chat option, which includes stickers. The video can be seen by up to 100 people simultaneously.

Facebook Messenger Watch Together

Facebook Watch allows users to watch live feeds from their favorite content providers on Facebook Messenger. Friends can view the same live video on the Messenger app for iOS and other OS. Remember, only the Messenger app has this feature, not the web version. 

Disney Plus GroupWatch

With Disney Plus, up to six of your friends can watch movies/TV shows on the service from anywhere in the world. In contrast to Netflix Party, this can be played on a computer, tablet, or even a smart TV. While video chat isn’t available, you may text and send your buddies emojis. 

Hulu Watch Party

Like Amazon Prime Video Watch Party, this new function does not necessitate the installation of applications or extensions. You can view it with friends online, and they can leave comments in the chat window while you all view it together. 

Regardless of whatever Hulu subscriptions you or your buddies have, you must have a Hulu account in order to participate. Subscribers can access it at any time.

Movies Anywhere Watch Together

A new “watch with friends” function, named “Watch Together,” has gone live on Disney’s Movies Anywhere. Ten participants can view the same movie on a smart TV, a phone, or a PC. Your friends don’t even need to own the movie to watch it online! 

The party host can send up to 3 passes to friends who don’t own the film to view it for a limited time using the Movies Anywhere’s Screen Pass. Texting and emojis are your only options for communicating with friends, as there is no video chat available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have all the information about Netflix on iPhone let’s delve into other related questions. 

How do I watch a party on my iPhone?

You can use alternative apps like Scener to watch a party on your iPhone. Users can also party-supporting apps like Prime Video or Disney Plus to watch a party on their iPhone. 

How can I watch Netflix online with my friends iPhone?

You can watch Netflix online with friends on iPhone by using alternative apps for Netflix Party like Scener or Kast. Download any iPhone supporting watch party apps and view Netflix with your friends. 


If you’re searching for an app that lets you watch your favorite content on Netflix with friends, Netflix Party or Teleparty is a great option, but not for iPhone users. For users with iPhones, alternative apps like Scener and Kast to enjoy Netflix parties on iPhone. 

Netflix Party is the best method for keeping in touch, but it has drawbacks such as privacy issues and a clunky design. We hope this guide helps you find the best platform for Netflix party on iPhone, let us know in the comments!

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