Now TV Stream Quality Issues | How to Fix Poor Resolution

For people in the UK, Now TV is the best way for you to get Sky channels without signing up to an expensive monthly package deal. I’d even go so far as to say that Now TV is probably the best option out there, maybe still lagging a little behind Netflix. However, Now TV is one of the best ways to get Sky Sports.

The only thing that you can have a bit of a problem with is the Now TV streaming quality. For some reason, Netflix will seem to run fine at higher definition, but sometimes Now TV will struggle behind Netflix and it can deliver the same quality of picture.

So, what’s the cause of this, and what can you do to go about fixing the issue? Well, there are a few things that you can do to and improve the streaming quality of Now TV.

Now TV Stream Quality

For the most part, the stream quality that Now TV offer is pretty good. However, there are different issues that can occur which can have an effect on your overall quality. Much of this will depend on your overall internet connection.

At the present, Now TV offers their services at a basic streaming resolution of 720p for most devices. In some cases, you can upgrade this to 1080p using Now TV Boost. They don’t offer 4k quality streaming.. yet. It does look like as other competitors are introducing 4k resolution, Now TV will probably have to follow the trend too.

This is about standard for the majority of streaming services out there, although more and more of them are offering the ability to streaming at a higher resolution. Bear in mind that if you do want to stream at one of these higher resolutions, then this can use significantly more data.

What is my maximum stream resolution with Now TV?

If you’re seeing the difference between your Netflix account and your Now TV account, then it could just be due to the resolutions that you can use with the different services. Whilst you can use a 4k connection with Netflix, Now TV doesn’t have these capabilities as of yet – you can only stream up to 1080p.

In most cases, Now TV streams at a 720p resolution across the majority of its devices. This includes through smart TV’s, their streaming stick and their streaming box, Roku, Playstation and Xbox and Chromecast. All of these devices can use Now TV Boost, which further increases your resolution from 720p up to 1080p.

At the moment, you can’t stream at a higher quality than 720p on certain devices. This includes mobile phones, as well as streaming through Apple TV as well. So, this could be the reason why your stream quality isn’t as high as you’d like.

Now TV streaming quality codes

One thing that you will probably notice is that if you’re having problems with your stream, then you might get a code come up on the screen. There’s forums all over the internet trying to figure out what each of them mean, with many users confused (including myself!). And as you’d expect with Sky, there isn’t any sign what these codes could mean.

These codes are related to the resolution of your stream. Bear in mind too that these codes also vary depending on what device you’re using. So, you could have the same issue on your streaming stick as you have on your laptop, and you’ll get a completely different code.

How to Improve Your Stream Quality

Now, if you’re having streaming issues with Now TV, then here are some of the things that you can do to try and resolve the issue.

Now TV Boost

Something that’s definitely worth trying is upgrading to the Now TV Boost package. The standard definition that Now TV uses is 720p; with the Boost package, you can upgrade to 1080p content instead. This could help to resolve your low quality streaming issues with the provider.

What other benefits are there? Well, you can also stream on 3 devices simultaneously with Boost, instead of the usual 2 devices. Of course, this service does cost a couple of quid extra per month to do.

But, the main reason you should try Boost is that you can get a free month’s trial with it. So, there’s no harm in upgrading and seeing if this fixes your problem. And if it doesn’t, then you can just switch back to your normal package.

Check Your Connection

Often times, the problem may actually lie with your internet connection and not the app itself (not always, as it could be a Now TV issue). One way to determine this is by testing out other streaming services and seeing if you have the same problems with them. If not, then you can determine that it’s a Now TV problem.

The first thing that you’ll want to do if you do have a problem with your connection in general is to reset your wifi router. In many cases, this can help to fix the issue. You should also go online and check how fast your wifi speed is, and see if you’re getting the same download speeds that your provider has quoted you.

If you’ve reset your router and you’re still having issues, then you might want to consider moving your router closer to your streaming device. This can help resolve the problem too. Or, you could consider getting a wifi repeater or extender, which can improve your wifi quality.

See who’s connected to your internet

Another pretty common reason that you might be having issues with your Now TV streaming quality is the amount of devices that are connected to your home router. Not only the amount of devices, but specifically the amount of devices that are using the network simultaneously.

Some lower speed broadband connections won’t be able to support streaming HD through different devices at the same time – this is even true for Now TV’s own broadband packages. So, make sure that someone else in the household isn’t hogging all of your data.

You also might want to check if anyone that isn’t in your household is connected to your router too, as they could be using up your allowance, resulting in a lower streaming quality.

Use an Ethernet Cable

Following on from checking your router, if you have the ability to use an ethernet connection over a wifi connection, then you should do so. It’s well known that an ethernet cable can give a much more stable connection than you’d get via a wireless connection.

In some cases, this probably won’t be possible – if you’re using a Now TV stick, for example. But if you can, then using a wired connection could help to fix your streaming quality issues.


Overall, if you’re having Now TV streaming quality issues, then you’re not alone. Although the service has got a lot better over the last few years, it’s still got some way to go to meet the quality of other services out there.

In some cases, the problem may lie with Now TV themselves, and you may need to go onto their live chat system to find a resolution. But the issue can also be due to your own connection at home, so it’s worth checking that this is fine too.

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