Is your oculus quest 2 blurry? We have the fix!

Without a doubt, Oculus Quest 2 is an exciting VR headset. It is designed to work with Meta Platforms by Facebook, which owns both. The Oculus Quest 2, or Meta Quest 2 (as it is currently known), is a successor to the original Oculus Quest, and you can use it to play various virtual reality games.

But what do you do when you find your Oculus Quest 2 blurry? There can be several reasons for that, and in this guide, we will discuss them in detail, along with their fixes. 

Oculus Quest 2 Blurry?

If your Oculus Quest 2 seems blurry, clean the lenses and wipe them with a microfiber cloth. It might feel a bit blurry due to its current performance settings, so you have to scroll down to Graphics Preferences and make some adjustments. 

Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2

Why is my Oculus Quest 2 Blurry?

The following is the list of all possible reasons why your Oculus Quest 2 seems blurry. 

Maybe You Need to Use Glasses

If you have trouble seeing with your Quest 2 VR headset, you may need glasses. Many people don’t realize this until they get their hands on virtual reality devices for the first time. 

Using VR headsets puts a strain on your eyes because your eyes constantly try to focus but can’t get a clear picture. Therefore, you might need to see an optometrist. A professional can help you figure out corrective measures to help you see clearly. 

You might even have some common eye conditions, for example, long or short-sightedness, astigmatism, etc. It’s possible that you only learned about your condition when you started using your VR headset. So, there is a possibility that you might be dealing with these issues, and that’s why you can’t see clearly when using your Quest 2

Lens Position

We’ll go into all of the ways to fix your Oculus Quest 2 when it’s blurry, but here’s a video with 4 quick tips to fix the issue.

The lenses could be too close to your eyes when you wear your VR headset. Therefore, it becomes difficult to see through that tiny spot. 

The loosening of the strip causes the lenses to be placed slightly away from your eyes. The increased distance between your eyes and the lens causes you to experience blurriness

To fix this, you have to make adjustments to the position of the lenses. You can loosen the screws located on the side of your headset. 

Then, you must slide the lenses until the focus is perfect. You can repeat this a few times until you think you have it right. But once you get it done, it will make a massive difference. 

The IPD (Interpupillary Distance) distance, which is the distance between the pupils, must be adjusted. This IPD distance varies from person to person, so you must make these adjustments based on your requirements. 

There are three different settings available in your Quest 2; one is 58mm, the second is 63mm, and the last is 68mm. 63mm is set by default in your Quest 2. 

Be sure your pupil is in line with that sweet spot to ensure clear vision. If there is a misalignment, the view through your Quest 2 will be blurry. 

Too Close to Your Eyes

The Quest 2 is a pretty awesome gadget, but you might notice it to be a bit blurry because you placed it too close to your eyes. 

In an ideal scenario, you need to place it near your eye so your eye can easily see through the tiny spot and focus on the image beyond and into the center of Fresnel lenses. 

If you place the lenses away from your eye, you will find it difficult to see beyond the tiny spot, and the display will be noticeably blurry.

It is critical to place the lens at the correct distance from your eye. And if you wear glasses, you will need to use a glass spacer to keep the lenses close to your eyes. Be sure your glasses are not rubbing against your Quest 2, or it will cause a few scratches. 

Girl wearing Quest 2
Girl wearing Quest 2

Lens is Unclear

Another reason that your Quest 2 seems blurry is that its lenses might need to be cleaned. When these lenses get dirty, you will notice many issues in vision. It’s pretty much like your glasses, as you must regularly clean them with a microfiber cloth and some cleaning solution. 

You need to gently wipe the lenses until they don’t have any debris or dirt on the surface. 

Be sure to use approved cleaning solutions for these lenses because your Quest 2 features Fresnel lenses, and they feature multiple rings of magnification to keep the lens light and thin.

Ensure you protect the lens from sweat, as it can damage the lens in the long run and cause blurriness. Therefore, always use your Quest 2 in an air-conditioned environment and take regular breaks during the usage sessions. 

Resolution Needs Adjusting

A good way to increase the overall text resolution in your Quest 2 is to use the supersampling setting. With this setting, you can improve your device’s total number of pixels in each frame. As a result, you will get a much clearer image, which can result in a few performance issues. 

Apart from that, another way to improve clarity is to up the overall refresh rate. The image will appear much smoother but might cause a few lags. 

And then, of course, you can try to make a few adjustments to your IPD settings; it will alter the distance between your eyes and your headset’s lenses. Consequently, it can help you reduce some blurriness in the view. 

You can increase the overall resolution, which will consume more power. However, in the long run, the performance will decline. Therefore, you must set the resolution at an optimal level. 

God Rays 

These rays in Quest 2 are caused due to Fresnel lenses. They decrease the light that passes and cause some light to scatter. With this scattering, god rays occur, and you will see them in the display. 

You can reduce these rays by limiting the distance between the display and your systems. You can reduce them by lowering your resolution setting. 

These Fresnel lenses come with rings for the magnification process. This process is critical for the VR headset as the lens stays thin and light this way. Right at the center of the lens is a small sweet spot that you use to see, and it should be aligned with your pupil. 

Dry Eyes

If you keep using your Quest 2 for long sessions, it will cause dryness in the eyes. Therefore, you must take frequent breaks while wearing your VR headset.

Man wearing VR headset
Man with a VR headset

How to Make Oculus Quest 2 Less Blurry

Here are a few methods to make your Quest 2 less blurry.

Regularly Clean Your Quest 2 Lenses

You have to make sure you regularly clean your Quest 2 lenses. You can do that with the help of a microfiber cloth. The lenses of your headset must remain clean. 

Clean them in a circular motion moving outward, and only use pieces of cloth made for these lenses. Remember not to use chemical-based cleaners or alcohol-based products

Best fluids include anti-bacterial, non-abrasive, and alcohol-free ones for cleaning those buttons and lenses. Otherwise, you may damage your lens permanently.

Adjusting the Strap and Headset

Sometimes, if you adjust your headset along with its strap, you might solve the blurriness. Just put your headset on without the straps, and you can adjust and align it for the perfect fit. 

Then, you can go for minimal alignment by pushing the headset closer or farther from your eyes. You can also turn it up and down and left and right. 

Try to close one of your eyes and continue looking with the other one. Just move the headset to find your best placement.

Now, close the other eye and adjust the device again. Finally, you can put your device on and adjust the straps. The rotating arms on the Quest 2 allow you to adjust your headset in any position you like. 

virtual reality gaming
Virtual Reality gaming

Alter Your IPD Settings 

For those who don’t know, IPD refers to Interpupillary Distance or lens spacing from the pupil. As mentioned above, the Quest 2 comes with three different IPD settings: 58mm, 63mm, and 68mm

Now, these are not just values. You can adjust them and set other intermediate distances within these values. You can begin by making a few adjustments to the value you have configured, as it provides you with the best image quality according to your requirements.

Once done, you can begin adjusting the settings to some in-between value by pushing the lenses further or closer. You are doing this to match the IPD setting of the device with your eyes. As a result, the overall blurriness of your Quest 2 will be reduced.

Increasing Texture Size on the SideQuest

Another workaround to tackle blurriness on your Quest 2 is increasing the texture in the software. To do that, you must connect your VR headset to your PC and alter its settings in SideQuest.

You must remember that it’s more of a trial-and-error technique. You will be able to play the game in different textures, and the goal here is to find the one that doesn’t influence overall performance and image quality. 

If you don’t have a system, you can alter the resolution settings on your Android smartphone (by using ADB debugger). Watch this video to learn how to do that:

Modify Settings for Bettering Image Quality

If you use Oculus Link, this technique will work, or you can also use it with your Oculus Rift S. You will have to run Oculus diagnostics on your system and open the Oculus Debugging Tool. 

Within the Bitrate settings, test a few values from 100 to 500 and set the distortion conversion high. An alternative option is to increase the overall performance of your Oculus software. Be sure to review the refresh rate settings as you do this, as resources will be stretched due to rendering high-resolution images. You will need to find a balance. 

Replace the Lenses

If all else has failed, it is time to replace your VR headset’s lens to improve the image quality. You might have received a defective piece, and you can get in touch with the Meta support team and return your device in exchange for a replacement. 

VR Headset lens
VR Headset lens

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I Wear Reading Glasses with Oculus Quest 2?

If you use reading glasses, but your overall vision is fine otherwise, or you are far-sighted, you won’t need to use your reading glasses with your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. 

Can You Replace Oculus Quest 2 Lenses?

You can get customized lenses for the headset, but it is not recommended to change the original lenses. Your best option is to get in touch with the support staff and explore your options with them. 


There are various reasons why your Oculus Quest 2 is blurry. You may be the one who needs to wear glasses, or there are a few adjustments you have to make to be sure your headset fits you perfectly. 

You can go for a few tweaks in your device’s settings and alter its resolution. But there are times when you might have received a defective piece, and in that scenario, you need to get in touch with Meta customer care and ask for a replacement.

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