Office Chair vs Gaming Chair – What’s the Difference?

An office chair and a gaming chair have some surface-level similarities to each other. But the truth is, they’re actually quite different in design and purpose. They’re both chairs that are designed for heavy use, but they’re not really used for the same thing.

Both aim for comfort and style to help you work or game for long periods. However, they have different approaches to ergonomics and comfort, along with dramatically different designs. So, here’s what you should consider if you’re trying to decide between the two.

Office Chair vs Gaming Chair

Gaming and office chairs are both designed for long hours irrelevant of whatever activity you’re using your PC for. These different needs make them a lot more diverse than just different colours.

Gaming chairs typically have more customisable options, with separate cushions for various body parts that can be tilted and positioned. They often feature a headrest and other comfort-focused additions, and they’re likely made of foam or leather.

In comparison to this, office chairs are designed for work, and they tend to focus on keeping you economically supported and looking professional. Although they can also be made in foam and leather too, you’ll also find mesh back options available as well.

There is a lot of crossover in use. Many people use their office chairs for gaming or keep their gaming chairs for business matters. It would be overkill to have two separate office chairs, sat side by side to be swapped out the second you close down League of Legends and open up a spreadsheet.

If you’re going for one over the other, there are some specific pros and cons that you should keep in mind.

What is a gaming chair? 


The defining feature of a gaming chair is often its look. Manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on the aesthetics of a chair. This is just PC components that focus on their RGB lights.

If you’re looking for a chair that accentuates the flair of your gaming room, then you’ll be better off with a gaming chair. Outside of their appearance though, there are some key differences in design.

Typically made of leather, gaming chairs are designed with one major focus; comfort.

In terms of supporting you while sitting for long stretches of time, a gaming chair goes for personal comfort. They have adjustable headrests, adjustable levels of back support, and even armrests that can be adjusted in both angle and height. Having separate pillows for various body parts make this possible.

With all of them adjustable, you can be sure you’ll be as comfortable as possible. You’ll also have a headrest which is usually absent from office chairs. If you’re looking to relax quite a bit while at your PC, this will be helpful.

Gaming chairs also come in bucket seats, ideal for playing racing games.

A gaming chair is usually focused on comfort rather than posture. While you can adjust them to help with your posture, they’re more about cushions and keeping you relaxed.


Gaming chairs tend to have a high emphasis on comfort more than anything else.
They also are usually designed for all different sizes of people. If you’re tall or on the heavier side, a gaming chair may suit.
As well as offering maximum comfort, they’re also amongst the better looking chairs out there, with different options available e.g. a racing style.


In comparison to more ergonomic office chairs, many of them aren’t great for your posture.
They also have a premium price over office chairs, so they can get pretty expensive.

Designed to give the best gaming experience possible, they can come at a higher price point. An alternative is to look at desk chairs, or office chairs, instead.

What is an Office Chair?


If gaming chairs are the ones that look flashy, office chairs are those that look professional. By and large, these chairs go for substance over style and have a more professional look.

If you’re doing meetings on Skype or looking for a chair that fits into a shared office, an office chair is definitely going to look the part. Check out my list of the top office chairs if you want an idea of what an office chair looks like.

In terms of how it functions, things are a bit different here too. These chairs are designed to be ergonomically helpful for longer periods of sitting. The majority use a waterfall style of reinforcement for the back. This helps keep your posture correct even on long stretches of use.

This is comfortable, but it puts you in the right position to stay healthy even if you’re sat for long periods. Posture is really important for your health, so these chairs are a good choice if you’re worried about that.

A simple office chair can usually be picked up for a pretty reasonable price.

On top of this, an office chair is going to provide quite a bit of comfort with padding, armrests, and everything else. The primary thing that they’re lacking is the aesthetic bells and whistles, along with some of the more changeable aspects of gaming chair or those for extra comfort.

An office chair is best suited for use when you’re actually working, so it is smaller and less distracting looking. This all comes down to your personal taste and what kind of look you’re going for.


Many office chairs are ergonomically designed, making them too for long hours at your desk.
This is really good for your posture, as
They may not be as cool looking as a gaming chair, but they definitely look more professional overall.


Although there are more options out there now than there once was, there’s still not the same variety to choose from.
Across the board, an office chair isn’t going to be quite as comfortable as a plushy gaming chair.


Both types of chair have some clear pros and cons. However, which one is right for you is really just going to depend on what your needs are.

If you’re looking for something with some visual flair and a little more comfort, then a gaming chair is probably the right choice. If you’re after something ergonomic and professional, then an office chair will be for you. 

All in all, both types of chairs have their benefits depending on what you’re going to use them for. If you plan to spend long hours gaming, then a gaming chair will obviously be the best choice for you. But if you want to finish off your home office, then you should probably stick to an office chair.

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