How to get peloton app on your samsung tv!

The Peloton app is a workout application that enables you to search for your favorite workouts and follow guided sessions. You can stream these workouts, ranging from yoga to cycling, running, and much more. You can also purchase various fitness equipment from Peloton. 

Using this app on your TV is a great way to achieve your daily fitness goals. And if you can’t find the Peloton app on Samsung TV, that’s because Samsung TVs don’t support it. That’s why users can’t find peloton app on Samsung TV!

But there’s no need to fret! There are a few workarounds to use the Peloton app on your Samsung smart TV. And that’s why we wrote this guide. 

So, continue reading to the end to learn how to get the Peloton app on Samsung TV and begin your workouts! 

woman doing yoga peloton app
A woman doing Yoga in the comfort of her own home, thanks to the Peloton App

What’s Peloton & How Does it Work?

The Peloton app enables you to enjoy workouts right in the comfort of your home without visiting any fitness centers or gyms. You can explore a wide range of exercise sessions using this app. 

It comes with two different subscription plans — and the most common of these is At Home Treadmill workouts and Cycling courses. 

However, you can also do other exercises, including jogging, running, meditation and yoga. There are boot camp and cardio classes available on this app as well. 

The app has music to help you get in the zone and make the workouts more fun. You can choose an easy or hard class, short or long, and you can do it whenever you want.

You need a phone or tablet and an internet connection to use the Peloton app. You also need a special bike or treadmill that works with the app. These machines have a screen that shows the class and the session instructor. 

The app allows you to track your progress and compete with other people. In addition, you can join groups and take part in challenges. You can also talk to the teachers and other people in the class.

With Peloton, you can have a workout class right in your home. It’s like having a personal trainer, but it’s more fun, and you can do it whenever you want.

Is Peloton App Available on Samsung TV?

For those who don’t know, Samsung TVs don’t support the Peloton app. This is because Samsung TVs run on the Tizen operating system. 

The Samsung TV has its own exclusive operating system, so it doesn’t support the app. This differs from other platforms like Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire TVs. Peloton has a long list of platforms they support, but Tizen isn’t one of them.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the Peloton app on Samsung TVs. There are a few solutions that you can use to solve this problem. 

Peloton app on a smartphone
Peloton App on iPhone

How to Use the Peloton App on Samsung TV

We have already established that the Peloton app doesn’t work on Samsung TVs, and you now know the reason behind it. Here are a few fixes you can use to sort things out. 

Make sure you try these fixes individually and don’t go for all of them simultaneously. Before you begin working on the problem, ensure that your Samsung TV is not giving you Error 189. If that is the case, your TV’s internet connection is down, and that’s why it is not running the Peloton app. 

Using an OTT Device

Devices supporting different streaming content from the internet are OTT devices or over-the-top devices. Apple TV, Roku Stick, Amazon Fire Stick, and Chromecast are all examples of these OTT devices. 

These OTT devices mostly support premium-quality streaming content. You will have to connect your Samsung TV to the OTT device with the help of an HDMI connector if you want to use this device. After setting it up, you can conveniently stream content that was missing from your Samsung TV, and this includes your Peloton app as well. 

Though Samsung TVs come with streaming apps, such as Samsung Smart Hub, you can still benefit from buying an OTT device because it will enable you to stream unsupported content. 

You can choose an appropriate streaming device based on your budget and location. Buying an OTT device is much cheaper than buying an expensive smart TV. And you can conveniently add various streaming platforms and stream any content. 

Connecting a Device to Your Samsung TV using HDMI

If you have any other device like your laptop, your tablet, phone, or similar other devices, you can use these devices to stream content on your TV. 

But you will need to see whether your device supports HDMI. For example, smartphones don’t come with HDMI ports. In such a scenario, you must buy an HDMI adapter compatible with your smartphone or device. 

These HDMI adapters are available in different ports. Here are the steps that you need to follow to connect your Samsung TV to your device: 

  • Plug the ends of your HDMI cord into your Samsung TV and the device you are trying to connect with your TV. Of course, if you need an HDMI adapter (for iOS or Android phones) for the device, get one. 
  • Now, turn your Samsung TV on and change the input mode to HDMI. You can do that by going to the source key on your remote control and then selecting the HDMI option on the screen. Your TV will start displaying content from your device. 
  • You can log into your Peloton app and conveniently stream your workout from your TV. 

Casting Your Peloton Device on Your Samsung TV

If you have a Peloton Bike or Peloton Tread, you can easily cast to your Samsung Smart TV directly. If you use your Peloton equipment more actively, this is the best workaround for you to stream Peloton content on your Samsung TV

You must ensure that the “Enable Wireless Display” option on your Samsung TV is enabled. And to check that, you will have to go to the Settings menu of your TV and select Advanced Settings

From there, you have to tap on the More Options button at the top right corner of your screen. Check whether the Enable Wireless Display option is marked with a tick. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to cast your Peloton app on your Samsung TV. 

  • Power on your Samsung TV and press Home.
  • After that, you must open your Peloton app screen and go to the Settings menu.
  • From there, you will have to select Cast Screen.
  • Then sift through the list of all nearby devices.
  • Choose your Samsung television and tap on connect.
  • However, if your Samsung Smart TV does not appear on the list, refresh the list. Doing so will force the Peloton device to search again for any nearby devices.
  • After connecting both devices, you can start casting your Peloton device to your Samsung TV.

Watch this video for more details:

Casting from an iOS Device

Apple devices that support Peloton apps include your iPhones and iPads. Therefore, you can use these devices to cast using AirPlay. This method will only work with Samsung smart TVs that support AirPlay — thankfully, many do.

Make sure you connect your Samsung TV and your Apple device to the same WiFi network. Here are the steps that you need to follow: 

  • Turn your Samsung TV on and press Home to go to the Home menu.
  • After that, open your iOS device and launch your Peloton app.
  • Log in to the app and choose the live fitness class.
  • Next, tap the Cast button and choose Cast via AirPlay.
  • Front the list of available devices; you can select your Samsung TV.
  • After connecting both your devices, you can start casting content from your phone onto your Samsung TV.
Peloton App casting from iOS device to Samsung TV
Peloton App casting from iOS device to Samsung TV

Using your Samsung TV Browser

In this method, you will have to use the internet browser on your Samsung TV. With the help of this technique, you will be able to see all your Peloton classes by using the app’s web version. Here are the steps that you need to take: 

  • Go to the browser on your Samsung TV by pressing the Home button on your TV remote controller. 
  • Scroll through the app menu, and you will find the internet browser somewhere at the bottom of the menu. Click on that icon. 
  • Once the browser opens, open the Peloton members page in the browser’s address bar
  • Here, enter your username and password for your Peloton membership to access the members’ area. 
  • After logging in, you can choose any class and view it. It’s that simple! 
  • Make sure to bookmark this URL on your Samsung TV browser. This way, you won’t have to enter the address again. Just click the link from the bookmarks list to open the Peloton page and log in. 

Casting via Android Device

Screencasting with the help of your Android device is a simple process. Android devices are much easier to connect with your Samsung TV. You will only have to connect your TV and your Android phone or tablet using the same WiFi connection and follow these steps.

  • Open your Samsung TV and go to the Home menu.
  • Now open your Android device and login into your Peloton app.
  • Select the fitness class you want to see and press the cast button from the Settings menu at the top.
  • Once you press that button, your screen will show a list of nearby devices. Choose your Samsung TV from that list.
  • Now, you can conveniently cast your class directly to your Samsung TV.
Peloton App casting from Android device to Samsung TV
Peloton App casting from Android device to Samsung TV

Frequently Asked Questions

What if Airplay is Not Working on Samsung TV?

First, verify if your Samsung TV supports AirPlay. If it does and AirPlay is not working, try upgrading your TV’s firmware. Make sure that AirPlay stays on and updates your smart devices. After that, try to connect your TV to your iPhone. Make sure you use the same internet connection on both devices. Updating your TV’s firmware will get the job done in most cases. 


There you have it. We have revealed a few ways that you can use the Peloton app on Samsung TV. 

But you need to understand that your Samsung TV doesn’t support this app. Therefore, you will have to use a few workarounds in this regard. 

You can use your Android and Apple devices to cast Peloton content on your Samsung TV. You can also use your Peloton device to cast directly on your Samsung TV. Apart from that, you can use an HDMI cable to connect your device to your Samsung TV and display the content directly. Yet another option is to use an over-the-top streaming device to stream content on your Samsung TV. Did any of these methods work for you? Let us know in the comments.

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