Projector vs TV – Which should you choose? [2020]

If you’re wondering which would be better out of a projector and a TV, then there are a few differences between them. They both have their place within the home entertainment world, but which of these would be a better option for you? Well, look at some of the differences between them.

Projector vs TV

The main difference between the two is that with a projector, you’re going to be able to get a much bigger picture for a lower price. However with a telescope screen, you’re going to get a better quality picture, but of course, this will be much more expensive than using a projector.

There are more differences between projectors and tv’s than this. Let’s look at them both in a little more detail.


Projectors are one of the best ways to watch movies late at night. You can even set them up outdoors, which can make for a great way to spend an evening underneath the stars with your family.

Most projectors don’t work well in a bright room. If you do want a projector that is capable of this, then they tend to be fairly expensive – this is because it costs more to increase the brightness of the projector. However, it’s still likely a better choice than a TV if you’re wanting to project 100 inches or more.

Pros of Using a Projector

Cheap – If you’re trying to get the maximum possible screen size for the cheapest possible price, then a projector is the way to go. You can easily get a projector that will comfortably project to 10 foot for less than £100, so it makes sense to opt for that if size is your goal.
Good experience – Using a projector at home can be as much about the experience as it is about the actual projector itself. If you want to watch a film in the complete darkness, then the style of a projector can add some authenticity.
Portability – Another good thing about projectors is that you can take them with you anywhere. This is especially true for mini projectors, which can weigh as little as a few hundred grams.

Cons of using a Projector

Needs darkness – Unlike a television which can be seen easily in a bright room, the majority of projectors struggle in the daytime. This is only true for cheap projectors, as more expensive ones can be seen clearly.
Sound – Another bad thing about projectors is that they either have no inbuilt speakers, or if they do, the sound quality tends to be pretty awful. So, you might need to buy some external speakers too.
Maintenance – In comparison to TV’s, over the course of a projectors lifetime it will likely need more maintenance. This is due to replacing the lamps in the projector.


Whilst projectors are used by some, TVs are used by pretty much everyone. They come in bigger and bigger sizes nowadays, which means you can get a perfect setup in your home.

Televisions are good because you can use them in any lighting conditions, and they’re compatible with a lot of different devices. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using it to watch TV, watch films or play video games, it’s very easily integrated with all of these things.

Pros of Using a TV

Brightness – The best thing about TVs in comparison to projectors is that TV’s are brighter, and you can use them in any lighting conditions. Sure, it might be annoying having the light reflect on your TV screen, but if light gets onto your projector screen, you won’t be able to see anything.
Direct to TV – Whilst it is possible to connect a projector to your TV and watch your favourite programs, it’s far easier to do this with your TV directly.
Contrast Ratio – Televisions tend to have a bigger contrast ratio, which means that there’s more of a difference between brightness and darkness, giving a clearer picture.

Cons of Using a TV

Expense – If you’re looking for a larger screen to watch shows with, then you will probably want to opt to use a projector as opposed to a TV. This is especially true if you’re trying to keep costs down, as a projector is going to be cheaper than a TV.
Heavy – If you want to take your projector with you, you can likely fit it in your backpack. But your TV? Well, you might need 2 pairs of hands to move that.
Atmosphere – If you’re trying to create your own home cinema, then a TV might not give you the same experience as a projector.

Common Questions about Projectors & TV’s

Why use a projector instead of a TV?

A projector can be a better option than a TV for a few reasons. The main one is that you can project a much bigger image onto the wall or screen with a projector. Even a good mini projector can project a 8-10 foot image.

Is it worth buying a projector?

If you’re thinking of buying a projector, then there are a few reasons why they might be a good investment. You either want a cheap projector to play around and watch films with, you’re setting up a serious home theatre setup, or you might want a projector for presentations.

How long will a projector last?

Projectors tend to have a lifespan of a few thousand hours. After this, you may need to replace the bulbs.

Is projector better than TV for eyes?

Another reason why some people opt for a projectors over a TV is that it’s actually easier on the eyes. If you have problems with the reflection on a TV, then a projector might actually help.

Can you watch TV with a projector?

Yes, you can watch TV with a projector. The best way to do this is to connect your TV directly with your projector via a HDMI cable.


Both projectors and TVs have their benefits and different scenarios where they’ll be better used. For a home cinema or if you need something to give presentations in the office, then a projector is going to be the best choice. However, for casual viewing in any light setting, then a TV will almost certainly perform better.

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