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Getting a good mouse is one of the best things that you can do if you’re looking to improve your overall gaming. But, like Robin was there for Batman, a good mousemat is essential to support your mouse properly and allow you to make the most of it.

There are a lot of different options available, with Razer mousemats being some of the most popular amongst gamers. Two of the different mousemats that Razer sell are the Firefly and the Goliathus series, which has various different options to choose from.

So, when you’re looking for a new mousemat, which of these should opt opt for; Goliathus or Firefly? Well, we’re going to have a closer look at both of these mice to find out which one of them is going to be the better choice for you.

Razer Goliathus vs Firefly

The main difference between the Goliathus and the Razer Firefly is that that whilst the Goliathus is a soft mat, the Firefly has a much harder plastic surface. Most gamers will already know which kind of surface they prefer out of the two.

Whilst much of it comes down to personal preference, there are some well known differences between hard and soft mouse pads. A soft mouse pad is usually going to be a little bit slower than a hard mouse mat like the Firefly.

However, they’re also more comfortable to use, as they’re typically a little thicker and have more support for your wrist. This isn’t an area the Goliathus mousemat really stands out in, but it does fare a little better than the Firefly.

Soft mousemats like the Goliathus are great when it comes to durability too. On the downside, it’s probably not going to suit people playing fps games, as it has a little too much grip on it for this – plus, it’s fairly small, which makes it difficult for making large motions.

A mousemat is also important for the ergonomics of your wrist – you can consider checking this list if you’re looking for the most comfortable vertical mouse. They can work well with the right mouse pad and make your computer time a lot easier.

But, back to Razer – this isn’t the only difference between the two mousemats. So, let’s take a look at both of them in a closer detail.

Razer Goliathus

The Razer Goliathus has been one of the brands bestselling mousemats for a while, and it’s a pretty safe choice if you like a soft mat.

It’s designed with a mixture of textures on its surface, but essentially it is made from a pretty standard cloth material. You can set it up with the Razer Synapse software to work with the Chroma lighting it has around its trim. The base of the mat is rubber, so you can be sure it’ll stay in position and won’t slip easily.

As well as the main version of the Goliathus, you can also purchase an extended version of the mat too. This is pretty much the same as the original except a whole lot longer, which means you can fit your keyboard onto the mat easily too. It might be worth the upgrade for those that are looking at Razer keyboards too.

There is also the Razer Goliathus Chroma too, which can help brighten up your gaming experience. As well as this, there are various other models and special editions that have been released. You can usually customize these quite a lot by using Synapse 3, which is essentially the brands advanced customization software.


If you want to, you can easily upgrade from the Goliathus to the Extended version, which is much longer and will be enough for both your mouse and your keyboard too.
The design of the mat is quite understated, and the fine Chroma lighting of the Razer Goliathus Chroma is a nice touch which you can set up with Razer Synapse. You can generally choose between a heavy weave and a fine weave, which is better in terms of speed.
Although the extended Goliathus is more expensive than the Firefly, the base version is actually going to be a little cheaper and is more affordable.


Although you can probably tell from the images, this mousemat comes with literally no wrist support. This means that it’s not a great choice for anyone who games for long hours and has issues with their wrists (carpal tunnel etc).
If we’re comparing it to other soft mousemats out there, to be honest, there isn’t a massive difference between them all. This means that you may be paying a little extra just for the Razer brand name.
In comparison to the much harder Firefly, it will probably last you longer. But comparing it to other soft mousemats, it isn’t going to hold up as well over the time that you own it.

Razer Firefly V2

Another one of the more popular mousemats that Razer have released is the Firefly, which is designed with RGB Chroma lighting all around its edges. It has a well made rubber base which will stop it from slipping across your desk.

This is actually the second version of the Firefly, which is a good improvement on the original, which definitely wasn’t as durable. It has a useful wireholder at the top of the mousemat like most Razer pads do, which is perfect if you’re using a wired mouse.

The surface is designed to work well with all Razer mice, and it’s perfect for pixel tracking with the sensor of your mouse. For a mat it’s quite expensive, and will probably only suit those looking for the very best.

Overall, the Razer Firefly V2 is actually quite a basic mousemat. It has a built-in cable catch which can be quite handy, and if simplicity is what you’re looking for, then this design will likely suit you well.


This mat does pretty much everything you could need it to. Non-slip surface, great Chroma lighting and easy setup with any Razer mouse are just some of its highlights.
The hard surface of this mousemat makes it a great option for those who take their gaming very seriously, as it works really well with any Razer mouse.
Not only does the hard surface make for a good way to game, but it’s also one of the reasons this mousemat will last a long time too. It’s very durable, and it’s not going to struggle with wear and tear, which is a problem with most hard mousepads.


If you’re looking for a quiet mousemat, then this definitely isn’t the right option for you. Although it’s made to a good standard, it’s pretty loud running your mouse across its surface.
The V2 Firefly retails at a pretty expensive price, which will probably put it out of the price range of many people looking for a cheap mouse mat.
It might be overkill for those that just want to game occasionally and are mainly going to be using it for work.


Overall, these are two high quality mousemats at the top of the market in terms of both performance but also price too. Razer are one of the top brands out there in terms of quality – some even say that they’re better than Logitech. For me, it’s quite easy to tell which of these would be the better option for you.

If you’re after a hard mat, then opt for the Firefly. You won’t be disappointed with its firm surface and great usability. But if you prefer a soft mat, then check out the Goliathus series, which is also a high quality mouse mat. You could also consider looking at the recently released Acari, which is designed to work with minimal friction on its surface.

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