Razer huntsman vs blackwidow – gaming keyboard showdown

Looking for a full-size gaming keyboard, but you can’t make up your mind? This article will help you with that by comparing two great gaming keyboards from the same manufacturer. The Razer Huntsman vs Blackwidow comparison brings all the necessary details about these keyboards. 

Razer Huntsman vs Blackwidow

Razer Inc. is a company from the US and Singapore that designs and sells electronics, including computer hardware, primarily for gaming purposes. 

The Razer Huntsman and Blackwidow are similar since they come from the same manufacturer but from two different families. The main differences come down to switches. The Huntsman model uses Razer Optical Switches, whereas the Blackwidow uses Green Mechanical Switches

FeaturesRazer HuntsmanRazer Blackwidow
Keyboard TypeFull-Size KeyboardFull-Size Keyboard
Typing ExperienceLight and clickyTactile and clicky
Key SwitchesRazer Optical Clicky SwitchRazer Green Mechanical Switch
Actuation Force45 g50 g
Actuation Point1.5 mm1.9 mm
Durability100 million clicks80 million clicks
Typing Latency 3.5 ms4.4 ms
SoftwareRazer Synapse 3Razer Synapse 3
Windows CompatibleYesYes
macOS and Linux CompatiblePartiallyPartially
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Let’s compare other differences between these two models to help you choose a suitable version. 

Razer Huntsman

Razer Huntsman
Razer Huntsman


  • Sleek design and build quality
  • Optical switches
  • Fantastic typing latency
  • Durability


  • No wrist rest
  • Small incline

Razer Blackwidow

Razer Blackwidow
Razer Blackwidow


  • Superb RGB backlighting
  • Great software features
  • Affordable
  • Actuation force


  • A bit bulky
  • No support for macOS or Linux

Razer Blackwidow vs Huntsman – Features Face to Face


There is a difference between these two keyboards when it comes to dimensions. As we can see in the table below, Blackwidow is significantly bulkier than the Huntsman keyboard. It’s larger in length and width, but the largest difference is depth. So, it might take some additional space on your desk.

DimensionsRazer HuntsmanRazer Blackwidow
Width17.5 inches17.7 inches
Height1.4 inches1.6 inches
Depth5.5 inches6.4 inches

Additionally, there is also a difference in weight when it comes to these two models. The Huntsman weighs 1.76 lbs, whereas Blackwidow weighs 2.76 lbs. So, the Razer Huntsman is more compact and lighter. 

Winner: Razer Huntsman

Build Quality

Overall, both of these models are very well built with slight differences between them. The Razer Huntsman and Blackwidow have a plastic body and ABS keycaps. The Huntsman’s incline feet can be a little wobbly, but it overall has a little flex. 

The Blackwidow, on the other hand, does flex a little. The keycaps are sturdy, but the spacebar can feel a little wobbly. Its incline feet may feel a little loose, but they bring stability to the keyboard. When you use them, it doesn’t move around. 

Winner: Razer Huntsman


Each of these models has acceptable ergonomics. Their board design is straight. The downside is that neither of them comes with a wrist rest, which can be tiring if you use the keyboard for a long time. 

If you would like to have a detachable wrist rest, consider getting either the Huntsman Elite or Blackwidow Elite.

Razer BlackWidow Keyboard
Razer BlackWidow

However, the Razer Blackwidow offers a higher maximum incline of 9° as opposed to the Huntsman’s 6°. So, if you prefer a higher incline, Blackwidow is a better option. 

Winner: Razer Blackwidow


As we mentioned before, both of these keyboards are intended for gaming. So, their best performance would be during gaming. But, people use keyboards for other purposes, as well.

These keyboards are good for programming, mostly because of the macros. The macro programmable keys are a big plus when it comes to programming. However, the downside is that they don’t have a wrist rest. Also, the software is not available on macOS

If you are planning to use your keyboard for a longer period of time, check out the Huntsman Elite or Blackwidow Elite. They both come with a wrist rest. 

Since they are wired keyboards, they are not suitable for home theater, smart TVs, mobile phones, or tablets. 

Both keyboards are okay to use in an office. But, the issue might be the sound since they are not silent. And it might be distracting to other people in the office. 

Winner: Draw 

Digital Dial Customization

Unfortunately, neither Razer Huntsman nor Blackwidow has a multi-functional volume dial. They don’t have dedicated media keys. 

Razer Keyboard Digital Dial
Razer Keyboard Digital Dial

However, the main differences between Huntsman and Blackwidow and their Elite versions come down to these keys. Both Huntsman Elite and Blackwidow Elite have dedicated media keys. Additionally, they have a multi-function volume wheel that you can assign different functions. 

Razer BlackWidow USB passthrough
Razer BlackWidow USB passthrough

But, if you would like to have a USB passthrough, the Razer Blackwidow Elite has it. The USB passthrough is basically a USB port that you can use to plug in a peripheral and connect it to the PC via the keyboard. You can use this port to connect, for instance, a gaming mouse.

Winner: Draw

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These Razer models excel at backlighting since both models have fantastic RGB backlighting. This feature is a great addition if you like to use your keyboard in dark rooms or you simply prefer the aesthetics. 

Every key on these keyboards is individually-lit. What this means is that you can adjust and customize the patterns. However, Blackwidow is slightly better at color mixing. 

If you are a fan of the Huntsman family of keyboards but want perfect RGB backlighting, then the Huntsman Elite keyboard is the right choice for you. Unlike the Huntsman model, the Elite version has a great color mixing feature. Additionally, it provides an underglow effect with LEDs around the edges of the keyboard. 

Winner: Razer Blackwidow

Wireless Versatility

The Razer Huntsman and Blackwidow are both fully wired keyboards. They come with a cable that is long enough to reach any place you would like. 

However, they don’t offer any other types of connection. Therefore, you can’t use a Bluetooth connection, and they don’t support a receiver. Also, they have no batteries since they don’t really need them. 

Winner: Draw



The Razer Huntsman keyboard has optical switches, making the keys very responsive, clicky, and not so wobbly. The Blackwidow, on the other hand, uses mechanical switches. Its keys are also clicky but make a distinctive click sound. Both keyboards have relatively stable keys.

Razer Huntsman Keyboard Optical Switches
Razer Huntsman Keyboard Optical Switches

Winner: Razer Huntsman

Typing Noise

If you plan to use the keyboard in the office, next to your colleagues, these keyboard models should not be your first choice. They are clicky and loud when you use them for typing. 

Winner: Draw

Typing Quality

The typing quality of the Huntsman keyboard is great in general. The keys feel nice, and they have great feedback. The keys are pretty stable, but they could feel a little bit slippery. However, this keyboard overall feels more like a gaming keyboard than a typical typing keyboard. 

The Razer Blackwidow also provides a great typing quality. Just like the Huntsman model, it doesn’t require a lot of actuation force. So, the typing is comfortable and light. 

The downside to both of these keyboards is that they don’t have a wrist rest. So, typing could become tiring fast. Again, the Blackwidow is a gaming keyboard, so it might not be the first choice for typing. 

Winner: Draw

Typing Latency

The Huntsman is considered a gaming keyboard for a reason. It has fantastic latency meaning there is no delay which is great for gaming. For a wired keyboard, a good latency is under 4 ms. The Blackwidow has a latency of 4.4 ms, but the Huntsman has a fantastic latency of 3.5 ms

Typing latency on the Blackwidow Elite is much better since it is only 2.4 ms. But, the keyboard which excels in this segment is the Huntsman Elite version, with only 1.3 ms latency. 

Winner: Razer Huntsman

Software and Programming

Both Huntsman and Blackwidow support the Razer Synapse 3, a cloud-based tool for configuration. It allows advanced macro possibilities. So, you can create a string of buttons that can help you while gaming. 

The Hypershift option allows you to unlock a secondary set of functions with a single button. Another great thing is that you can use the software without a user account.  

Razer Synapse 3
Razer Synapse 3

The Razer Synapse 3 hardware configuration tool also has a hybrid onboard and cloud storage.  What this means for you is that you can save your configuration on cloud storage. Or you can save up to 4 profiles on the onboard memory

What is also made possible through this tool is the Razer Chroma RGB customization. So, you can modify or design your own lighting effects. Or you can use Chroma Visualizer to make a dynamic audio visualization in accordance with your music or other audio sources. 

In terms of compatibility, the Razer Synapse 3 is compatible with Windows but not with macOS. 

Winner: Draw

Keyboard Compatibility

The keyboard compatibility for both of these keyboards is the same. They are not compatible with Android and iOS. They are fully compatible with Windows OS but only partially compatible with macOS and Linux. 

The software is not available at all for Linux or macOS, and some keys don’t work on macOS. Blackwidow’s Scroll Lock, Pause Break and Sleep keys don’t work on macOS. 

Winner: Draw  

Which is Keyboard Best for Gaming?

In general, both Huntsman and Blackwidow keyboards are a great choice for gaming. They are both more gaming keyboards and not so much typing keyboards. 

Razer Huntsman is a fantastic keyboard with an actuation point of 1.5 mm and typing latency of 3.5 ms, both great for gaming. The Blackwidow model, on the other hand, has superb RGB lighting when it comes both to brightness and color mixing. 

However, neither of these keyboards has a wrist rest which can come in handy during long gaming sessions. They both don’t require too much actuation force. Both keyboards offer a great gaming experience. If you prefer a slimmer design, then the Huntsman is the way to go. But, if you prefer outstanding RGB lighting, then Blackwidow is a better choice. 

But, since the Huntsman model has clicky optical switches, it has a slight advantage over the Blackwidow model. 

Winner: Razer Huntsman

Standout Features

Opto-Mechanical Switches

The Razer Huntsman keyboard comes with Razer Optical Clicky switches. So, the keys are clicky, very light, and responsive. Optical switches enable actuation via light, whereas mechanical switches use metallic contact. 

The keys have better stabilization for a more stable keypress. So the keys will not feel so wobbly. Additionally, you need only 45 g of actuation force. Also, the keyboards that use these switches have an incredible lifespan of 100 million clicks

Key SwitchesRazer Optical Clicky SwitchRazer Green Mechanical Switch
Key FeelLight and clickyTactile and clicky
Actuation Force45 g50 g
Actuation Point1.5 mm1.9 mm
Durability100 million clicks80 million clicks

The Blackwidow is known as a gaming mechanical keyboard. It uses Razer Green Mechanical switches. They are more tactile and clicky with a distinctive click sound. They use optimized actuation and require 50 g of actuation force which is slightly more than the Huntsman model. 

These keys have evolved—dual sidewalls for better keystroke stability. However, their lifespan is a little shorter when compared to the Huntsman model. They can last for up to 80 million strokes. Again, this is better than most keyboards. 

The actuation point is also an important factor. This is the point at which the key sends the signal to the computer. Both of these keyboards have good actuation point values of 1.5 mm and 1.9 mm. 

Razer has keyboards with Green Mechanical switches and Yellow and Orange switches. The Blackwidow Elite comes with Razer Orange key switches which provide a tactile feel. 

Unlike the Huntsman’s Razer Optical key switches, the Huntsman Elite version comes with the Razer Linear Optical key switches. Therefore, they have a linear feel. The actuation point on these switches is short, about 1.0 mm, making the keys very responsive. 


Razer Huntsman is significantly more expensive than Razer Blackwidow. However, the Huntsman model has a mini version which is not a full-size keyboard, hence the lower price. So, make sure to keep an eye on the keyboard size.

If you want to set aside extra money for improved versions, you could get either Razer Huntsman Elite or Blackwidow Elite


To conclude this Razer Huntsman vs Blackwidow comparison, let’s emphasize their greatest strengths. 

The Razer Huntsman is a fantastic gaming keyboard. It is a very well-built, well-designed full-size keyboard that can last for up to 100 million clicks. 

It comes with great clicky Razer Optical switches that lift your gaming experience to another level. The Razer Synapse 3 allows you to customize the RGB lighting any way you wish.

The Razer Blackwidow is a mechanical gaming keyboard. With that being said, it has superb RGB backlighting, which can make your gaming experience much more pleasant. If you like to use your keyboard with a little incline, then the Blackwidow is the way to go. 

This budget-friendly Razer keyboard uses the clicky Razer Green Switches. They allow you a light typing experience with a distinctive click sound. 

If you want dedicated media keys, including a multi-functional wheel or wrist rest, you should opt for Huntsman Elite or Blackwidow Elite. 

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