Ring Doorbell Flashing White Or Blue (What It Means)

Why is ring doorbell flashing white or blue? Do you know what it means when this flashing of lights happen? If you don’t, then this guide is exactly what you need! As you’re aware, the Ring doorbell is one of the most popular doorbells used across the United States.

When the company first launched the Ring doorbell, it took the country by storm, and as its install base continued to increase, Amazon began to take notice. Eventually, Ring was bought out by Amazon, and it is now part of the company’s line of home improvement products.

Needless to say, Ring is quite popular. It commands a hold of over 91% of the market share in the doorbell industry, and is one of the most popular choices for people who want security and safety outside their home.

The Ring doorbell is also pretty convenient to use, as it gives you direct information on your mobile phone about who’s coming or going.

One of the things that you might have seen with your Ring device is that it often tends to flash white. Many people often wonder what that means, and in this guide, we will focus on why the Ring doorbell tends to flash white or blue from time to time.

Why is Ring Doorbell Flashing White? (What It Means)

There can be two possibilities as to why your Ring doorbell is flashing white. Either you have lost connectivity to your WiFi, or the battery on your device is running low. On the other hand, if your Ring battery is hardwired, it might be a solid white. This indicates that the doorbell has been connected, and it is now charging.

Now, many people have a lot of questions about the features and the indications offered by their Ring device. That is one of the main reasons why we have compiled some more information about the Ring doorbell.

A Flashing White Doorbell

According to the company’s official website, a flashing white light only indicates lack of power or a loss of connection. All Ring devices need to be connected to the internet to function properly.

If you lose your connection, Ring will lose its ability to stream information and data, and will wait for a connection. Not only that, but it will also only work as a standard doorbell until the connection is restored.

On the other hand, the Ring devices need to be charged or the battery needs to be replaced from time to time. To make it easy for you to understand the issues you might be experiencing, let’s list them:

  • A soft glowing white light
  • The doorbell emits a low sound every time you press a button
  • The doorbell stops sending app alerts
  • The doorbell fails to record events

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you need to tackle them one by one. In most cases, the problem is caused by your router. Restarting the router is probably the easiest way to fix the issue.

But, if that doesn’t work, we have a few more solutions that you might want to try. There might be low power, or a power surge may have caused damage to your router.

Not only that, but the router wire might have become loose from the back, or somebody might have changed the Wi-Fi password. You need to focus on each of these problems one by one.

It’s important that you list them all down and work on them in order so that you are able to isolate the problem and fix it quickly. The best way to begin is by checking the internet connection on your Ring app.

It will tell you whether the app is connected or not. Moreover, it will let you identify if there is a problem in the system. If the doorbell tells you that the system is connected, then there is no worry.

However, if it says “offline,” you need to start by checking the router. Check for other devices that are connected on the router and see whether they are working. But, if other devices are not connected as well, then you might want to check for the router connection from the back end.

If your internet is not working, you might want to turn off the Ring doorbell, and then turn off the router. Then, start the router again and see whether that resolves the problem. If the internet starts working and your Ring doorbell still doesn’t connect, then it’s probably due to a lack of power.

Ring also says that the device might turn off due to voltage problems. In this case, the Ring Pro might not receive enough power from the doorbell transformer.

The company also says that 16VAC power is required at the minimum. But, there could be another issue too. Now, if your power output is below that, you need to provide at least 16VAC to power it on.

Battery issues are probably the major reason why the Ring device might not work properly. A simple thing that you can do is reset your Ring device. If the device isn’t connecting or is causing issues from time to time, you should consider resetting the device altogether.

Why is Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue? (What It Means)

There are a number of reasons why your Ring doorbell might be flashing blue. But first, you have to take a look at the action of the blue light.

For instance, if the blue light is only spinning once, it only indicates that an ordinary button has been pressed. If it continues to spin, you might want to take a look at the sensor.

Then, if it moves upwards, it indicates that the device is connecting to your WiFi. In some cases, the light might flash once and turn on or off. This indicates that the camera is booting up.

If the light illuminates with solid blue, it’s an indicator that the speaker is now active. Finally, short and rapid blue light flashes indicate that a factory reset (details given above) has been performed on the device.

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You might want to observe the behavior of the flashing lights to understand what’s going on and then check for the problem. Otherwise, follow the troubleshooting tips given below.

How to Reset Your Ring Doorbell

If you want to carry out a hard reset on your Ring Doorbell Pro, you should press the orange button on your device for 20 seconds. Within a few seconds, your device will enter the reset process. The setup process will restart automatically.

But, if your device fails to enter the Setup mode, you need to turn it off and then revise all your steps. It might be a wise idea to wait at least 10 to 15 minutes before you start the procedure again. If this still doesn’t work, you should contact Ring. They will be able to help you with the problem.

The Bell Doesn’t Ring

This is a doorbell, so if the bell doesn’t ring, it kind of defeats the whole purpose. The device might have faulty speakers, or the microphone might not have been enabled on your Ring doorbell.

If the device has faulty speakers (for instance, you might hear garbled noises from the speakers), you might want to get in touch with Ring directly.

If the doorbell is under warranty, they will replace it for you or fix the problem. When you log into the app, you should turn the microphone on and off a couple of times.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, you might want to replace the microphone. Moreover, Ring also has a dedicated page on their website that you can check to figure out how to replace the speakers all by yourself.

The difficulty is moderate, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part at all. You can also figure out how long it will take for you to replace the speakers. The step-by-step replacement procedure makes matters quite easy.

Customer Service

The company takes customer service very seriously, and they have created a dedicated page through which they provide assistance.

The company really wants to make sure that customers are helped in the best possible manner. You can approach them on Twitter or you can check their FAQ guide to get more information about their products.

You can also reach out to them via email. It might not be the quickest resolution to your complaint, but it’s definitely going to make matters easier for you.

The company will respond back and then you can explain the problem to them. They will be able to provide a satisfactory solution to you.

The Ring doorbell is an amazing device that provides safety on the porch and gives you advanced features at the touch of a button.

As a homeowner, you should definitely consider upgrading your ordinary doorbell to a Ring enabled device. Not only is it incredibly intuitive, but it also allows you to have complete peace of mind about people coming in or going out of your house.

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