Ring vs nest – which home security brand is better?

The essential component of home video surveillance is a security camera. If you are wondering how much it costs to install a security camera as part of a home security system, you have landed on the right post. In this article, we compare Ring vs Nest brands. 

Ring vs Nest – Quick Comparison

Ring is a company owned by Amazon. It offers a vast range of home security devices. You can find cameras, video doorbells, smart lighting, etc. 

Besides security cameras, Nest offers a variety of products like smoke detectors, smart speakers, smart locks, etc. Until 2012, it was an independent company. But, Google bought it and made the company one of the leaders in the home security market. 

Both companies offer customers the opportunity to subscribe to their services and use plenty of features such as continuous recording and professional monitoring. 

Most importantly, they have a vast range of state-of-the-art cameras. Although their services are similar in many segments, we bring you the differences in this article.


Ring Stick Up Outdoor Camera
Ring Stick Up Outdoor Camera


  • Affordable cameras
  • Professional monitoring 
  • Storage retention time
  • Wide fields of view


  • Per camera Subscriptions
  • No continuous recording


Nest Indoor Camera
Nest Indoor Camera


  • Easy installation and innovative equipment
  • Per home subscriptions
  • Continuous recording feature available
  • Warranty coverage 


  • Subpar video resolution
  • Expensive cameras

Nest vs Ring – Key Features

Price and Value

When buying a security camera, the price is the most significant thing to consider. Many people have a budget to stick to, but still, they get all the features they want. In other words, they search for good value for the money. 

RingSpotlight Cam BatteryStick Up Cam Plug-InIndoor Cam
Current PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

As you can see in the table above, Ring offers cameras for under $200. Therefore, if you want to buy an affordable camera, Ring might be a good choice. 

NestNest Cam IQ OutdoorNest Cam IQ IndoorNest Cam OutdoorNest Cam Indoor
Current PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

On the other hand, Nest camera prices are higher and go up to $399. They have indoor and outdoor cameras and an improved version of each. 

Speaking of value, both brands have cameras with similar features. The most common features are two-way audio, person detection, and monitoring via the app. Most of these cameras support full HD resolution. 

Winner: Ring

Equipment Included

The equipment differs depending on the model you buy. For instance, if you choose to buy the Ring Spotlight Camera, you get a rechargeable battery, mounting brackets, user manuals, screws, and installation tools.     

For the same price, you can get the Nest Cam Outdoor. This package comes with a power adapter, adapter wall plate, cable clips for the power cord, anchors, and screws. However, the most interesting part of this equipment is the magnet. 

The magnet is a really nice feature since it can connect the camera to the wall. Surprisingly,  you don’t need any additional equipment to do this.  

Winner: Nest


If you research security cameras, you may encounter the hub or sync module requirements. Luckily, neither of these cameras require these devices. Therefore, installation is easy and quick. 

However, as we mentioned in the previous section, Nest installation can be easier because of their innovative installation solutions. Find out more information in the video below. 

Winner: Nest

Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring is a service that informs and sends the authorities to your home in case of an emergency. It is beneficial to have this feature as a part of your home security system. 

Nest doesn’t offer 24/7 professional monitoring feature in their plans. On the other hand, Ring does offer this feature. It is a part of the Protect Pro plan, which costs $20 a month. If you need this feature, it’s a good idea to subscribe to this plan.  

Winner: Ring


Monthly Cost

In addition to the device’s price, you should consider the price of the subscription plans. Of course, you can use Ring and Nest cameras without subscriptions. But, if you opt for one, you can get additional perks. 

Ring Subscription PlansProtect BasicProtect PlusProtect Pro
Video Saving and SharingYesYesYes
Snapshot CaptureYesYesYes
Video History60 days60 days60 days
Person DetectionYesYesYes
Rich NotificationsYesYesYes
Extended WarrantyNoYesYes
24/7 Professional MonitoringNoNoYes
Alarm Cellular BackupNoNo Yes
Alexa Guard PlusNoNoYes
10% Discount on Ring and Amazon productsNoYesYes
24/7 Backup Internet with Optional Extra DataNoNoYes
Monthly Fee$3$10$20
Yearly Fee$30$100$200

Ring offers three subscription plans – the Basic, Plus, and Pro. The company provides a lot of information about the features. Ring subscriptions are very affordable since you can get the cheapest subscription for only $3 per month. 

Nest Subscription PlansNest AwareNest Aware Plus
Video History30 days of event history60 days of event history 10 days of 24/7 video history
Sound DetectionYesYes
Emergency CallingYesYes
Intelligent AlertsYes Yes
Activity ZonesYesYes
Create and Share ClipsYesYes
Monthly Fee$6 $12
Yearly Fee$60$120

Nest offers two subscription plans – the Aware and Aware Plus. You can get the cheaper subscription plan for only $6. But, the Plus plan offers additional perks such as extended event history and 10 days of 24/7 video history.  

However, it is worth mentioning that Ring’s plans are on a “per camera” basis. For instance, if you have the Protect Basic plan and two Ring cameras, you will need to pay $3 a month for each of these cameras.   

It is obvious that Ring offers more features compared to Nest. But, when you subscribe to one of the Nest plans, you can use it on all your Nest cameras in one home.

So, if you want to have only one camera in your home, Ring might be a good choice. On the other hand, if you want to install several cameras, Nest is a much better option.  

Winner: Nest 

Storage Retention Time

There is no difference in Ring’s subscription plans regarding video history. Each of the Ring plans comes with 60 days of video history

Nest has different video history lengths depending on which plan you purchase. The Nest Aware comes with 30 days of event history. The Nest Aware Plus comes with 60 days of event history and additional 10 days of 24/7 video history.

Winner: Ring 

Continuous Recording

Neither of the Ring plans includes the continuous recording feature. On the other hand, Nest offers 10 days of 24/7 continuous recording. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the Nest Aware plan. It is only included in the Nest Aware Plus plan which is available at $12 per month.

Winner: Nest

Power and Battery Features

Ring cameras are mostly wired which means they need to be plugged into an outlet. Nest cameras are also mostly wired. But, each brand has some camera models that are battery-powered such as the Nest Cam IQ outdoor or Spotlight Cam Battery.

Nest Cam Outdoor
Nest Cam Outdoor

Winner: Draw

Subscriptions and Contracts

You can use Ring or Nest cameras without purchasing subscription plans or signing contracts. In this case, you can expect some basic features. However, if you want additional perks, it might be a good idea to subscribe to one of their plans.  

Winner: Draw 

Trial Period

The good thing about the subscriptions is that you can try them out if they fit your needs. Each of these brands offers a 30-day trial period in which you can test the camera features. Afterward, you can decide whether you want to continue to use the subscription or not. 

Winner: Draw


Ring cameras have a one-year-long limited warranty plus lifetime theft protection. If you purchase the Plus or Pro plan, you can also get an extended warranty. 

However, Nest has a significantly longer warranty coverage period. Their cameras come with a two-year warranty plus a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, Nest is a clear winner in this segment, even though Ring offers good warranty options.

Winner: Nest

Technology Features

Control Remotely via App

Ring uses an easy-to-use app with a vast range of options. In other words, you can use the app for notifications, two-way communication, adjusting the settings, watching live streams, etc. 

The Google Home App
The Google Home App

Nest uses the Google Home App, which comes with practically the same options. There is no significant difference between the two regarding application options. 

Winner: Draw

Image/Streaming Quality

Do you prefer 4K to 1080p resolution? Even though many camera manufacturers offer 4K cameras, Ring and Nest don’t have these in their offerings. Their cameras support the full HD resolution, which is a bare minimum. Since none of these brands can boast of high resolution, this segment is a draw.

Winner: Draw

Night Vision

Both Ring and Nest cameras come with the infrared night vision feature. Except for the wired Ring Spotlight Camera, cameras from both brands also come with color night vision. 

Ring Camera Live View feature
Ring Night Vision

Winner: Draw

Video Display: Fields of View 

Ring camera fields of view are between 130 and 140 degrees. Nest cameras mostly come with a 130-degree field of view. The only exception is the wired Indoor Nest Cam which has 135 degrees field of view. The fields of view from both brands are pretty much the same. 

Nest Indoor Camera
Nest Indoor Camera

Winner: Draw 

Real-time Notifications

Another useful feature available with home security cameras. By using the app of each brand, you can establish control over the entire system. Real-time notifications can help you a lot in that process. 

Winner: Draw 

Two-way Audio

It is pretty much the basic feature on all security cameras today. It is difficult to find one which doesn’t include it. Both of these camera brands include this feature so you can speak to a person standing in front of your camera. 

Winner: Draw

Person Detection

Ring includes this feature but only if you purchase one of their subscription plans. Nest is no different. So, you have to buy any of the Nest Aware plans to have the person detection feature. 

Nest Camera with Nest Aware Feature
Nest Camera with Nest Aware Feature allows recognition of familiar faces

Winner: Draw

Activity Zones

Activity zones help you determine which parts of your home you want to monitor. If you want to avoid many unnecessary notifications, you can set up the activity zones that matter the most. Whenever there is a motion or an activity, you get the notification. 

You can customize motion zones on all Ring battery-powered security cameras for free. But, keep in mind that you can set up three different zones per device. 

Nest Adding an Activity Zone
Nest Adding an Activity Zone

On the other hand, you can set up four Nest activity zones. Additionally, you can give them names, shapes, colors, and sizes. 

The activity zone feature is available on both Nest Aware plans. Once subscribed, you can use the Nest activity zone feature on all your home cameras

Find out how to set up and use Nest activity zones in the video below. 

Winner: Nest

Types of Products


Both Ring and Nest have a Floodlight camera model. These models have two-way audio features, noise cancellation, motion detection, and HD resolution.

Ring Floodlight Cam
Ring Floodlight Camera

However, there is a difference in the lights. The Ring Floodlight Cam comes with 2000 lumens floodlights, whereas the Nest Cam with floodlight comes with a maximum brightness of 2400 lumens

Winner: Nest

Doorbell Camera

Ring doorbell cameras support HD resolution, have a two-way audio feature, and motion detection feature. Ring has a wide range of doorbell cameras that are powered in different manners. So, they can come wired, battery-powered, or even be powered via ethernet. 

Ring Video Doorbell
Ring Video Doorbell

Nest offers only two doorbells – battery-powered Nest Doorbell and wired Nest Doorbell (Nest Hello). The first one has a resolution of 960 x 1280, and the second one has 1600 × 1200. 

However, Ring’s diversity regarding doorbell cameras and the HD resolution put Ring ahead of Nest. 

Winner: Ring

Entry Sensors

You can use entry sensors to monitor any door or window in your home. The installation is easy since these devices are mostly wireless. Once you place the sensor in a proper place, you need to connect it to the app. 

Keep in mind that you should place these sensors at the top of your doors and windows. This keeps it out of the way of kids and pets. 

To use the Ring entry sensor, you need the Ring Alarm Security Kit. This is not the case with the Nest entry sensor, which can work if you only connect it to the app. 

Winner: Nest

Alarm System

Ring has two alarm systems – the Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro. You can protect doors, windows, and rooms with Ring Alarm Base Station and connect other Ring devices. Once you set it up, you can control the system via the app. 

Ring Security System
Ring Security System

Nest also has an alarm system called Nest Secure. It includes the Nest Guard, Nest Tag, Nest Detect Sensor, and the Nest app. Nest Guard is the system’s base station, while you can use the tag for turning it on or off. The detect sensor tells when the door or window opens. And you can control the whole system via the app. 

Even though both brands offer good alarm systems, Ring still has two options, and therefore it slightly prevails. 

Winner: Ring

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way of supplying your camera with power. More and more manufacturers opt for making these a part of their offering. Ring and Nest are no exception. 

Ring Super Solar Panel
Ring solar panel

Ring offers Solar Panel and Super Solar Panel, which you can buy either in a bundle with a camera or separately. The Nest includes the Wasserstein Solar Panel in their offering. You can purchase this one for indoor or outdoor battery Nest Cam. 

Winner: Draw


When comparing Ring vs Nest, we can conclude that both brands offer a lot of options. Whichever camera you choose, you can use it without subscriptions. In most cases, they support full HD resolution, and the most common features such as two-way audio, person detection, and monitoring via the app. 

However, if you want to raise your security to a higher level, consider subscribing to one of their plans. Each plan brings some additional features. Before subscribing, keep in mind that Ring charges its services “per camera” while Nest has a “per house” policy. 

Therefore, if you want to install one or two cameras in your house, Ring might be an interesting option. It allows 60 days of video history in all packages and has a 24/7 professional monitoring feature.

On the other hand, equipping your house with more cameras and devices could be much cheaper if you choose Nest and its plans. In this case, you get 30 or 60 days of event history and 10 days of 24/7 video history, depending on the package. 

Finally, if you are not tech-savvy, Nest might be a perfect option if you are not tech-savvy because of its easy installation with innovative equipment. 

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