How to fix a Samsung TV that has no sound

Samsung are the biggest company in the world when it comes to TV. Sure, they manage to sell a ton of mobile phones and tablets too, but televisions is where they really dominate.

And it makes sense. Their brand has become pretty well known for their reliability, and if you buy a Samsung TV, it’s usually going to be pretty well made. However, an issue that some people find with their Samsung TV is that it has no sound when they’re using it.

As you can probably imagine, having no sound from your television is a bit of an issue. Here’s what you should do to get the sound back on so you can get back to watching Come Dine with Me reruns (just me then, is it?).

Samsung TV: No sound coming from the speakers, what to do?

There are a few different reasons why the sound may not be working on your TV. It could be that it is simply not connected to the speakers properly, it may be an issue with a specific app that you’re using, or it could also be an issue with your cables.

It’s hard to know the issue without looking at your television. If the issue is occurring when you’re watching live television, then the first thing you’ll want to do is retune your Samsung TV, as sound issues can often be caused by tuning problems.

Whilst this may have helped you get the sound working on your TV, it’s not a guaranteed fix. If not, then you’ll want to run through the checklist below to resolve the problem.

Check for External Devices


The most likely reason that your Samsung TV has no sound is that it’s actually connected to an external device. This could be anything, from another speaker in your home to a set of headphones.

If you’ve used any of these with your television before, then it probably things that you want to output the audio externally. Therefore, it won’t be playing the audio through the speakers on the TV itself.

You can quickly check this by turning the volume up and down. You should be able to see the volume bar go up and down when you’re adjusting the volume level with your TV remote.

If the volume button shows on the screen, then it should be playing through your TV speakers. If it doesn’t, then you’re connected to an external audio source.

Look at your audio output

After doing that, you’ll want to go into your settings and double check this. Go into your volume Settings and then into Sound.

Here, you’ll be able to see where the audio from your TV is being output. Checking that you’ve got your Audio Output going to the right place is another step in ensuring it’s not being sent elsewhere, like your surround sound.

If your output says TV, then your sound should be working through your speakers. So, we’ll need to keep going to find a solution.

Diagnostics and Sound Reset

Next, you’re going to want to try running a sound test to see if this can work out what the problem is. You can find this again in your Settings under Self Diagnosis.

It simply plays a melody to see whether this runs through your speakers properly. It can help you determine if there’s a problem with the speakers, though it’s not really a conclusive sound test.

The likelihood is that at this point, it’s going to tell you that you should reset your sound to see if this fixes the problem. This will essentially reset your audio driver back to how it was at the beginning. It may be able to solve your issue.

Full Factory Reset + Region Choice

After you’ve tried a sound reset without any results, it is probably worth trying to completely reset your TV back to factory settings. This will take your television back to the state it was in when you first bought it. Bear in mind this will delete all of your presets and settings.

You can do this by going to Support, then Self Diagnosis and finally to Reset. Whilst you’re in your settings, you’ll want to go ahead and double check that you’ve entered the correct location in your televison.

If you’re in the UK, select the UK. And if you’re in the US, then select the US. Having the wrong country selected can cause your television not to work properly with the channels you’re receiving.

Poor signal + App problems

If you’re only encountering a lack of sound on your catch up channels and your TV subscriptions, then it may actually be a problem with your connection to the internet.

With your live TV, you likely receive it via aerial or satellite. This means that it’s likely going to be a problem with your TV itself, or the software that’s installed on it.

But for your catch up channels and Netflix, you’ll need access to the internet to watch them. If your signal isn’t very good, then the audio may be poor. You can check your signal quality in your settings.

If the issue is isolated down to just one of the apps on your Samsung smart TV, then you should uninstall that app and then reinstall it afterwards. It could just be an issue with that app, and a potential update has caused it to stop working properly.

Check your cables


The good thing about HDMI cables is that they manage to carry both a video and an audio signal. This reduces the amount of cables we need to have in our TV setup, with most people being okay with just a few different leads running from the back on their TV.

However, you can still have issues with a HDMI cable when it comes to audio. You’ll want to make sure that all of the cables are firstly connected properly, and secondly not damaged in any way.

If you have another HDMI cable that you can try with your television then it makes sense to do so. It could be as simple as a fault with the cable itself, and ensuring you’ve got a working HDMI between your TV and cable box helps to rule it out as a problem.

You’ll want to check the cables running to your set top boxes as well. Not just the HDMI cables, but check that the box is up and working properly. If you


If you’ve tried all of the above advice with no results, then it may be that there’s actually a problem with your speakers. In the case that it’s a hardware fault, if you’re in warranty then you can get in contact with Samsung for some help.

For the most part, you can get the sound working on your Samsung TV quite easily. It is usually just an issue with a misconnection or something that can be fixed with a refresh of your software.

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