Spotify Apple Watch Offline Playback 2023

Is Spotify Apple Watch Offline Playback possible? Spotify is a superior app for streaming music. Its users enjoy features like unlimited playlists, connectivity with others, and the ability to stream music offline.

Apple Watches are the latest and greatest installment of smartwatches. In addition to tracking your steps and even your heart rate, you can control apps and perform functions that were previously only possible to do from your phone.

In November 2018, Spotify released its Apple Watch-compatible app. With this version of the app, Apple Watch owners were pleased to find that they can toggle through their music gallery from their watch instead of reaching for their phone every time they want to skip a song or hit repeat.

Considering that the watch app heavily mirrored the phone application of Spotify, users assumed they would be able to enjoy their downloaded songs offline as well. Unfortunately, users were disappointed to learn they cannot listen to their offline songs from their Apple Watch.

Why Can’t I Listen to Offline Music on my Apple Watch?

There are two reasons why you cannot listen to your offline music on your Apple Watch, and they both have to do with Spotify’s application software.

When you download a song on Spotify to listen to it offline, it is DRM protected. Digital rights management protection software prevents the act of using, modifying, and distributing copyrighted material.

To protect the creator of the audio content, Spotify enables this DRM software to keep pirates from downloading and distributing the content without paying dues to the creator.

To complete actions from your Apple Watch, you need some form of internet connection. This connection can be funneled through your phone via Bluetooth, or you can establish a connection by connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

To be connected to Wi-Fi, you have to stay in range of the network. This limitation is fine unless you plan to leave the confines of your home. Even walking into your backyard could cause you to lose connectivity from the network.

If you’re connected to the internet from your phone via Bluetooth, you could be limited to other Bluetooth connections.

Having your Spotify accessible from your wrist means you may not be able to listen to your music through a Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones.

Spotify’s watch app prevents third parties from using cellular data or Wi-Fi. If your phone and your watch are already connected to Spotify, no other parties can penetrate to use the app.

Spotify Apple Watch Offline Playback (Is It Possible?)

There’s a little trick you can use to play Spotify songs offline on Apple watch. In fact, the whole process is quite easy and straight forward even for an inexperienced person. Here’s the process:

First, you’ll need to download the music into a format that is not DRM protected. To download the songs into a DRM-free mp3 format, you’ll need to employ the use of a music converter.

This software can convert audio files from one format to another. The Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter can help you download songs from Spotify into mp3, m4a, FLAC, or WAV formats without DRM interfering.

For this downloading process, you’ll need to use a computer. Download the Spotify app to your desktop, as well as the Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter. Open your converter in the background, then open Spotify.

To export a song from Spotify, right click the song you wish to download. A small menu should pop up, and you can scroll down to “Share.” A secondary menu will populate, and you should choose the option that says “Copy Song Link.”

Paste the song’s link into the search bar of the music converter after clicking “Add Files.” Click “Search,” and the song should appear. Select it, and the downloading process will begin.

Another window will pop up asking which format you want to download the song as. Select mp3. Hit “Save,” then begin the conversion by clicking the “Convert” button.

When the conversion is complete, a small folder icon will appear to the right of the song. Click the folder and select an appropriate saving location for your music.

Once the files are converted and saved to your computer, add the songs to your iTunes library. To import a song to your library, select “Add Music,” and choose the file you recently saved to your computer.

Allow an hour or so for your iTunes library to fully sync the song and update your phone. Set your Apple Watch on its charger. From your phone, tap the Apple Watch or My Watch app.

Select Music, then tap Add Music. Select the files from your iTunes library that you want to save directly to your Apple Watch.

Then, place your Apple Watch on your wrist. On your watch, select the Music app. Select Apple Watch as the music source. From here, you can now select the songs you want to listen to.

With the files saved directly to your watch, you no longer need to access the Spotify app and can listen to your music directly from your watch. You can enjoy free roaming music at any time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I use same method with you. but I use another tool called Tunelf Spotify Music Converter to download and convert Spotify playlist to MP3 then import to my Apple Watch.

  2. Thanks. This trick is pretty similar to mine. What I am using is called AudKit Spotify to MP3 Converter. It helps me download Spotify music as MP3 files so that I can directly load them to the Apple Watch for offline playback.

  3. Is it possible to download a full playlist from Spotify the way you describe, or only one song at a time? A 1000 songs platlist will take forever


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