Virgin Media Router Lights – Full Hub Guide

Virgin Media are one of the biggest companies in the UK, with many folks switching over to their cable TV services. As well as cable TV services, you can also have your home phone, mobile phone and your broadband with Virgin too.

If you do switch to Virgin, then they’ll send you their own router. And like each router, it’ll work a little different, with different light codes corresponding different messages. So, what do the Virgin Media router lights mean? Well, that’s what we’ll explain.

Virgin Media Router Lights

Generally, the lights on your Virgin Media Hub will depend on the type of hub it is. Most of the Hubs are similar, and the colours mean the same thing on the majority of them. This includes the Super Hubs and the Hub 3, which are some of the more common routers.

One possible exception is the Hub 4, which is a little different in both style and the meanings of the lights, though for the most part they are the same. I’ll try to mention where the code may mean something difference in this case. So, let’s look at the Virgin Media router light colours and see what they mean.

White Light

When we’re talking about white lights and Virgin routers, this generally refers to the power light, which is the main bar at the bottom of your router. If your router is on and working properly, then this will be a solid white light. Aside from this, there’s no other reaosn why you’d see a white light on your Virgin router.

On some models, you might see that the light is flashing white. Don’t worry – this just means that the router itself is booting up, and it should be ready to go within a few minutes.

Green Light

The most common light you’re going to see on your Virgin router (hopefully!) is a green light. This can be with the wifi symbol, the power light or on the Hub 4, it actually means that your router is downloading a software update.

But in most cases, a green light will mean something else depending on which light is green. First, you have the Wifi Light. If this is flashing green, then the router is connected to the internet, and if you can’t access the internet, then there may be an issue with your device, not the router.

Sometimes, you’ll also have the Power Light, which is typically white if it’s working properly. But if it’s flashing green, then you likely have an issue with the power connecting to your router. Also, it could be an issue with the white cable plugged into our router too.

You also have the Internet Light at the top of the Hub, which is the two arrows facing opposite directions. If this starts to flash green then you’ll want to reset the hub and turn it back on again. Give it 5 minutes and hopefully the white light should come back on.


No one wants to see a red light on any router, and it’s no different for Virgin Media. In most cases, this isn’t a good sign, but it can tell you how to fix the issue.

One thing you might see is the Power Light turning red, when it should be white if all things are good. If it’s red, then this is an indicator that the hub is actually overheated, and you might need to find a better position for it with a little more ventilation.

If the Internet Light is flashing red, then you’re going to want to go ahead and restart the router. This is a pretty common one and isn’t anything to worry about – it could just be an outage in your area, but it’ll likely be fixed with a quick reboot.

If your Wifi Light is flashing red, then you’re going to need to factory reset your router. You can do this by finding the reset button on the back of the router with a paperclip.

You could also have the Phone light flashing on certain models, which says an issue with your phone line but not your broadband connection. And if you have the Hub 4, then a solid red light is an indicator that there’s a general problem with the connectivity of your Hub.


Another colour that you might see on certain models is yellow, and this should be a good thing. The power light may be yellow instead of white, and this just means that the router is working fine.

If you’re getting a yellow light and your router isn’t working, then it is likely there’s a lot of congestion on the network in your area. Your best bet is to get in touch with Virgin about the issue.

My Virgin Media Hub isn’t working

If your Virgin Media Hub isn’t working, then you can use the light codes above to work out what the problem likely is. Here’s a general guide of things to run through if you want to try and get your hub up and running properly as soon as possible. Also, see our guide to router connection if your devices randomly disconnect for your wifi.

Restart your hub – The first thing that you’re going to want to try is simply turning your router off and back on again. This can be an easy fix to a whole host of different problems, so it’s definitely worth giving it a try.
Factory reset – On the back of your hub you’ll find a factory reset button, but you’ll need a paperclip or a pen to access it. Pressing this will revert your laptop back to its former self, and it’s a good way to fix some issues with the router.
Change your routers channels – Something that could be causing a problem is the channels that your router is using. You can change these and see if this makes a difference. Here’s a guide to wifi bands and channels if you’re not sure what you’re doing.
Check the ethernet – One thing that I like to do to determine whether there’s a problem with the wifi or the router itself is using the ethernet cable to your laptop. If you get a good connection via ethernet but not wifi, then you know where the problem lies.


Although there have been improved Virgin Media hubs released over the years, the majority of them feature the same colours which indicate the same thing. Once you know what these colours mean, you’ll easily be able to work out what your issue is.

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