Virgin Remote Not Working with Box – Troubleshooting

More and more people nowadays are moving to using Virgin media in their home instead of other providers, like Sky, or sticking with their standard Freeview or Freesat box.

And whilst Virgin is one of the better options to get premium TV channels if you’re in the UK, it definitely isn’t without its problems too. One issue that some people seem to have with their Virgin remote is that it randomly stops working with the media box.

But what can you do if this is happening to you? Well, here are a few of the ways that you can get your remote to work properly and get back to watching TV.

Virgin Remote Not Working with Box

If your Virgin remote is not working with your TV Box, then you’re not alone. This relatively common problem has various different ways you can fix it, either by resetting your device, repairing the remote and the box together, or even something as simple as replacing batteries that have no life left in them.

These are some of the things that you’re going to want to run through with your Virgin remote. But if you want to get to the root of the problem quickly, here’s what you’ll want to do in order.

A few things to check with your remote first

Before we go deeper into the reason why your Virgin remote might not be working, there are a few things that you should do before. These are basic things to check which may be the reason why your remote isn’t working properly.

Check your batteries – If your remote has suddenly stopped working out of nowhere, then there’s a good chance it may just be the batteries you’re using. Try a new set in there and see if this makes a difference.
Line of sight – Something else to check is whether your remote will work from a different position, as there may just be an issue with the angle that you’re pointing your remote at the box (they can be a bit temperamental). Try moving closer to the box and seeing if the remote works from this distance
Restart – Although it’s the oldest trick in the book, actually restarting everything can work with a whole host of different tech products out there, including your Virgin media box. So, restarting your device is definitely a good idea, as there may have been an issue in it’s start up process.

Generally, these are pretty straightforward things to have to check with your Virgin remote, but you’d be surprised the amount of people that don’t check their remotes batteries.

Either way, if you’ve tried all of these issues, then we can look at troubleshooting your Virgin Media remote in other ways.

Virgin Remote – Common Issues

With Virgin, you could be using different remotes with different boxes, as there are different options to choose from (standard Tivo box, V6).

Here’s a few of the most common issues faced by people with a Virgin box. They’ll be relevant whether you’re using a TiVo box or another type of set top box, and some of the suggestions will be specific to each design.

My Tivo remote is unresponsive, or the volume buttons aren’t working

One of the most typical problems that you can face with your Virgin Remote is for the volume buttons to work intermittently, or in some cases, to not work at all. In this scenario, what Virgin will recommend you do to fix the issue if you contact them is to reset your remote.

You can do this with your Tivo remote by simply holding down the Reset Button and the Clear Button at the same time for several seconds until the light on your remote starts flashing green. Then, press the down button on your remote 3 times, and select the OK button. This will reset your Tivo remote.

If you’re trying to set your Virgin remote up with your television, then you should be able to in the majority of cases. Sometimes you won’t be able to use your Virgin Media remote with your television depending on what brand it is – it tends not to work well with older models (some Toshiba users have reported issues).

Generally, when you go into the settings on your Virgin box, you should be able to program the remote to work with the TV – the box will do this automatically. Then, the volume buttons should work properly.

This problem can occur with the V6 remote and the V6 box too. If this happens, then you’ll want to restart your V6 box and reset the remote too to try and get things working.

Pair Problems with Virgin Remotes

Something else that commonly comes up as a problem with Virgin Remotes is issues with its pairing with your box. If your remote isn’t paired to your device properly, then this could be the main cause of your problem.

To pair your Virgin remote with your Virgin box properly, you’ll just need to go into Settings, and then Devices, and finally Remote Control Pairing.

Then, all you need to do is hold down the Info Button until the green light at the top of the remote starts flashing. This should pair your remote and your box together properly.

With a V6 remote, you can also pair it with the box by holding down the Minus button on the front of the V6 box for 7-10 seconds. Then, on your remote, hold down the Info button for 10 seconds. Finally, press the Plus button on your box, which should confirm the connection.

In some cases, this should resolve the problems you’ve been having with your Virgin remote. But, this won’t be the resolution for some folks.

My Virgin Remote works occasionally, but not always

In most cases, if your Virgin remote works some of the time, but not all of the time, then the issue is likely not with the remote itself. It’s most likely down to the batteries, which you can easily replace.

Or in some cases, it might be down to the box itself, which can be resolved by simply restarting it. If you restart it and it helps, but then after a while it continues to struggle with connection, then the issue is with the remote itself, and you’ll want to get yourself a replacement.

You can also face problems with buttons being stuck in, which may effect how well your remote works. So, make sure that none of the buttons are stuck in, as this could be causing you problems.


All in all, Virgin remains one of the most popular ways to watch television in the UK, especially if you want to watch TV without using an aerial or a satellite dish. You can watch Virgin by using just a cable, with gives it a super stable connection.

However, there are still some niggling issues for some people with the Virgin Tivo remote itself. Hopefully this guide has helped you fix it, and if you’ve tried everything to no avail, then your best bet is contact Virgin directly to source a replacement.

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