Vivint vs adt – which home security brand is best in 2023?

There are many factors to consider when building a home security system. We can all agree that every system should raise your security to a higher level. But, you should also pay attention to the costs, features, contracts, and other relevant aspects of the system. This article compares Vivint vs ADT brands to help you pick the right solution.  

Vivint vs ADT – Quick Comparison

Like other home security solutions, these two also have particular similarities. Vivint and ADT allow 24/7 recordings on external devices. 

Since one brand offers affordable cameras, the other focuses more on affordable services. To understand the essential differences between these two, keep reading this article. 


Vivint Logo


  • Flexible payment options
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Smart drive device for 24/7 recordings
  • Excellent camera zoom capabilities


  • No DIY installation
  • Expensive outdoor camera


ADT Logo


  • DIY installation
  • Battery backup solutions 
  • Affordable cameras
  • Professional monitoring with all plans


  • Contract is required
  • Lacking in official external recording devices

ADT vs Vivint – Key Features

Price and Value

Vivint’s most basic package starts at $19.99 a month. For this price, you can control your security system via the app. Additionally, you can equip your house with a vast range of sensors and get the most out of the entry, smoke, and CO detection features. The company also provides a 24/7 monitoring feature through this package.

Vivint Subscription PlansSmart Security MonitoringSmart Home MonitoringSmart Home Video Monitoring
Mobile AccessYesYesYes
Entry, Smoke, and CO DetectionYesYesYes
Medical Pendant SupportYesYesYes
Professional 24/7 MonitoringYesYesYes
Smart Home IntegrationNoYesYes
Video SurveillanceNoNoYes
Installation Fee$99$99$99
Monthly Fee$19.99$39.99$44.99

However, if you want some extra perks, consider subscribing to one of the other two Vivint packages. The table above shows that Vivint’s home security systems aren’t DIY. In other words, they require professional installation, which costs $99. 

ADT packages start at $45.99/month. The prices can go up to $59.99 a month, depending on the features you want to add to your system. But, for the best deal, you should talk to your ADT specialist. 

ADT plans include 24/7 monitoring, professional installation, theft protection, and a six-month money-back guarantee

ADT Subscription PlansSecure HomeSmart HomeVideo & Smart Home
Intrusion DetectionYesYesYes
Fire, CO & Flood MonitoringYesYesYes
Touchscreen Control PanelYesYesYes
Voice ControlYesYesYes
Remote Access Mobile AppNoYesYes
Smart Home AutomationNoYesYes
Video SecurityNoNoYes
Stored Video ClipsNoNoYes
Monthly Price$45.99$49.99$59.99

Bear in mind that you would have to pay the activation fee which is around $125. The installation fee can range from $99 to $199. Fortunately, the installation fee is optional since ADT systems are partly DIY. In other words, all of these fees depend on your equipment and system configuration.

Winner: Vivint

Equipment Included

Vivint allows you to purchase their equipment and become an owner. You can purchase Vivint equipment upfront or through installments. For instance, if you want to finance the equipment, you can sign a contract via Vivint Flex Pay. The contract can last from 42 to 60 months

Unless you have it written in the agreement, you basically rent the equipment from ADT. They install the equipment, but they own it during the contract. After the contract ends, they can remove or leave the equipment installed in case you reactivate the service. 

Winner: Vivint


Although Vivint’s installation fee is the same for all packages, the price may vary depending on your system and location. The average installation fee is $99. However, prices can range between $49 to $199. So, it is recommended to call Vivint customer support to get more reliable information. 

ADT’s installation fee ranges between $99 to $199. Unlike Vivint, ADT offers DIY system solutions. So, you can install an ADT home security system yourself. For instance, this is how you install a small part of the system without professional help.  

Here’s a video with detailed instructions on how to set up your Blue by ADT Smoke Detector:

Winner: ADT

Professional Monitoring

ADT includes 24/7 professional monitoring in all their plans. Their security professionals are ready at any time to respond to your emergency. If the alarms are triggered, they call the emergency responders to your home. 

Vivint Professional 24/7 Monitoring
Vivint Professional 24/7 Monitoring

Vivint also offers a professional monitoring feature in all packages. Since Vivint subscription plans are significantly cheaper compared to ADTs, they might be a much better option for you. For instance, Vivint’s Smart Security Monitoring package costs $19.99 and provides professional monitoring. 

Winner: Vivint 

Home Automation

If you are a fan of smart home integrations, Vivint might be an excellent choice for you. Their equipment can connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

However, if you choose ADT equipment, you will need to subscribe to the Smart Home Monitoring package, which has this feature. It costs $49.99 a month. 

Winner: Vivint


Storage Retention Time

Vivint home security systems allow you 24/7 video recordings. You can watch the video footage for the last 30 days. The same applies to ADT systems. 

Vivant systems require an external smart drive to use this feature. With this small investment, you get a valuable feature. Therefore, choose any of these brands when it comes to this segment.

Winner: Draw 

Monthly Cost

As we said earlier, Vivint recommends using their Smart Drive for recording videos. It costs $250 and has 1TB of storage. The company has the Flex Pay method which allows you to pay for their equipment in installments. 

Smart Drive V2
Vivint Smart Drive V2

The Vivint Smart Drive

Instead of the smart storage drive, ADT cameras use NVR and DVR systems. These are two types of video recorders. 

NVR recorders work with wireless cameras, while DVR supports wired cameras. So, you can choose between these two, depending on your camera. These recorders usually have 1TB, 2TB, or 3TB of storage. Additionally, you can connect more drives to them for more storage. 

Winner: Draw  

Camera Options

Vivint cameras are expensive compared to ADT models. For instance, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro costs $399. This camera uses Smart Deter technology to monitor areas you define. If someone is standing in front of the camera for too long, the camera activates a loud siren.    

Vivint CamerasMSRPTypeResolutionCurrent Price
Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro$399Outdoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Vivint Indoor Camera$199Indoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon

The Vivint outdoor camera differentiates people, cars, and pets. This way, you get only important notifications. 

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro
Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

However, the ADT HD Outdoor camera is a much more affordable solution than the Vivint outdoor model. It features two-way audio, customizable areas, notifications, and a siren. 

ADT HD Outdoor Camera
ADT HD Outdoor Camera

Most importantly, the camera has facial recognition. It can remember the images of your loved ones and friends and tell you when they are approaching your house.  

ADT CamerasMSRPTypeResolutionCurrent Price
ADT HD Outdoor Camera$199.99Outdoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
ADT HD Indoor Camera$199.99Indoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon

Winner: ADT

Power and Battery Features

The main energy source of all these cameras from the table is the power outlet. The vast majority of models have a backup battery if the power supply is interrupted. 

Camera ModelBattery of Wired
Vivint Outdoor Camera ProWired
Vivint Indoor CameraWired/Battery backup
ADT HD Outdoor CameraWired/Battery backup
ADT HD Indoor CameraWired/Battery backup

However, both brands are lacking in battery-powered camera models. Therefore, ADT slightly prevails in this segment because of its battery backup solutions. 

Winner: ADT

Subscriptions and Contracts

You can use Vivint without a subscription. In that case, you won’t get all the benefits from the Vivint subscription plans like professional monitoring or mobile access.  

All ADT systems require a contract obligation. The ADT contract lasts for 36 months (24 months in California). 

After that period, consumers are transferred to the monthly contract, which you can cancel anytime. However, if you cancel the contract within the initial period, you must pay 75% of the remaining monthly amount. 

ADT also offers a 6-month money-back guarantee where you can cancel the contract without penalties

Winner: Vivint


Vivint warranty coverage lasts 120 days from the moment you install equipment. Upon expiration, if you decide to continue using a Vivant service, you receive an additional 120 days warranty. The warranty period covers repairs and part replacements. 

After starting the contract, ADT offers a 90-day limited warranty on the equipment. The warranty includes repair and part replacements (no battery replacements). They also offer an extended limited warranty for a few extra bucks a month.  

Winner: Vivint

Technology Features

Image and Streaming Quality

Full HD resolution is quite enough if you want to watch video streams from your house. Wherever you are, you can know what is going on in your house or yard wherever you are. This is how Vivint and ADT operate. Therefore, all their indoor and outdoor cameras support 1080p HD resolution.  

Vivint Wide Fields of View
Vivint 4K HD sensor

However, we need to point out that the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro camera has a 4K sensor. The 4K sensor improves the camera zoom capabilities. It supports 3x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

Winner: Vivint

Video Display – Fields of View 

Vivint camera models have better fields of view than ADT. Their indoor cameras have a 155-degree field of view. Outdoor cameras have a 140-degree field of view. 

ADT cameras have slightly worse performance. The ADT indoor camera has a 145-degree field of view, while the outdoor model comes with a 130-degree field of view.  

Winner: Vivint

Types of Products


At the moment, neither of these companies combine floodlights with their home security cameras. If you really need a floodlight camera, consider another home security brand. 

Winner: Draw

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Doorbell Camera

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro
Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

The Vivint Doorbell has a crystal-clear picture since it supports 1080p HDR resolution. It also supports person detection and infrared night vision. However, the most significant feature is the Smart Deter technology which can prevent crime before it happens. When a thief is spotted, the camera activates warning sounds

Vivint Doorbell
The Smart Deter technology

As you can see in the picture above, the camera knows the difference between people and packages. If you want to protect your home from thieves, this camera might be a great solution for you.   

ADT Doorbell camera comes with 720p resolution, two-way audio feature, night vision, and motion detection. It is a weather-proof camera and can withstand low and high temperatures. 

Winner: Vivint

Alarm System

The Vivint alarm system has three essential parts:

  • The control panel
  • The monitoring station
  • Sensors
  • Detectors

You can build a custom Vivint system by adding various equipment to it. Equip your home security system with door, temperature, or motion sensors. 

The ADT security system has the following devices: 

  • The command panel 
  • Door and window alarm
  • Security key fob
  • Motion sensors
  • Yard signs
  • Window decals 
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring 
ADT Wireless Home Security System
ADT 6-Piece Wireless Home Security System

You can easily control the system via the ADT mobile app. ADT has a variety of life safety alarms in its offering. This brand offers everything from smoke detectors, CO detectors, flood sensors to panic buttons.

Winner: Draw


To conclude this Vivint vs ADT comparison, we will summarize the most significant facts from this article.  

The first step in building your system is buying equipment. If you currently don’t have enough money to build a suitable system, then Vivint might be the right choice for you. 

The company offers flexible payment options, which means you can pay for the equipment in installments. You can enter into a contract that can last between 42 and 60 months. 

Above all, the company has affordable subscription plans. If you want to have extra perks, including the 24/7 monitoring feature, the Smart Security Monitoring package is a great choice. It only costs $19.99 a month.   

On the other hand, if you don’t want to subscribe to any of their plans, you still have the option to monitor your house. You can record your video streams 24/7 for 30 days without a subscription on a Vivint smart drive with 1TB of storage space.

Most importantly, the Vivint outdoor camera has a clear picture thanks to its 4K sensor.  The Vivint outdoor camera is a good option if you prefer powerful zoom camera capabilities.

Although Vivint offers professional system installation, ADT decided to offer its consumers DIY systems. So, if you want to install the system yourself without additional costs, ADT could be an excellent solution for you. 

The company also has affordable indoor and outdoor cameras supported by battery backup technologies. Therefore, if you want to ensure the cameras are always on and monitoring your house, ADT is certainly the best choice. 

Additionally, if you want to enhance the system with extra features, subscribe to one of their packages. One more reason to do this is the professional monitoring feature, included in all their plans!

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