What is Lenovo Vantage?

Lenovo laptops have been increasing in popularity dramatically over the last decade. Their popular laptop lines like the Yoga series and the Thinkpad have helped catapult the company past competitors like Dell and HP in terms of laptop sales globally.

One reason people like Lenovo laptops is because they’re pretty simple and easy to use. However, something that can be pretty confusing is Lenovo Vantage. And whilst it sounds like it might be a subscription service of some sort, it’s not anything that you really need to worry about on your new laptop.

What is Lenovo Vantage?

To put it simply, Lenovo Vantage is an app that comes installed on new Lenovo laptops. All it does is give you an easy way to customize your layout, as well as diagnose any problems that you might encounter on your laptop too.

Whilst not a necessity on a laptop, it can make thing a lot easier for you if you don’t want to have to worry about doing more technical aspects of computing yourself. You can get Lenovo Vantage on a variety of different models, from Notebooks to large 17 inch laptops.

If you don’t already have Lenovo Vantage installed, then you can easily download it from the Microsoft store. You can easily get to your Microsoft store by simply using the start menu to find it. Once you’re in the store, you can just search for the Vantage app and install it for free.

But why would you want to download it if you haven’t already? Well, here’s a few reasons why it’s thought to be a good idea.

What features does Lenovo Vantage have?


If you’re still not sure on what exactly Vantage can do, then let’s run through what you can actually do with the Lenovo Vantage app. It ranges from simple security tools to the ability to run diagnostics on any issues you may be having with your device.

These different features can come in handy when you’re using Windows 10. Vantage comes recommended by Lenovo, so it makes sense for you to use it.

Updating drivers & bios


This is probably what Vantage is most useful for. Although you can do this yourself with your Windows laptop, it’s very simple with one click to update your drivers by using Lenovo Vantage.

If you don’t keep your drivers updated, then eventually you can bump into small problems with your laptop. Essentially, these are just small upgrades to the software that you’re using on your device, so it makes sense that this needs to be done every now and then.

You can also update your system’s BIOS with Vantage, too. Your BIOS is a software that runs when your laptop first starts, and helps to configure all your laptops hardware when it’s starting up.

Migration Assistant


Another good thing about Vantage is that is gives you access to Lenovo Migration Assistant. If you’re just switching over to a Lenovo laptop from another computer, then this makes the process really easy for you to do.

You don’t even necessarily have to have the same brand of laptop. As long as it’s a Windows computer or laptop, then it should be actually pretty straightforward to make the transfer. This includes all of your documents, photos and videos that were on your previous device.

Battery Settings

Something else you can easily do through the Lenovo Vantage platform is check your battery settings. Firstly, you can go through and see the overall health of your battery.

Whilst this might not be useful at first, over the time that you own your laptop, it might come in handy and let you know when it’s toward the end of its lifespan.

You can also very easily adjust settings within this same panel, like flicking your laptop into airplane mode. You can also use the Battery Charge Threshold setting, which can help your laptop to last longer.

Control Wifi security

For those that are often using their laptop on the go, you’ll likely be connecting to different public networks in different places. If this is the case, then within your Vantage panel you can actually find out which one of these networks is safe and which ones aren’t.

You can do this by using their Threat locator, which will show any networks you shouldn’t be connecting to.

Hardware Diagnostics


Something that’s actually very useful with Lenovo Advantage is their hardware diagnostics scan tool. If you’re having any problems with your laptop, then this is likely to come in handy.

What this will do is run through all of the hardware of your laptop – its memory, its processor etc – and check that everything is in order with them. And if there is a problem with a component of your motherboard, then this tool will let you know.

Find your laptop details easily

When you’re asked for your laptop’s serial number, do you know how to access it quickly? What about its product number, or the amount of warranty that you have left on the laptop? These kinds of details are all clearly available within Lenovo Vantage very easily, and it can help you to know the specifications about your laptop.

As well as this, you can also look for more general information about your laptop too – like how much memory it has, or how much storage space you have left. It’s important to know how much space you have left on your laptop, as you’ll know if you need to get some more.

Can I uninstall Lenovo Vantage?

One thing that can be very annoying with Lenovo Vantage is the ads that it shows – no-one wants to be shown antivirus software and VPN ads when they’re just looking to check the health of your laptop.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn these off, which leads most people to think about uninstalling Vantage altogether. Some people also worry about the effect having Lenovo Vantage installed will have on their battery life too, and it can make it drain a little faster than normal.

If you’re comfortable with computers, then you should go ahead and do so. Much of what Lenovo Vantage does is give you a way to do things easier, but you can perform most of its functions manually yourself anyway.

For those that aren’t so technically advanced, then it’s probably a better idea to keep it installed. Although it hasn’t come in handy yet, you never know when it will.


In conclusion, Lenovo Vantage isn’t perfect by any means. But, it is a pretty good effort from Lenovo to enable users to understand their laptop better. It gives you an easy way to update a laptop’s software and check on its hardware so there’s not any problems.

Whilst it’s not a necessity, it’s a pretty good attempt at a diagnostics app, and it might be worth downloading if you haven’t got it already.

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