Who manufactures insignia TVs?

Insignia is one of the rising brands in the US, and chances are you have seen it several times online and offline, which triggered you to search – Who makes Insignia TVs? 

Best Buy Co., Inc, owns Insignia under its proprietary brands. Best Buy is headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. Insignia TVs are exclusive to Best Buy. You may have noticed them on the racks of your neighborhood Best Buy, but you can also find them on Amazon.com. Best Buy owns the brand Insignia, but it is not the one that makes Insignia TVs. 

Insignia sells refrigerators, freezers, and a variety of appliances at affordable pricing under the “store brand” umbrella. Manufacturers such as Haier manufacture large appliances for Insignia under contract for Best Buy.

Who Makes Insignia TVs?

Best Buy is a consumer electronics retailer with operations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. As a result, the company does not manufacture any TVs or other appliances, peripherals, or gadgets. As a substitute, the corporation has contracts with various manufacturers, the majority of which are located in China. 

You may come across information stating that Insignia goods are created by firms such as Samsung, LG, or Toshiba on the internet. But that is not the case. These firms may only be able to provide components, such as display panels. Since Toshiba sold its electronics division to Hisense in 2017, it no longer supplies any components. 

Hisense Logo
Hisense Logo

China’s Hisense is the largest producer of Insignia TVs, while other Chinese firms may be responsible for certain lower-end models. If, however, you’re referring to the Insignia Fire TV version, then Hisense manufactures these televisions.

Who Owns the Insignia Brand

Best Buy Co., Inc. owns the Insignia brand but is not the one who makes the Insignia products contracted out to Chinese OEMs. A variety of items are sold under the brand name, including televisions, refrigerators, appliances, smartphones, and automotive electronics. 

Best Buy promotes their TVs as a low-cost consumer brand, despite their technical specifications being subpar. They’re aimed at people looking to save money on a television. Because of this, their TVs have displays with just an 8-bit color depth and a 60fps frame rate. 

As of 2018, Best Buy and Amazon agreed to use Amazon Fire Smart TV as the operating system in Insignia televisions. As a result, Insignia TVs now work even better with Amazon services. Also, Best Buy, which sells Insignia TVs, has partnered with Amazon and is now selling them on Amazon.

Are Insignia TV’s Good Quality?

Insignia offers a large selection of flat-panel TVs, all affordably priced. Their sizes range from modest 19-inch versions for college dorms to enormous 70-inch QLED 4K UHD models for huge living rooms. Although Insignia TVs don’t have the most up-to-date features like those found on more costly Sony or LG models, they nevertheless provide good value for money. 

Sound quality is decent on most Insignia TVs, thanks to the inclusion of Dolby Surround and DTS TruSurround technologies. Features such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 4K resolution are available on a few models, giving images additional depth and realism. 

Insignia Fire TV Edition
Insignia Fire TV Edition

The Alexa-enabled remote control that comes with every Fire TV model, as you might assume, gives you fast access to Amazon’s speech assistant. The new remotes provide a more comfortable feel in hand. For a better grip, they curved the sides and back. 

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In general, Insignia TVs are a good value for consumers who want a high-end TV with great features but don’t want to spend a fortune. So, to answer the question — are Insignia TVs good quality — yes, they are. 

Does Best Buy Make Insignia TVs?

Best Buy is a chain of retail stores; it does not produce televisions; instead, televisions are purchased from OEM and ODM manufacturers based out of China and rebranded as Insignia.

Contrary to popular opinion on the internet that states LG and Samsung are the component suppliers for Insignia TVs, the third-party assemblers do not receive LG and Samsung TV-specific electronic components to prevent the manufacturing of knockoff televisions. 

If we check the tag of an Insignia TV, we’ll notice a mention of China as the country where it was created. Chinese Hisense (the company that now owns Toshiba) makes Insignia TVs with Amazon Fire Smart TV. Hisense sells around half of the TVs it assembles under its brand. Some of the TVs are made by other companies and sold under their labels.

Where Are They Made?

Best Buy, like the majority of big retailers, sells electronics under its store brands. As a result, they may provide them at a lower price than the big international brands and still make a profit. And although Insignia TVs are less expensive than their competitors, Best Buy retains a larger chunk of the revenue from their sales. 

The manufacturing and design of these TVs are not done in-house by Best Buy, but the firms that make and design them are kept under wraps. 

Insignia’s TVs are all made in China, as are all other brands. In any case, no one knows for sure what company makes the televisions. Thus, Insignia TVs are most likely produced in multiple facilities around China. Making the answer to Who Makes Insignia TVs a bit complicated.

Insignia Warranty

If you bought a brand new Insignia TV, it comes with a one-year warranty. Damage from overuse or neglect is not covered under warranty. The warranty includes manufacturing defects but excludes accidental breakage, cosmetic damage, and short circuits. Simply return the TV to Best Buy within the first year of purchase if you come across any manufacturing defect, and they will arrange for it to be repaired.

Best Buy promises that if a product has a manufacturing defect during the first year, they will fix or replace it for free. A valid Best Buy account or an original receipt are both required to receive service. The replacement TV from Best Buy isn’t always a brand new one, though. Refurbished devices are frequently used as replacements.

Insignia TV warranties cover flaws in components or manufacturing, just like those found in other electrical products. This includes things like a faulty LED bulb or a slanted television case under the manufacturer’s control. 

Since Insignia is a Best Buy brand, you may bring your Insignia TV to a Best Buy store for repair or contact a toll-free contact number to get in touch with the brand’s technical support for troubleshooting. Even if your device is smaller than 42 inches (106 cm), you can bring it to any Best Buy store to get it diagnosed. 

It’s important to keep in mind that your neighborhood Best Buy store is unlikely to be able to repair your television. Usually, businesses have regional repair facilities where skilled technicians can work with readily accessible replacement parts and specialized equipment to complete the job. 

Other choices are available if you opted for Best Buy’s Geek Squad extended warranty. 

Smart TV Platforms

Insignia TVs support smart TV platforms such as Roku TV, Google TV/Android TV, and Fire TV OS. You get to choose which smart TV platform you want based on the Insignia TV model you select. 

What Other Products Does Insignia Make?

Insignia makes a slew of other products, such as — gaming peripherals, small home appliances, home audio systems, home theater, automotive accessories, cameras, photo frames, tablets, and more. 

You can find all these products at your nearest Best Buy stores and online Best Buy websites. Also, some of them may be available on Amazon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get answers to some of the most searched questions about who makes Insignia. 

Is Insignia better than Samsung?

Insignia is not better than Samsung as it goes after value for money rather than entirely focusing on the quality. Samsung is an international brand with better quality products wholly and solely manufactured under its brand. Although Insignia is not better than Samsung, it offers better value for money with its low-cost product lineup. 

Does Best Buy own Insignia?

Best Buy owns the Insignia television brand in the United States, and it has a wide selection of low-cost TVs in various configurations.


We hope this guide comprehensively answers your question: Who Makes Insignia TVs? Best Buy owns the Insignia brands under its store brand umbrella. Although Best Buy does not manufacture Insignia TVs, they are assembled by manufacturers using proper components in China. 

In general, Insignia TVs are a decent buy when you consider the pricing and all-around performance. 

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