Why Does my Mouse Keep Freezing? – 5 Reasons Why

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a top of the line gaming mouse or a simple device bundled with your PC, all mice freeze up from time to time. Having an unresponsive mouse can be a really frustrating experience.

Most computer users need their mouse to be able to navigate over to settings they would normally use to get their computer responding again, so it can be frustrating when it decides to stop working. If your mouse keeps freezing, there are quite a few different reasons why.

If you’re looking to fix a mouse that keeps on freezing, you’ve got to figure out why. This is a fairly vague problem for a PC though. With this in mind, there are quite a few different problems that could be to blame.

There might even be a non-technical problem to blame, like gunk stopping the mouse from actually reporting any movement. With so many unknowns, it is helpful to consider all of the reasons why your mouse might have frozen.

If your mouse has stopped responding, do a few quick checks to find out which of these reasons is to blame. You can work your way through until you find the solution that gets your mouse back and up running again.

5 Reasons Why a Mouse Keeps Freezing

The Battery

The first possible cause for your mouse to stop working is also the simplest, it might have a dead battery. This should be a relatively simple check to make, just check if the mouse is displaying any sign of life. This is easily remedied by changing the battery.

USB and Hardware Problems

Technical malfunctions can happen in your mouse by themselves. Make sure there is nothing blocking the base of the mouse that should be registering movement. If it is a USB mouse, try using a different USB port. If the problem is with the cable or port, this will show you. 

Damage to Mouse

If your mouse is freezing up, it might be because of a broken part in the mouse itself. To figure this out, try connecting another mouse and see if that works fine. If this is the case, the problem is with your mouse and it may need repairs.


A simple solution to mice that you’ve had for a while freezing up is their driver. To check if your mouse’s driver needs updating, you need to navigate your settings. This is possible without a working mouse. Open up device manager by pressing Win+R, input devmgmt.msc then click okay. Find your mouse’s entry and choose update driver. This should install any necessary software.

USB Solutions

If you’re using a USB mouse with a port that otherwise works fine, and without any sign of a problem in the mouse or PC, it might still be freezing. In these cases, unplug all other UBSB devices and try your mouse again. You should also avoid using USB hubs for your mouse since they can cause interference.

Why Does My Mouse Keep Freezing on Mac?

If your mouse is freezing up on Mac, there are some different problems and solutions you’ll need to know about:

RAM or Performance

Your mouse may have frozen because your computer has run out of RAM. If your PC is close to full, this might well be the case. Running applications that are demanding on your RAM can also be to blame, like editing high-quality audio or video. 

To fix this reason your mouse is freezing on mac, open up force quit with command option and esc, then force quit applications that aren’t responding. If all are working fine but you’re out of ram, close down those that won’t result in unsaved work. Then free up some space to avoid the problem happening again.

Technical Problems

Like with getting your mouse unfrozen on Windows, the solution might just be a problem with your physical mouse. Try your mouse on a different PC to ensure it is working, try a different USB port, and check the battery is in working order and it doesn’t need cleaning. These are the simplest solutions, but they can help you rule out the simple problems.

Reset Your SMC

Your Mac’s SMC can be hard reset at any time to try and help you solve problems like this. You should only use these solutions though if all others have failed and you can’t get your mouse to work. To do this, power off your MacBook entirely. Then press Shift, Control, and Options on the left side of your keyboard.

Then press and hold your power button for 10 seconds, and release all keys and the power button. Following this elaborate sequence of button presses, turn your Mac back on.


Hopefully you’ve found a solution to your mouse problem. If not, then it might be time of invest in a new computer mouse. A good mouse is essential for anyones home office setup, so make sure that yours is in order.

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