Why does my smart TV keep disconnecting from the internet?

Getting a smart television can be one of the best investments that you can make. But like all new technology, they’re not without their problems.

A problem that quite a few people seem to have with their smart TV is that it occasionally or routinely disconnects from the internet. This could happen on a regular basis or be sporadic, but it still seems to happen.

But why? What causes your smart TV to keep disconnecting from the internet? And more importantly, what can you do to fix them problem? Well, we’re going to look at both the causes and the solutions to this problem.

Why does my smart TV keep disconnecting from the internet?

The fact of the matter is that in the majority of cases, your wifi connection problems are likely to be cause by your router as opposed to your smart TV. Although in some cases, the smart TV could be the culprit causing the issues.

The good news is that there are some things that you can do to determine what’s actually causing the issue, as well as finding a good way to fix the problem too. So, let’s look at what may be causing your smart TV to disconnect from the internet.

The Likely Cause – Wifi Router

As I’ve already mentioned, the majority of times that there’s an issue with your smart TV connecting to your wifi, the root of the problem will be with your router. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean to say there’s anything wrong with your router, but it could be part of the issue.

Problem – Your Router is too far away

Nowadays, modern routers have a pretty large range, and you can generally have your router quite far away from any of your other devices and the connection will still work just fine.

However, if you have an older model of wifi router, then this maybe be the problem. If you don’t have enough range on your router, then if your smart TV is too far away then it’s not going to be able to get a solid connection. So, the distance that your wifi has to travel could be the key factor in this.

Solution: Move your wifi router closer to your smart TV.

Problem – There’s something between your devices

Another common reason why your smart TV might not be able to connect with your wifi router problem is that there’s something obstructing its ability to connect with it properly.

Whilst it’s true that your router can send wifi signals through walls and whatever else might be between the two, it’s also true that they will actually slow down your signal. Too much interfence can restrict you from being able to get a good connection between the two.

Solution: Fortunately, again there’s another quick fix for this. Move your router closer to your TV.

Problem – Slow Internet

One of the main reasons could just be that your broadband connection isn’t particularly good. This isn’t a reason anyone wants to hear, but it’s definitely a possibility.

If your wifi isn’t strong enough to maintain a connection with your smart TV, then it may disconnect from it altogether. You might notice this more if you’re streaming in 4k quality, as this uses more bandwidth to stream than streaming in 1080p.

Solution: Check your wifi speed online to see whether it’s fast enough.

Problem – Full Access

Although you might think that you’ve connected your smart TV to your router properly, you might not have actually done this. There’s a chance that you might have added your smart TV as a guest on your wireless network, in which case, it may end up disconnecting you from the network.

And if you don’t have full access, then they won’t be able to work together properly. If your TV disconnects from the internet everytime you turn it off, then this could be the problem.

Solution: Fortunately, this has a very quick fix. Check your TV has full access to your router.

Problem – Internet Connectivity

Now, if there’s nothing between your router and your smart TV, then we can begin to look at other possible causes of the problem. There could be a whole host of other reasons where your router is at fault.

You’ll want to check that your router isn’t near another device that could be causing interference – baby monitors are common culprits for this.

Other things you should check include the time on your TV, which could be causing your router confusion. And, simplifying your wifi SSD is a good idea for this too.

The Ultimate Solution


To all of these problems, there’s one common solution that can fix any of the wifi connecting to your smart TV issues that you have. And that is to use a wired ethernet connection between the two devices instead!

This can be the case even if you’ve got a brand new television and have just got your wireless connection installed too. If you have a lot of people fighting over the wi-fi, then it may lead to issues with your smart TV.

A wired connection is always going to be more secure than using wi-fi. It gets rid of the chance for any signal interference. It’s the easiest resolution for a connection problem, and they tend to be quite cheap to pick up online too.

Routers will have an ethernet port on the back of them, and your smart TV will have an ethernet port on its back too. So, by using an ethernet cable to connect the two together, you can ensure that you have a solid connection between the two.


In the majority of cases, this issue is going to be cause by your wifi connection. It’s unlikely that the problem will actually be with your smart TV itself, although it is possible for this to be the case.

If you’ve tried everything on this list to no avail, then you might need to see a specialist to check your TV out. But the reality is that your internet connection is more than likely the problem, and typically it’s pretty easy to fix.

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