Wuben Lightok X2 ECL (Easy Carry Light) Review

There are many reasons the flashlight community exists — some of us love the idea of being able to create light on demand. It gives us power over darkness — it’s an indispensable tool in some difficult situations. Others might have more practical reasons, like using it for camping or traveling at night. 

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that a flashlight is not simply a source of illumination; it is an emotion. We don’t mean for this review to be a tear-jerker, but we can’t help it! The Wuben Lightok X2 reminds us of why we love these little “toys” — it embodies the best things about owning a flashlight. It’s compact, built like a tank, and when you power it on — brings a smile to your face.

Welcome to our hands-on Wuben X2 review!

Wuben Lightok X2 – Overview

First off, Wuben is a brand that has been making a mark in the flashlight world in recent years thanks to models like the powerful X1 and the popular C3. While their flashlights definitely deliver the goods in terms of basics (brightness, waterproofing, build quality), what makes Wuben’s products stand out is their impeccable design. You can identify Wuben flashlights almost immediately thanks to the unique design aesthetic. 

The Lightok X2 (or Owl X2) is the latest release from the Chinese company, a mini-version of the popular Lightok X1. The flashlight is compact and lightweight and comes in a variety of colors to go with any EDC look you may have in mind. This 2500-lumen torch claims a beam distance of about 150 meters and is IP68-certified. 

It has a rectangular chassis and takes a bit of getting used to, compared to run-of-the-mill cylindrical flashlight bodies. The advantage here is that it won’t roll off any non-leveled surfaces. It’s powered by two 14500 cells fused into one large battery that has a capacity of ~2000mAh. This unit is non-removable, but it can be charged with a USB-C cable.

ModelWuben Lightok X2
Maximum Output in Lumens2500/1800 (depending on model)
Beam Distance~ 150m / 490 feet
ModesLow, Med, High and Turbo + Strobe, SOS
Battery2 x 14500 (~2000mAh)
Weight4.06 oz
Dimensions 3.35 x 1.54 x 0.79 inches
ColorsBlack, White, Gradient Ramp, Copper, Titanium, Titanium – Blue Geometric, Titanium – Green Circuit, Titanium – Ink Splash
IP RatingIP68

Pros and Cons

Wuben Lighttok X2
Wuben Lightok X2


  • Very good design
  • Light
  • Charging lanyard is handy
  • USB-C charging
  • Good mix of compact and bright
  • Multiple color options 


  • Shape of the flashlight takes getting used to
  • The button UI has a slight learning curve
  • Batteries are non-removable

What’s in the Box?

When you buy a Wuben Lightok X2 Owl, here’s what you get in the box : 

  • X2 flashlight (with rechargeable battery inside)
  • Type-C charging cable/lanyard
  • Diffuser
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Fairly standard stuff!


Let’s now take a closer look at the features of the Wuben X2.

Build Quality and Design

First off, we love how Wuben understands the flashlight community and clearly wants to take on the best. The machining is highly impressive here — the hard-anodized finish on their products is eye-catching. Like most good-quality flashlights, the X2 is IP68-certified, which means you can drag it through swamps, mud, jungles or worse — and it will all come off with a good rinse. 

Another feature we really appreciated is the innovative control button, held in position magnetically. It doubles as a protective cover for the charging port, which means you have to flip it when you want to charge the flashlight.

The innovation doesn’t stop there! The lanyard is not just a lanyard; it is also a charging cable. Plug the Type-C end into your torch and the other into a charging brick and you’re in business. Plus, it has a tape measure printed on it, so you can use it when in a spot. Note that the material is a bit stretchy, so we wouldn’t recommend using it in situations where your calculations have to be very precise.

Wuben X2 clip
Wuben X2 clip

We’re also happy with the clip — it works great and is so lightweight, you can barely feel it on your waist or bag or whatever you clip it to.

You won’t have to get any slots milled on the body of the X2 because it already comes with 10 slots. So go ahead and order your tritium vials for your custom glow-in-the-dark look! Here’s a handy guide on installing tritium on your flashlights: 


The Wuben X2 comes with two different LEDS — the Osram P9 and the Samsung LH351D. While the Black/Tactical colored X2 features the Osram LED, all other colors come with the Samsung one. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Osram P9
Osram P9 LED

The P9 is a popular LED from German-LED manufacturer Osram and can be found in various flashlights from manufacturers like Olight and Nextorch and typically ranges between 1000-2500 lumens on different models. On the Lightok X2, it hits 2500 lumens. The CCT ranges between 5700K – 6500K.

Your other option is to go for an X2 variant (all other colors) with the Samsung LH351D. The LH351D is a floody and bright high-CRI LED. Like the Osram P9, it’s a popular LED and can be found on units from flashlight makers such as Emisar, Sofirn and Mankerlight. The color temperature is typically just over the 5000K mark. On the X2, the brightness tops out at 1800 lumens.

In comparison, the P9 typically ranges around 6500K and is a cool, white light, which we found to come quite close to natural light. The LH531D is warmer at the 5000K mark (with vivid colors) and the CRI is over 90.

X2 w/ Osram P9 LED Illumination
X2 w/ Osram P9 LED Illumination

Both models come with three of each LEDs. You’ll never be wanting for brightness!

X2 Osram P9 LED's Closeup
X2 Osram P9 LED’s Closeup


The X2 comes with a non-removable battery unit. The 2000mAh battery is a pair of 14500 cells that have been coupled in a way that you can tell Wuben doesn’t want you messing with them. But when has that ever stopped flashlight enthusiasts from tinkering with flashlights?

The charge current is approximately 1 Amp; you can expect to go from 0 to 100 in about 2.5 hours. Just below the charging port, you have an indicator LED that is red when charging and turns blue once the battery is fully juiced up.

Modes and Operation

Wuben X2
Wuben X2

The modes on this flashlight are fairly standard — you have Low, Medium, High and Turbo, plus you have SOS and Strobe mode. The good news here is that all these modes are customizable. You can set the brightness level for each, and we’ve explained how to do that in the section below.

Below is a table that explains the UI. You should bookmark this page for future reference!

Single-click from offLast used mode
Double-click from offTurbo
Triple-click from offStrobe (single click to switch off)
Press and hold from offLow
4 clicks from offLockout
Single click from onSwitch off 
Double click from onTurbo
Triple click from onStrobe
Press and hold from onCycle through all modes, skipping Turbo

Our Experience

Our first reaction was marveling at how excellent the finish was on the X2. The flashlight is compact and light, and we’re still amazed at how such a tiny object can create this much brightness. We also loved the multipurpose lanyard — it’s a lanyard, a charging cord and a tape measure, all in one? Neat!

We also found the convertible switch-flap-thingy to be clever. It stays locked in place thanks to the magnetic setup. It’s a cool way to hide away the charging port, further making the design more appealing.

After admiring the exterior for a while, we got down to testing the light. Note that the Lightok X2 (and we’re sure all of Wuben’s flashlights) is shipped in lockout mode. So you’ll have to “unlock” the torch first — on the X2, you can deactivate the electronic lockout mode by rapidly pressing the button four times.

Wuben X2
Wuben X2

The UI took us a few tries before we got comfortable — one thing we noticed is that we accidentally activated the Strobe feature a few times. Maybe it needs a more complex control combo? But then again, in a confrontational situation, it would be best to be able to activate the strobe from muscle memory. It comes down to personal preference, I guess. 

Wuben claims the light can run 80 hours on low mode, 10 hours on medium, and 2.5 hours on high. Our own tests confirmed these numbers to be close enough. 

One thing we loved is that on low mode, the brightness hovers around the 5-lumen mark. We’re not very happy with flashlights that think 15 lumens is appropriate for low mode — using these at night can leave you seeing stars for a good few minutes. So props to Wuben! 

Of course, you could also use the bundled red diffuser for times when you want to light up your surroundings for longer durations and not affect your eyesight.

Wuben X2 Diffuser
Wuben X2 Diffuser

As we mentioned above, the programs are all customizable, and you can set the brightness level for each of the regular modes. While Low ranges from 5 to 100 lumens, medium can work anywhere between 100 and 400 lumens. High ranges from 400 to 800 lumens.

To program the X2 on Low, Medium, or High modes, first, turn on the torch and go into the mode you wish to program. Then press the control button twice, but hold the button on the second go — you will see the brightness increase gradually. Once it hits the level you want to set it at, let the button go.

Wuben X2 demo – Low to Turbo

The Turbo mode goes all out at 2400 lumens (1800 on Samsung models) and about a minute in, it will drop to 800 lumens. While the X2 does get warm, it dissipated pretty quickly and didn’t feel as hot as many other popular lights that heat up exponentially at 800 lumens or above.

We also found the strobe function to work well — could be pretty useful in a conflict/confrontation situation!

Pricing & Availability

The price tag on the X2 varies from $98 to $308, depending on the color variant you choose. We recommend that you buy the Wuben X2 off the company website, as it typically runs offers all the time.

Not to mention, if you use our discount code “SPACEHOP” when placing the order, you will receive a 10% discount on your order.


In conclusion, we would highly recommend this flashlight to those of you who want a stylish and dependable flashlight for your everyday carry. It’s priced aggressively and offers a lot of value for money. It would make a great first buy for someone looking to get into flashlights, and even veterans would be able to appreciate how nifty this little torch is. 

That wraps up our Wuben X2 review — if you have any more questions about this amazing device, simply leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you!

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