Wyze vs blink – which home security brand is better?

Do you want to upgrade your home security system or buy a new one? You have landed on the right post! In this article, we compare two interesting brands, Blink vs Wyze. Keep reading this article to find out the latest information on these two home security brands.  

At the beginning of this article, we have selected two attractive camera models of each brand. As you can see in the table below, there is no significant difference between these two models. The first thing you will notice is that the Blink Mini and Wyze Cam v3 have almost identical prices. 

The resolution is also the same. If you want to purchase an HD home security camera, you can choose either of these two models. Each comes with the same features, such as motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio. 

Camera ModelsBlink MiniWyze Cam v3
Resolution1080p HD1080p HD
Indoor/OutdoorIndoorIndoor, Outdoor
Motion DetectionYesYes
Night VisionYesYes
Two-way AudioYesYes
Field of View110 degrees130 degrees
Dimensions48 x 48 x 34mm52 x 51 x 58.5mm
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0+, iOS 12.5+Android 5.0+, iOS 9.0+
Current PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Let’s find out the differences between these two cameras. The Wyze Cam v3 can be used indoors or outdoors, which could be a perfect choice for those who haven’t decided where to place their camera.

Another interesting fact is that the Wyze Cam v3 is weather-resistant, while the Blink Mini isn’t. However, check out more interesting information related to these two models below.

Blink Mini
Blink Mini


  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with other Blink devices
  • Affordable
  • Compact design


  • Can only be used indoors
  • Requires Blink subscription

Wyze Cam v3

Wyze Cam V3
Wyze Cam V3


  • Good price
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Weather-resistant
  • Field of view


  • A memory card sells separately (allowing the continuous recording feature)
  • Compatibility with other devices

Price and Value

Once we set up our home security system, we can start thinking about how to enhance it. Every DIY company tends to provide more premium features to its consumers. This is also the case with Blink and Wyze. 

You can monitor your home without subscribing to any plans. However, you get only the basic features such as live streams and notifications. Therefore, consider subscribing to one of the following packages to get additional features. 

Blink Subscription PlansWithout planBlink Basic PlanBlink Plus Plan
Video HistoryNo60 days (unlimited)60 days (unlimited)
Live View RecordingYesYesYes
Motion-activated notificationsYesYes Yes
Video sharing NoYesYes
10% Amazon discount on Blink devicesNoNoYes
Extended warranty NoNoYes
Number of supported devicesN/AOneUnlimited
Monthly FeeFree$3 after trial period$10 
Yearly FeeFree$30$100

Both of the Blink packages feature 60 days of unlimited video history and live view of recordings. You can also receive all notifications plus download and share your video clips. 

The most significant difference between these two packages is the number of devices they support. The Blink Basic plan costs $3 a month but you can include only one camera. 

However, the Blink Plus Plan allows you to use an unlimited number of devices. The price is $10 per month. Another plus for the company is they offer a reduced yearly fee. If you want to save some money, this might be a great option for you!

Wyze Subscription PlansBasic PlanCam Plus
Event RecordingsSnapshotUnlimited
Cooldown Between Event Recordings5 minutesBack-to-Back Recordings
Motion AlertsYesYes
Sound AlertsYesYes
Smoke + CO AlertsYesYes
2x and 4x Event Fast-ForwardingNoYes
Person DetectionNoYes
Package DetectionNoYes
Vehicle DetectionNoYes
Pet DetectionNoYes
Wyze Web ViewNoYes
Exclusive DiscountsNoYes
Monthly feeFree$1.99 per camera
Yearly feeFree$1.25 per camera

However, Wyze offers two interesting options. You can choose the Basic Plan, which is free for all Wyze cameras. The package supports motion, sound, and smoke alerts. 

The second option is the Cam Plus package. In the Basic Plus plan, a camera takes snapshots every 5 minutes. The Cam Plus package allows unlimited recording of videos for as long as the movement lasts.  

Additionally, if you want to unlock more premium features, the Cam Plus may be the right option for you. It supports person, package, vehicle, and pet detection. The monthly fee is $1.99 per camera. The annual fee is $1.25 per camera

For instance, if you have a big house and want to install 10 cameras, the yearly fee will be $12.50. This could be an extremely good option for you, especially if we consider all the package features. 

Winner: Wyze 

Professional Monitoring

Neither of these companies offers a professional monitoring feature in their main subscription plans. However, Wyze has an additional service called Wyze Home Monitoring. If you want to protect every corner of your house, this might be the right service for you. 

The Wyze professional monitoring feature costs $5 a month. Check out how this service works in the image below.

Wyze Professional Monitoring
Wyze Professional Monitoring

Winner: Wyze   


Blink stores your motion clips on its cloud servers. You can view the clips at any time via the app. Within 60 days, you can download and share your video clips. After that period, the clips are deleted permanently. 

However, if you want to save your favorite video clips, you have the option to expand your memory storage via the Blink storage module USB flash drive. Unfortunately, Blink doesn’t support continuous recording as it only saves video clips. 

However, Wyze supports continuous recording. For instance, you can equip your Wyze camera with their Wyze Labs microSD card and record video streams continuously. 

The cloud option is available if you subscribe to one of their plans. If you want unlimited video event recordings, the Wyze Cam Plus plan might be a good solution for you. 

Winner: Wyze 

Monthly Cost

Blink allows you to store your video clips locally or in the cloud. If you choose the cloud option, you need to choose a subscription plan. In short, you can choose between $3 or $10 a month, depending on the package. 

If you want to save your clips locally, you don’t need to subscribe to any of Blink’s plans. You only need to invest in the USB flash drive we mentioned earlier.

Wyze also has affordable prices. The basic plan is free and supports snapshots. The Cam Plus costs $1.99 per camera and supports continuous recording

Winner: Wyze

Camera Options

Whether you choose the Blink outdoor or indoor camera, both are battery-powered. This might be a great solution if you want to place your camera far away from the power outlet. Both models support full HD resolution and have affordable prices. 

Blink CamerasMSRPWired or battery-poweredResolutionCurrent Price
Blink Outdoor$99.99Battery-powered1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Blink Indoor$79.99Battery-powered1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Blink Mini$34.99Wired/Battery1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon

Here are some Wyze cameras in the table below. As you can see, the prices are slightly lower. But, most of their cameras are wired, which is the main disadvantage compared to the Blink models.      

Wyze CamerasMSRPWired or battery-poweredResolutionCurrent Price
Wyze Cam Outdoor$59.99Battery-powered1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Wyze Cam Pan v2$39.99Wired1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Wyze Cam v3$35.98Wired1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Wyze Cam Black$32.98Wired/battery1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon

Blink Outdoor cameras are mostly battery-powered but expensive. However, Wyze offers a vast range of cheap cameras which are wired. So, we can conclude that these two brands are somehow equal in this segment.

Winner: Draw  

Power and Battery Features

Blink cameras are compatible with AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries. The battery life is up to 2 years, depending on the usage. The company says that slow internet and weak signal between Blink devices can significantly impact battery life. 

If you need a battery replacement, you can always purchase these Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries, which Blink highly recommends. Don’t use Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries because these aren’t compatible with Blink cameras.

As we said earlier, the Wyze Cam Outdoor has a built-in battery. The company says it can last between 3 and 6 months. However, you can charge Wyze built-in batteries with a power cable. The only thing you need to do is connect your Wyze Cam Outdoor to the base station. 

If you don’t want to mess with cables, Blink might be a perfect choice. It offers more battery-powered cameras. Once you replace the battery, it can last up to 2 years.  

Winner: Blink    

Subscriptions and Contracts

If you want to invest in a Blink camera, you don’t need contracts or subscriptions. Blink allows you to watch live video streams and receive motion notifications without subscriptions.   

The same goes for Wyze, as well. You can still use the Wyze smartphone app and record videos either on the cloud or SD card. Additionally, motion and sound alerts are also available. 

Wyze slightly prevails in this segment since it allows more features than Blink. 

Winner: Wyze

Trial Period

Blink provides a 30-day trial for all new users. During this period, you can use all the features from the Blink Plus plan. If you are satisfied with the package, you can continue to use it for $3 per month. Or you can subscribe to the Blink Plus plan to unlock more features. 

Wyze allows a 14-day free trial for new users. They can use all the features from the Cam Plus package. After the trial is over, the Cam Plus subscription is automatically renewed. 

Winner: Blink 


Blink equipment comes with a one-year limited warranty. But, you can extend the warranty if you purchase the Blink Plus Plan. Remember that you have to purchase the plan within the original warranty period. 

Wyze equipment also comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. It covers product and component replacements and money refunds.   

Wyze also offers an extended warranty option. However, you can buy this warranty before purchasing the product. You can choose a 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year extended warranty.

Winner: Draw

If you need an affordable wired indoor camera, the Blink Mini might be the right choice. It is a small battery-powered camera that supports HD resolution. The price is $34.99 at the time of writing. The camera is easy to install and compatible with other Blink devices.   

If you prefer battery-powered solutions, the Blink Indoor might be a better choice. It has a built-in battery which can last two years. Whether it is day or night, you don’t have to worry because the camera has infrared night vision. Other useful features are two-way audio and motion detection.  

Wyze Cam V3

You can use the Wyze Cam V3 indoors or outdoors. The price of this camera is $35.98. It supports HD resolution, two-way audio, night vision, and motion detection. Most importantly, it is weather-resistant to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Wyze Cam Outdoor

Wyze Cam Outdoor starter bundle
Wyze Cam Outdoor Bundle

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is completely wire-free. You can use it inside or outside of your house. It supports 1080 HD resolution and interesting features such as two-way audio and night vision. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant. 


Blink and Wyze have many features in common when it comes to the bottom line. But, to conclude this Blink vs Wyze comparison, we need to point out the key differences. 

Whichever Blink package you choose, you get 60 days of unlimited video history. For $10 a month, you can add an unlimited number of devices to your system. This price can be even lower if you decide to pay the annual fee. You can also take advantage of a 30-day trial period. 

You can download, share and keep your video clips for free! The only investment is an external USB flash drive to store video clips. You can also use the app and receive motion notifications. 

Wyze also provides the opportunity for its consumers to use some services for free. For instance, the Basic Plan subscription brings plenty of free features. Thanks to the event recording function, you get a snapshot from your camera every 5 minutes. There are also motion, sound, and smoke alerts. 

Another plus for Wyze is the continuous recording feature. If you prefer unlimited recordings instead of short video clips, then this brand might be just for you. 

Whether you want a wired or battery-powered camera, Wyze offers a vast range of models. Above all, all their cameras are very affordable. So, if you want to enhance your system with new models, consider investing in Wyze camera solutions.

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