Wyze vs nest – which home security brand is best in 2023?

If you want to install a home security system, you have landed on the right post. In this article, we compare Wyze vs Nest. These two companies offer plenty of features to their consumers. If you want to learn everything about home security solutions, this article is for you. 

Wyze vs Nest – Quick Comparison

Wyze and Nest are both US companies. They produce home security equipment like cameras, sensors, doorbells, etc.

We have decided to compare Wyze vs Nest and point out their similarities and differences. After reading the article, you will have enough knowledge to choose the right system for your home. 




  • Unlimited recordings
  • Free subscription plan
  • Affordable cameras
  • Monthly storage costs


  • 14-day trial period
  • Warranty coverage




  • Warranty options
  • 30-day trial period
  • Video history available in all packages 
  • Vast range of cameras


  • Limited continuous recording
  • Expensive professional monitoring feature

Wyze vs Nest – Key Features

Price and Value

Some home security solutions provide everything you need. In other words, you don’t need to spend money on additional services to get the most out of the system. 

If you want some basic features like cameras, live streams or app notifications, you only need a camera, phone, and internet connection. Additional features have their price. 

Wyze offers a vast range of services grouped into two packages. Fortunately, the first package is the Basic plan which is free. In addition to event recordings, this package also offers motion, sound, and smoke alerts.       

Wyze Subscription PlansBasic PlanCam Plus
Event RecordingsSnapshotUnlimited
Cooldown Between Event Recordings5 minutesBack-to-Back Recordings
Motion AlertsYesYes
Sound AlertsYesYes
Smoke + CO AlertsYesYes
2x and 4x Event Fast-ForwardingNoYes
Person DetectionNoYes
Package DetectionNoYes
Vehicle DetectionNoYes
Pet DetectionNoYes
Wyze Web ViewNoYes
Exclusive DiscountsNoYes
Monthly feeFree$1.99 per camera
Yearly feeFree$1.25 per camera

The system in the Basic plan takes snapshots every 5 minutes. However, the Cam Plus package supports unlimited video recordings for as long as the movement lasts

The Cam Plus package brings valuable features such as a person, package, vehicle, and pet detection. This feature helps you configure the system to send you notifications only when it detects people. 

You also have the option of event fast-forwarding. If you want to check your recordings daily, this feature might appeal to you. 

The price of the Cam Plus plan is $1.99 per camera per month. However, Wyze offers a reduced yearly fee. In that case, the price of this package is $1.25 per camera per month. 

Nest has two subscription packages. Interestingly, both packages include the same features except for one: the video history feature.

The Nest Aware package costs $6 a month, and you get 30 days of event history. However, the Nest Aware Plus costs $12 a month and offers 60 days of event history and 10 days of 24/7 video history

Nest Subscription PlansNest AwareNest Aware Plus
Video History30 days of event history60 days of event history 10 days of 24/7 video history
Sound DetectionYesYes
Emergency CallingYesYes
Intelligent AlertsYes Yes
Activity ZonesYesYes
Create and Share ClipsYesYes
Monthly Fee$6 $12
Yearly Fee$60$120

Both packages have exciting features such as sound detection, and intelligent notifications. Of course, you can download and share your video clips with other people. 

There is also the option of emergency calls. In case of an emergency, you can be routed to the closest 911 call center thanks to this feature.  

Because of its unlimited video recordings and affordable prices, Wyze prevails in this category. 

Winner: Wyze

Professional Monitoring

In case of an emergency, the professional monitoring feature notifies emergency contacts and authorities. If you want a professional monitoring home security system, you should pay attention to this segment in order to protect your home from burglary. 

Unfortunately, Wyze doesn’t have this feature as part of the subscription plans. The company provides this service separately. The Wyze Home Monitoring service costs $5 a month. Remember that you should set up the Wyze Home Security system to get the most out of this feature. 

Wyze Professional Monitoring-1
The Wyze Home Security System

Nest already has the emergency calling feature. But, if you want to add the professional monitoring feature to your system, consider subscribing to Nest Secure. 

It costs $29 a month. If you sign a three-year contract, the price is $19 a month. Find more information about the Nest Secure system in the video below. 

Winner: Wyze


Monthly Cost

Wyze unlimited recordings cost $1.99 per camera. You can choose to pay a yearly fee. In this case, the price is reduced to $1.25 per camera. 

Nest monthly storage costs range between $6 and $12, depending on the package you choose. 

Winner: Wyze 

Storage Retention Time

Wyze allows you to equip their cameras with a micro SD card to store your unlimited recordings. You also can adjust the system to take snapshots every 5 minutes. 

Nest allows you 10 days of unlimited recording each month if you subscribe to the Aware Plus package. You also have the option to choose between 30 or 60 days of video history, depending on the package.    

Winner: Wyze

Camera Options

Wyze cameras are very affordable. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor model, it will support Full HD resolution. The Wyze Cam v3 is the cheapest. This is a wired camera with two-way audio and color night vision. If you prefer wire-free solutions, you should consider the Wyze Cam Outdoor model. 

Wyze Cam Outdoor
Wyze Cam Outdoor
Wyze CamerasMSRPIndoor/OutdoorResolutionCurrent Price
Wyze Cam Outdoor$59.99Outdoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Wyze Cam Pan v2$39.99Indoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Wyze Cam v3$35.98Indoor/Outdoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon

Nest has an extensive offering of camera models. However, the prices are significantly higher than the Wyze cameras from the table above. Basically, Wyze and Nest cameras have the same functionalities. It all depends on the system you are planning to install. 

Nest CamerasMSRPIndoor/OutdoorResolutionCurrent Price
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor$349Outdoor 1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Nest Cam IQ Indoor$299Indoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Nest Cam Outdoor$194.99Outdoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Nest Cam Wired Indoor$179.99Indoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Nest Cam Indoor$129.99Indoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
Google Nest Cam Outdoor
Nest Cam Outdoor

The Nest Cam Outdoor also supports two-way audio and night vision. The camera itself, along with cables and adapters, is waterproof. This may be the main advantage compared to the Wyze Cam Outdoor model. 

Winner: Wyze

Subscriptions and Contracts

Wyze offers two subscription plans – the Basic Plan and Cam Plus. The Basic Plan is free so that you can use cameras for free. Or you can opt for the paid plan if you would like to have some extra perks. 

You can use Nest cameras without purchasing a subscription plan or signing a contract. But, just like Wyze, if you want additional perks, you can purchase one of their subscription plans. 

Winner: Draw

Trial Period

Wyze offers a 14-day trial period in which you can enjoy all the benefits of the Wyze Cam Plus plan. However, you should be careful when it comes to the end of the trial period. The subscription will be automatically renewed. So, make sure to cancel it on time if you don’t want to use it.  

Nest is slightly better in this segment. It offers a 30-day trial period. If you want to buy a subscription, but save your recorded videos during the trial, make sure to purchase the plan before the trial ends. Otherwise, you will lose all the recordings. 

Winner: Nest


Wyze customers enjoy a one-year limited warranty. However, you can purchase an extended warranty before you buy their products. Keep in mind that it is not possible to buy the extended warranty after purchasing the product. 

Nest warranty coverage is longer since they offer a 2-year warranty alongside a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Winner: Nest

Nest vs Wyze Technology Features

Control Remotely via app

The Wyze app is intuitive and has an easy-to-use interface. You can watch live footage, receive alerts, and save videos to an SD card. Additionally, you can use the app without committing to the Cam Plus subscription. 

Wyze App
Wyze App

Nest cameras can be monitored with the Google Home app. You can adjust the settings, watch the live footage, receive notifications, and use two-way audio communication. 

Winner: Draw

Image and Streaming Quality

We are becoming more used to 4K resolution on our devices. Most security cameras come with the Full HD resolution, which is basically the lowest resolution today. 

Even though some brands offer 2K and 4K resolution, Wyze and Nest cameras, unfortunately, support the HD resolution. 

Winner: Draw

Night Vision

Both Wyze and Nest cameras come with the night vision feature. Nest cameras support color night vision, while all Wyze cameras have great LED lights. Since both camera brands have the same picture quality, the result is even. 

Nest Camera Night Vision
Nest Camera Night Vision

Winner: Draw

Video Display: Fields of View 

Wyze cameras have good fields of view, and they range between 110 and 130 degrees. Almost all Nest cameras have a field of view of 130 degrees. However, the wired Indoor Nest Cam is the only camera with a field of view of 135 degrees. 

Nest Indoor Camera Footage
Nest Indoor Camera Footage

Winner: Nest

Person Detection

Person detection allows your camera to differentiate persons from other moving objects. Once the person is detected, you get a notification. 

Unfortunately, neither Wyze nor Nest offers this option for free. So, you need to subscribe to the Wyze Cam Plus plan or any of the Nest plans if you want to use this feature. 

Winner: Draw

Types of Products


A floodlight camera combines an outdoor security camera and an outdoor floodlight. Wyze and Nest have these in their offerings. 

Wyze Cam Floodlight
Wyze Cam Floodlight

The Wyze Cam Floodlight supports 1080p HD resolution and comes with color night vision, loud siren, and motion detection. Most importantly, it has 2600 lumens LED lights. 

Google Nest Cam with Floodlight
Nest Cam with Floodlight

The Nest Cam with floodlight also supports HD resolution and comes with motion detection, a two-way audio feature, and noise cancellation. However, their floodlights have a maximum brightness of 2400 lumens. 

Winner: Wyze

Doorbell Camera

Wyze has two cameras in their offering – the Wyze Video Doorbell and Wyze Video Doorbell Pro. Both of these support Full HD resolution, motion detection, instant notifications, smart alerts, and video recording. But, the first one is wired, and the Pro version is battery-powered.

Wyze Video Doorbell
Wyze Video Doorbell

Nest also offers two doorbell cameras. The Nest Doorbell is battery-powered, and the Nest Hello Doorbell is wired. 

Google Nest Doorbell Battery
Nest Doorbell

However, Nest doorbell cameras have lower resolutions. The battery-powered version has a resolution of 960×1280. The wired one has 1600×1200 resolution, which is lower than Full HD. 

Winner: Wyze


If you still haven’t decided which brand is better, Wyze vs Nest, here are some highlights from the article. 

If price is one of your determining factors when choosing a home security brand, then Wyze might be a good choice. The Wyze Basic plan is free, and you can get the basic features such as event recordings and emergency alerts. 

If you aren’t sure if Nest subscription plans offer what you need, take advantage of a 30-day trial period. You can test their features and decide whether you like them or not. 

If you decide to use Nest cameras, you can count on having a 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Besides good image quality, Nest cameras also offer great fields of view from 130 to 135 degrees.

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