X-Sense Home Security System – Wireless 8-Piece Kit Review

Keeping your home safe shouldn’t be difficult. With features like sensors and alarms, you’ll know if something is amiss at your home in a matter of minutes. The X-sense Home Security System was developed to simplify installing a wireless home security system. We had the opportunity to test this system ourselves to write this review.

X-Sense Home Security System: Pros and Cons

Before we begin our comprehensive review of the X-sense Home Security System, let’s take a look at the pros and cons. 

Pros of X-sense Home Security System

  • You can get the system up and running in 15 minutes
  • No monthly fee for the wireless system 
  • Sends notifications to your smartphone
  • Portability should you need to move (perfect for apartments)

Cons of X-sense Home Security System

  • Alarms aren’t always loud enough for big houses

What’s in the box?

X-Sense Wireless Home Security Kit unboxed
X-Sense 8-Piece Wireless Alarm System Unboxing

There are two X-Sense Home Security System variants: five-piece and eight-piece sets. We got the opportunity to review the eight-piece set with a base station, 2 motion sensors, and 4 door/window sensors. The five-piece set is almost the same but has a single motion sensor and 2 door/window sensors. 

The X-sense Home Security System can be installed with only a screwdriver. However, you won’t need a screwdriver if you decide to go for the adhesive strips instead.  Otherwise, the package contains everything you need to get started. 

A base station and power cord are included in the package. Motion sensors and door/window sensors are also included. All components come with batteries. So even though there is a basic remote, you can still operate everything using the app if you misplace it. 

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the screws and adhesive strips which are provided. Sensors already have mounts attached to their backs that you can detach if you don’t really need them, but they’ll stick well regardless of which installation option you choose.

Features and Benefits

When comparing this home security system to a typical alarm, the app connection is the most essential feature. Instead of pushing buttons on your panelboard, you can use your phone to synchronize everything and operate it remotely. As a result of the convenience of adding, removing, and altering your sensors, you won’t have to deal with the headaches of older, more cumbersome systems. 

Smart Home Compatibility

For those who already have a few Echos or other smart devices throughout their home, the kit will support Amazon Alexa, thanks to its built-in intelligence. The X-Sense package gains a new layer of capability, but it does so at a price. 

Sound and Light

If you look at the hub, it has an exceptionally loud built-in speaker for whenever the alarm sounds, so you and your neighbors will be made aware when the need arises. You may also monitor the status of the alarm through the hub’s LED status bar, which changes color according to whether or not it has been activated. 


Despite their size, the motion sensors offer outstanding detection ranges, making them ideal for environments with a lot of movement. We found that the entrance sensors effectively did what they were supposed to in our testing, despite their slightly excessive size. 

Wireless Connectivity

No serious difficulties were encountered during our testing. There were no issues with the hub connecting to the router, and we maintained a WiFi connection throughout. Even though the Bluetooth communication between both the app and the hub was a bit erratic, we didn’t encounter any additional issues after restarting the hub.

Dedicated App

The X-sense app makes it simple to manage and customize your home security system. There is a separate screen for configuring each component. You may, for example, rename a sensor using this feature. The level and tone of the alert may also be adjusted. 

The app requires you to create an account for security reasons before using it. However, this is merely to prevent users from changing the settings anytime they want. You have the option to restrict access to certain people, such as your spouse, kid, or roommate.

No Subscription

When you buy a security system for your house, you usually get just the bare essentials. They often restrict advanced functionality because they want you to enter into a contract or join a subscription. To counter this, the X-sense home security system does not require any contracts or membership fees, making it an extremely cost-effective and fair alternative. Purchasing the 5- or 8-piece system eliminates the need for additional purchases. 

X-sense is among the most dependable and economical home security systems for the complete family because of the characteristics mentioned above. 


You get to choose between two variants of the X-sense Home Security Kit. The 8-piece kit reviewed here costs $189 (currently on sale for $169.99) with an extra motion sensor and door/window sensors. The 5-piece kit is priced at $130 (currently on sale for $99.99) without extra sensors. 

Final Verdict

To sum it up, the X-sense Home Security System is an adequate deterrent for individuals looking to secure their house. With so many entry sensors available, you’ll be able to guard against a wide range of potential entry points. The motion sensors, despite their size, are capable of doing their job. While on extended vacations, one could trust their ability to identify intruders based on our testing performance. 

This is a really simple alarm system that doesn’t have any extra features to justify its price tag above average when it comes down to it. There is a remote control and an app, but the absence of any truly “smart” capabilities is a little surprising. People considering a new security system might be persuaded to go with X-sense instead of Ring if the company had included a video doorbell.

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