Best Filing Cabinets for your Home Office [2023]

When you’re setting up your home office, you’ll want to get the right desk and office chair first. But, a good filing cabinet is another important part of your home setup.

Many people think of filing cabinets as unattractive beige metal containers, but they actually come in many different shapes and sizes. You can choose a cabinet that is an appropriate size for your space and that fits with your decor.

A good filing cabinet is a must-have for keeping your office organized. It’s a secure place to store your bills, contracts, receipts, and other important paperwork.

Since these documents can contain sensitive personal information, it’s important to find one that is sturdy and secure enough to keep any trespassers out. A file cabinet will also help you stay organized, so you can find everything you need when you need it. 

But ensuring that you get the right filing cabinet isn’t quite as easy. Do you need one with castors, or should you get one with a fixed position? Well, we’ll look through some of the best options out there for those looking for a new place to store their docs. Here are some of our favorite options for your home office. 

Best Filing Cabinets for your Home Office

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Dripex File CabinetDripex 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet for A4 File, Lockable Rolling Metal Vertical Filling File Cabinet with Hanging File Frame and Anti-tilt Design Office Fully Assembled Except Casters, BlackMobile, 3 DrawerCheck Price at Amazon
Devaise Slim File CabinetDEVAISE Mobile Slim Filing Cabinet/Pedestal with 3 Drawer for A4 size, Metal, Lockable, 30cm W x 45cm D x 59cm H, WhiteMobile, 3 DrawerCheck Price at Amazon
Bisley Metal 2 Drawer Cabinet Bisley Steel 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet - Oxford BlueStationary, 2 DrawerCheck Price at Amazon
Talos Heavy Duty CabinetTalos Heavy Duty Steel Filing Cabinet, 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet, Fully Welded Construction with 40kg Drawer Tolerance, Lockable Office Storage, 7 Year Guarantee - WhiteHeavy duty, 4 doorCheck Price at Amazon
SONGMICS Mobile File CabinetSONGMICS Mobile File Cabinet with 3 Drawers Lockable Steel Pedestal with Suspension File Hanging Rails, Fully Assembled Except Casters, Black OFC60BKMobile, 3 DrawerCheck Price at Amazon

Dripex Fully Assembled 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

This file cabinet from Dripex offers both fashion and function, with plenty of handy organizing features as well as a sleek design. It is available in many different bright colors and has very sleek round edges. It also has a set of four caster wheels on the base, so you can easily move it from one location to another.

Two of the back wheels lock to prevent the cabinet from rolling away. The cabinet is made from a sturdy powder coated steel that looks modern and is very durable. 

This cabinet has three drawers, which come with drawer dividers for A4, letter, and legal paper. It also comes with an organizer that has five seperate compartments.

This organizer is great for storing any non-paper office supplies. There is one lock on the top of the cabinet that locks all three drawers, so it’s very secure. Only one drawer can open at a time, which prevents the cabinet from tipping over. 

Devaise Slim File Cabinet

If slim and functional is what you’re after, then this Devaise cabinet will probably suit you. You can easily fit it underneath your desk, so you won’t take up any more space in your home office.

It is one wheels, so it’s very easy to move it around if necessary. The bottom drawer is designed for files, and it can fit a good amount in there too (it’s designed to hold A4 sized files in there).

The runners work smoothly, and you can lock the cabinet quite easily with the keys included. It’s a nifty little cabinet and I think it’d make a great addition to anyones home.

Bisley Metal 2 Drawer Cabinet 

This option from Bisley has a classic metal design that is available in many different colors, including charming shades of pink, blue, orange, and yellow. It has a simple rectangular design and is made from steel.

It contains two drawers for filing A4 paper documents, and both drawers are lockable. The cabinet comes with two keys. The design is small and compact, making it ideal for small home office spaces. It comes pre-assembled for easy use.

It is a relatively small cabinet, but the various colours available will allow you to get something that fits your colour scheme. It’ll also fit in easily below your desk, so it could be the perfect small additional to your home office.

Talos Heavy Duty Cabinet

If you’re looking for something more heavy duty, then this 4 door Talos cabinet might fit the bill. It’s made of steel and it’s quite large, so beware that it’s pretty heavy and it will take two people to lift it. It’s 130cm high, so it’s unlikely to fit under any desks or tables that you have.

The good thing about a large filing cabinet like this one is that it gives you plenty of space to store all of your files. Sure, it’s not going to win any awards for stunning design. But, if you’re looking for a good quality, good sized file cabinet, then this might be the best option for you.

It is fairly expensive, but that’s to be expected if you’re purchasing a cabinet of this size and quality. And actually, weighing at just under 35kg makes this cabinet fairly light when you consider its robust construction.

SONGMICS Mobile File Cabinet

This is a compact and mobile file cabinet that would look great both at home or in the office. It has a chic blue and white design that is versatile enough for any office space, but doesn’t look drab.

It has three drawers – a large bottom drawer that’s large enough to hold files of A4, legal, and letter paper, and two smaller drawers. The smaller drawers are great for organizing your smaller office supplies, and it even comes with a pencil case. 

This cabinet is made out of durable steel, and each drawer can hold up to 30 kilograms of supplies. Wheels on the bottom make this cabinet easy to move around the office, but there is an additional caster at the base of the cabinet to add stability.

There are also two brakes at the back of the cabinet to keep it from rolling away. One secure lock at the top of the cabinet secures all three drawers. 

Cabinet Buying Guide & FAQs

A file cabinet is a great investment for any home office. There are several features to consider when shopping for a file cabinet to ensure that you get good value for money.

Cabinet Type

When you’re going to get yourself a file cabinet, you’ll want to think about the different types of cabinets you can find out there. Generally, we tend to split this into three types.

Flat filing cabinet – The most common type of cabinet you’ll find out there is a flat style, and it’s what most people will be looking for. This is the best choice if you’re looking to store regular documents, and most of them are built to house A4 sized paper.
Hanging file cabinet – For those that want somewhere to put larger documents, then a hanging cabinet might prove to be the better choice. This can be a better choice for anyone who needs somewhere to store larger files.
Roll File Cabinet – Another different style of cabinet you can also find is a roll file, which is the best option for those looking to store marge documents like posters and prints.


Another thing to take into consideration is the organizational features. Look at the number of drawers that the cabinet has, as well as any extra dividers and compartments the cabinet has too. You should also look at the security of the cabinet. Most filing cabinets come with very secure locks to prevent anyone from getting inside.

Design & Size

You should look at the design of the filing cabinet, too. You will want to make sure that the cabinet can fit into your office space comfortably and that it matches your decor. Look at the materials that the cabinet is made out of – steel the most common and the most secure material for filing.

This also refers to the amount of drawers that the cabinet has. You might be looking for a two drawer or a three drawer cabinet, and you need to make sure that it can easily fit all of your files and accessories in there. Or, you might need somewhere for hanging files – it really depends on what you need.


Different cabinets have different features that you may or may not need from your cabinet. Things that you’ll definitely want to consider are;

Whether you need your cabinet to be fireproof or not. If you have a lot of important documents in there, then this will definitely be something that you need. This way, even if the worst were to happen, you’d still have your documents.

Going to be using the cabinet in a workshop or similar area? Then you’ll need to try and find one that’s scratch resistant. This way, you don’t need to worry too much about damaging the surface of the cabinet itself.

Also, think about the material of your cabinet as well. Whilst most of them out there will be made of metal, you can also find cabinets made with different materials, like plastic and even wood too.

Many filing cabinets also come with wheels, which make it much easier to move them around. Some also have anti-tipping designs, which prevents the cabinet from opening more than one drawer at a time and falling over. 


Another factor to consider is the price of your cabinet. This will vary depending on it’s size and how many inches deep it is. But nowadays, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good quality file cabinet.

Common Questions about Filing Cabinets

What is the best brand of filing cabinets?

Unlike with other pieces of furniture, there’s not really just a few best brand of cabinets that everyone opts for. Generally, you can find out whether a brand is good or not just by looking at it’s products reviews.

Why are filing cabinets so expensive?

Not all cabinets are expensive, but generally if they are, it’s because they cost quite a lot to make. Although you might not think it, when you put the materials and the craft time together, cabinets can have an expensive cost to build them.

Are steel file cabinets fireproof?

A common misconception is that all steel cabinets are fireproof. Well, this is not actually the case and many steel cabinets aren’t actually fireproof. Although steel itself is non-combustible, steel can still heat up, possible to a high enough heat to affect the documents inside. So whilst it won’t catch fire, a steel cabinet isn’t the safest place for your most prized possessions.

How do filing cabinet locks work?

Generally, cabinet locks work in a very similar way to door locks. They just have a tumbler inside that moves when you turn your key.

How can I hide my filing cabinet?

If you’re unhappy with a cabinet you’ve bought, then the best thing that you can do is to give your cabinet a lick of paint. If your cabinet is an eyesore, then this can be the best way to make it pretty again.


Filing cabinets are an easy way to organize your documents and keep them secure. A reliable cabinet is a great addition to your office space. 

Whilst you might not think a cabinet is a necessity, they will provide you with a way to help reduce the clutter around your desk (if you’re like me, documents and files can build up very quickly!). They’re also available at a reasonable price, so it might be worth adding a filing cabinet to your home or work office.

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