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Here’s why your iPad won’t update apps

There’s no denying that in recent years, Apple has released some of their best iPads to date. Between the Air, Pro and the Mini, they seem to have every corner of the tablet market sewn


What to do when your iPad won’t turn on

iPads are pretty great. I love my iPad Pro, and I’ve had a few different models over the years. And whilst my Pro has been absolutely fine until now (touch wood), I have had a


Kindle vs Tablet – Should you get an e-Reader?

Although e-Readers and tablets are quite different to one another in many ways, their path to popularity has followed a similar trend. Both have been around for more than two decades, however it wasn’t really


8 ways to make a slow tablet faster immediately

Tablets have grown and grown in terms of popularity. The main reason for this is probably their ease of use – they’re nifty, portable and above all, very responsive. Getting a tablet for a student


How to cancel Kindle Unlimited – UK user guide

With millions of readers across the UK signed up to Amazon’s popular Kindle Unlimited service, it’s been quite successful since its launch back in 2014. Designed to match up with Amazon’s own Kindle e-reader series,