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ring doorbell not charging

Why is my ring doorbell not charging? 12 fixes to try

The Ring Video Doorbell is a high-quality, reasonably priced, durable security camera. However, it’s a pretty complex design with various parts subjected to the elements and hundreds of people continually pressing the same round button.

Roomba Error 14

6 Quick & easy fixes for roomba error 14 or 1-4

Plugged the home base in? Check. Completely charged? Check. Set a cleaning schedule? Check. Your Roomba vacuum cleaner is ready to go out in the world. Until… *beep* — Error 14 is displayed on your

Roomba Brush Not Spinning

How to fix when roomba side brush is not spinning

The side brush is standard on every Roomba. It’s essential for gathering dust and debris into the robot’s suction channel. But what happens when you find the Roomba brush not spinning? Well, without a functional

How Long Does Ring Battery Take to Charge

How long does it take to charge a ring battery?

Unlike wired versions of the Ring Doorbell, the battery-operated models can be placed anywhere. The catch is that since it lacks a wired power connection, the batteries on these units need to be charged periodically.

Ring Chime vs Chime Pro

Ring chime vs chime pro – what’s the difference?

It’s not every day that companies introduce new, innovative products to consumers. Everyone wants their product to be the next Samsung or Apple, which has resulted in a plethora of competitors striving for consumer loyalty. 

ADT vs Ring

ADT vs Ring – Which home security brand is best in 2023?

Check out our ADT vs Ring comparison to determine which brand offers better home security solutions. Take this opportunity to learn everything about DIY home security systems. Whether you want a self-monitoring or professional-monitoring system,

Cove vs SimpliSafe

Cove vs simplisafe – which home security brand is best?

Cove and SimpliSafe are among the leading home security systems. They score excellently across the most important home security and home protection parameters. Moreover, they offer many similar home security devices, equally adept customer service,

Google Wifi vs Nest Wifi

Google wifi vs nest wifi – which mesh router is better?

Google released its first generation of mesh-capable wireless routers in 2016, dubbing the product Google Wifi. Three years later, the company announced the second generation, Google Nest Wifi. With several key distinctions between the two,

Arlo vs Nest

Arlo or nest – which security camera brand is best?

With crime rates rising across the country, security cameras have become an essential product for consumers and businesses. But with all the options available which video surveillance equipment should you choose. Arlo and Nest have

Z Wave vs Zigbee

Z wave vs zigbee – which is the best choice for you?

The Z-Wave and ZigBee are two of the most used protocols for establishing smart home networks. These are wireless protocols that have been built specifically for home automation. Smart home applications necessitate a combination of

Alexa Yellow Ring Explained

Alexa yellow ring – everything you need to know!

Since the debut of the first Echo smart speaker, Amazon’s distinguishing design feature has been the glowing ring. But Alexa sometimes starts blinking yellow, green, white, or other colors.  Alexa glowing yellow? A spinning yellow

Ring Doorbell Live View Not Working

Why is ring doorbell live view not working?

Ring Doorbell makes for a nifty gadget that elevates the security and privacy of your home. It allows users to watch their house entrance from anywhere. The Ring Doorbell detects movement, sends notifications, and lets

Gosund Smart Plug

How to Setup Gosund Smart Plug

Did you buy a Gosund Smart Plug recently, and now you’re wondering how to setup Gosund Smart Plug?  Smart plugs are among the popular and easily accessible gadgets for smart home aficionados. As a result,

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

Why is my ring doorbell flashing blue?

Your Ring Doorbell could be flashing blue light for several reasons – a weak battery or a lost Wi-Fi connection. Ring Doorbells come equipped with a doorbell and a camera on the front, as well

Ring Doorbell

Update wifi on your ring doorbell

Do you have problems connecting to your Ring Doorbell? Perhaps you’ve recently relocated and need to change or update your Ring’s Wi-Fi. No problem, we have got you covered. In this article, you will get

Can Google Home And Alexa Work Together

Can Google Home And Alexa Work Together?

Can Google home and Alexa work together? Can you connect Google home to Alexa? It should come as no surprise to hear that smart home technology is in a boom period right now. Many people

can wireless cameras work without internet

Can Wireless Cameras Work Without Internet?

Can wireless cameras work without internet? Many people are wanting to get security cameras that will help them to protect their homes or businesses. Some of those people might not have access to Wi-Fi and