Ring Doorbell Not Detecting Motion (How To Fix)

Do you own a ring doorbell but you experience issues of it not detecting motion or capturing deliveries? In this guide, we’ll show you the possible causes and fixes to the issue of ring doorbell not detecting motion.

The Ring Doorbell has become one of the most popular devices because it is capable of capturing deliveries and it automatically takes a snapshot of someone when they are at your door.

It also records a video and this greatly increases the security of your place. Most homeowners purchase the Ring Doorbell because it allows them to receive a notification whenever there is a package at their front door.

But, you should know that many people tend to face problems with using the motion detection feature on the Ring Doorbell. There are a number of reasons why the Ring doorbell might not capture the deliveries at your front door.

Issues like a lost internet connection, various Motion settings, and issues with the camera are all likely to create an obstruction and prevent your device from sending out motion detection alerts.

Thankfully, the Ring doorbell is easy to troubleshoot, and by using some simple strategies, you will be able to figure out why the device is not capturing deliveries.

Ring Doorbell Not Detecting Motion (How To Fix)

There is plenty of information on the Ring forums, with people explaining their problems online. While some users have problems with the device that it fails to completely recognize or capture any sort of movement, there are others who claim that the device doesn’t work only with deliveries.

If you are having problems with the motion detection features of your Ring doorbell, you need to follow the steps below and see how to troubleshoot it properly. Here are some simple things that you need to do.

Check If the Camera Is Picking up Motion

One of the first steps that you need to take is to check if the camera is picking up motion properly. You can check this by going to the Event History on the dashboard to see if there’s a record of any motions that have been tracked by the Ring doorbell.

This is going to give you a pretty clear idea about the functionality of the device. If you don’t see any record at all, it is a clear indication that the device failed to record any of the events.

One of the things that you can do to fix this problem is reset the Motion Frequency to Frequent. You can double check the Motion Settings as well to make sure that you have configured the Motion Zones properly.

Check for Motion Schedule

Have you enabled Motion Schedule on your device? You have to check whether Motion Schedule is enabled or not.

These schedules are designed to only capture movement between specific time periods, so if you have set them up, you should know that the Ring doorbell is not going to detect movement outside of those times.

If you have a Motion Schedule set up, you will see a clock right beside the Ring device. It is found in the dashboard of the Ring App.

Check the Angle of the Device and Camera

Another common problem that might occur is that the detection angle of the camera might be too low for it to detect movement.

To fix this problem, one of the things that you can do is put a wedge in between. See if that fixes the problem or lifts the camera slightly to the point where it can detect movement.

Check Connectivity

Another critically important point you need to check is the connectivity of your device. You have to make sure that your device connects directly with the home Wi-Fi network.

If the connection is poor or unstable, the device is going to cause problems and the Ring doorbell might not detect any motion.

If none of the steps given above do the trick, you should know that there is a problem with the device that you are using. To help users in such situations, the company has also released troubleshooting guides both for iOS and Android users.

Apart from these issues and their basic fixes, there are certain users on online forums who are speculating that delivery workers are now carrying a remote jammer with them that they use to make deliveries.

The jamming device simply blocks the signals from being transmitted or received. Since it creates an interference on a similar frequency as the cell phone or the mobile device, the result is that there is a serious dip in video quality.

Obviously, it would be virtually impossible for you to determine which delivery rider is using a jammer. However, you should know that using these jammers is completely prohibited and it is an illegal activity that can be punished in a court of law.

If you have a suspicion and some proof, you should contact the delivery company right away and let them know.

How the Motion Detection Works on a Ring Doorbell

The Ring doorbell makes use of three passive infrared sensors. It creates an internal network and these sensors are used for detecting motion by monitoring the levels of heat within the specified detection zones.

Since people are generally hotter than the areas they are around, the measurements are going to change as soon as a person comes in any of these detection zones.

Once that happens, the device is immediately going to send a signal that there is someone coming to the door. The sensors are angled toward the floor, so they are able to detect people from a considerable distance away.

According to Ring, it can detect people at a distance of around 30 feet.

Video Recording After Motion Detection

The Ring doorbell comes with a built-in feature known as Motion Stop that automatically starts recording video when motion is detection.

However, you should know that the duration of the recording is between 20 and 60 seconds, based on the model of Ring that you have.

The reasoning by Ring is that this minimal recording helps you save on battery life and also reduces the data charges incurred by Ring.

To make sure that none of the motion is missed, you should enable push notifications on your phone. If you are unable to answer the notification directly on your phone, you can always do so after the recording period elapses.

If you open the notification right away, you will be able to see live video at your doorstep. Obviously, this feature can prove to be a bit of a problem if you are not able to answer the phone immediately.

While there have been a few requests to change this feature and the company has even acknowledged it, no update has been released as of yet.

If you still have any problems with your Ring Doorbell, perhaps the best thing that you can do is get in touch with their support staff.

They can guide you in a better way about what changes you need to make and whether there is a problem with the device itself. You can follow their instructions to determine what’s wrong and then fix it right away.

These are just a few things that you should know about fixing the issue of Ring Doorbell not detecting motion and making sure that your ring doorbell works seamlessly.

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