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Best Projector Screens 2023 [UK]

If you’re trying to create your own home cinema, then obviously the most important parts of your setup will be the projector itself (and taking care of the audio too). But even the projector can’t


What is a DLP projector?

There are different kinds of technology that we can use to project an image onto your projector screen. Whilst LCD and LCOS are also kinds of projector display technology, most people end up purchasing a


SVGA vs XGA vs WXGA vs HD vs Cinema 4K Resolution

If you’re looking to invest in a new projector or television, then you’ve probably come across these different abbreviations that are used to describe the size of the display. But many people aren’t aware of


What you need to watch 3D movies at home

Whilst 3D televisions have actually become extinct (at least to the general public), there’s more than just one way for you to watch 3D movies at home. And in fact, you don’t need to have


What is projector screen gain?

There are many different things to think about when you’re setting up your own film area. Whilst finding the best projector screen is definitely of importance, you need to consider what type of screen you


How to connect a laptop to a projector

Projectors are great way to watch movies in your household, and usually you can connect to one easily with your laptop. Even if you’re using the best mini projector, there are different ways that you


Can you watch normal TV on a projector?

There’s only so many different films out there you can watch, and video games out there that you can play. Whilst a projector is great for both movie night and gaming, some people like to


What are projector lumens? – Explained

If you’re looking to get a good projector, then the likelihood is that you’ve come across a few different options. And with projectors, it can be really difficult to know which is best, because there’s


What is contrast ratio in projectors?

If you’re looking to get a new projector, then you’ll probably see terms like contrast ratio and lumens used. Many aren’t exactly sure what these terms mean, and how they affect the quality of the


Is projector paint worth it?

When you’re trying to set up your own home cinema, then there are different ways that you can do this. The most popular method is to use a screen for your projector. But, this isn’t


Which fabric is best for a projector screen?

When you’re looking to purchase a new projector screen, then there are some things that you’ll want to think about first. Getting the right size screen is important, as well as the method it uses