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samsung watch with iphone

Can you use a samsung watch with an iphone?

For all of you not glue-bonded to one brand and like to leave options open, here’s some good news! You can use a Samsung Watch with an iPhone! Yep, that’s right. But I must mention

How Accurate is Samsung Health

How accurate is the samsung health app?

You might have heard about the Samsung Health app and how handy it is to track your health and fitness. If you own a Samsung phone, you may even be using it. Fitness geeks love

samsung s21 headphone jack

Does the samsung s21 have a headphone jack?

Let’s start with the fact that Samsung is one of my favorite brands, but I was surprised when I discovered that the Samsung S21 headphone jack was missing. Yes, you’ve read this right. You don’t

why do my airpods die so fast

13 Tips to extend your airpods battery life!

When your AirPods die just when you need them most, it’s a major hassle. However, the tiny size and advanced technology of AirPods mean that they do not come with very long battery life. If

airpod pro controls

How to use airpod pro controls [full guide]

Squeezing the earphones’ stems and using voice commands are all ways to interact with your AirPods Pro. By pressing the stems, you can adjust the volume, take calls, and switch noise cancellation modes on your

how to stop siri from reading messages on airpods

How to stop siri notifications on airpods

When Siri takes over your AirPods and starts reading you a stream of text messages instead of letting you enjoy your favorite podcast or music, it can be really frustrating.  Siri can now broadcast alerts

message blocking is active

How to fix the message blocking is active issue

Communication services and technology seem to be accelerating with time, but so do the random technical issues. Most of us have migrated to data-based chat apps, but we do send the occasional text message every

How to Block No Caller ID on iPhone

How to block no caller id falls on iphone [full guide]

‘No Caller ID’ calls are usually from people you don’t want to communicate with, like hackers, telemarketers, and spammers who just want your personal information. These people have blocked their caller IDs, so you can’t

Why Won't my AirPods Connect

How to fix airpods that won’t connect

If you own an Apple Mac, iPad or iPhone, Apple AirPods are a flawless way to enjoy wireless audio on your devices. Aside from great sound, a superior feature of the earbuds is seamless automatic

Why do my AirPods Keep Pausing

Why airPods keep stopping and how to fix!

Apple transformed the world of wireless audio with the launch of AirPods. AirPods became the world’s most popular wireless earbuds within a short period. Although AirPods are arguably the best, they have a few common

AirPods Microphone Not Working

10 fixes for AirPods microphone not working

AirPods are probably the most popular iPhone accessory since their debut in 2016. Apple’s AirPods are now in the third generation, with a Pro model available as well. While many people buy them for listening

Can You Screen Record FaceTime

How to screen record facetime on apple devices

It doesn’t matter whether you’re recording a FaceTime conversation for personal or professional reasons; it can be accomplished with a few simple steps on your iPhone or Mac. Can you screen record FaceTime? Yes, you

Why Are my AirPods Making Static Noise

Why are my airpods making static noise?

Since their debut in 2016, Apple’s AirPods have been praised for their excellent sound quality, versatility, and comfort. However, when using AirPods, you may experience static noise, which can ruin your experience. Apple acknowledged in

How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing

How to secretly take a screenshot on snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking apps today, especially for young users. Features like Snapchat Streak and others have carved a special place among youth. However, not all features are appreciated, like

Right AirPod Not Charging

Fixes for right airpod not charging!

A malfunctioning AirPod can be pretty frustrating. However, this article highlights the reasons why you might be experiencing this problem and step-by-step instructions on how to fix it. During the iPhone 7 event, Apple announced

One AirPod Not Working

One airpod not working? we have the solution!

In general, AirPods are awesome—except when one of your AirPods is not working. The one AirPod not working issue arises when either your left or right AirPods aren’t working, this guide will explain what might

how to cancel subscriptions on iphone | subscriptions on iphone | how to cancel apple subscriptions

How to cancel subscriptions on all apple devices

The subscription business model is beneficial for businesses as it gives them a much more reliable and predictable cash flow than the one-time purchase model. This benefits smaller businesses that can use this model to

why do my airpods keep disconnecting

How to fix airpods that keep disconnecting

Have you been dealing with the frustration of AirPods’ frequent disconnection? Well, you are not alone. From the beginning, AirPods have been prone to numerous disconnection problems. An occasional disconnection might not be that big

Whoop vs Apple Watch

WHOOP and apple watch feature comparison

Whether you’re a casual consumer or a professional athlete, fitness and activity trackers are the best devices you can use to measure your health and fitness-related metrics.  And, when it comes to this, few wearables

Garmin vs Apple Watch

Garmin or apple watch?

If you’re searching for a top-quality all-in-one smartwatch and fitness tracker, there’s no looking past Apple and Garmin. But, as both manufacturers offer excellent devices filled with great features, the question is, how do you

AirPods Pro Keep Falling Out

Stop AirPods Pro from falling out of ears!

AirPods are pretty costly as they are. And when you factor in the fact that they’re so easy to lose, they become very expensive liabilities.  So when your AirPods Pro keep falling out of your

How to hack wifi password on android

How to Hack WiFi Password on Android

WiFi networks are the core of our Android smartphone usage, which is why when we are outside the vicinity of saved networks and passwords, we tend to search for — How to hack WiFi password

Samsung+ has stopped

Samsung+ Has Stopped – How to fix!

If you’re getting an error saying “Samsung has stopped” or “Samsung + has stopped,” here’s what you can do. First, try to force quit the app and clear the app cache. Then, check for Android

Why Do My Airpods Sound Muffled

Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled? We have the answer!

Apple’s AirPods are one of the most popular wireless earbuds with ultra-portability and exceptional sound quality. Yet, even the most advanced earbuds can have issues, resulting in distorted or muffled sounds. Why do my AirPods

How to reset Galaxy Buds

How to reset galaxy buds

Are you facing issues when connecting Galaxy Buds to a device? You should try resetting the buds manually before considering a replacement or repair. You can fix some common problems by resetting the buds. This

Android Vs iOS Pros And Cons

Android Vs iOS Pros And Cons 2023

Are you torn between android and iOS? Don’t worry! This guide on android Vs iOS pros and cons will help you make an informed decision on which one is best for you. The debate between

How Often Does Google Maps Update Satellite Images

When Will Google Maps Or Earth Update 2023

When will Google Maps or Earth update? Also importantly, when does Google Maps or Earth update street view? Google Maps is a game-changing GPS technology that has revolutionized the way people navigate forever. Introduced by

Does Fitbit Work With Google Fit

Does Fitbit Work With Google Fit? (Expert Guide)

Does Fitbit work with Google Fit? Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness device manufacturers in the world. The company has established quite a reputation for itself by offering high-quality fitness trackers that allow

How Many Attempts To Unlock iPhone

How Many Attempts To Unlock iPhone? (Find Out)

How many attempts to unlock iPhone? The iPhone takes security very seriously and the company has taken a variety of steps to ensure that their mobile devices cannot be unlocked without proper authorization. In fact,


Can stolen Airpods be used?

I don’t think that I’m alone when I say that I thought Airpods would be a massive flop. When they were released, there was a ton of criticism for them. The high price, plus the


Best Cordless Phones UK – Guide for 2023

A cordless phone can make things a lot easier. Want to walk around the office whilst you’re taking a call? Need to make a cup of tea whilst you’re chatting about the weekend? A cordless


What is a DECT phone?

When it comes to cordless phones, there are a couple of different confusions people have about them. Whether it’s if cordless phones need to be plugged in or recording calls to your landline, people tend


Do cordless phones need to be plugged in?

Cordless phones have been around for decades now. They provide a good way for you to make landline calls in your home without having an old school wired phone that means you have to sit


Can Your Phone Camera Get Hacked

Unfortunately in the modern day, it is possible for your phone camera to be hacked (although still extremely unlikely). This is especially true if you’re connect to public wi-fi, which is much less stable and


How to activate caller ID on home phones

Nowadays with everyone primarily using mobiles, less and less of us are reliant on our landline phones. Though in the past few years using a landline has decreased in popularity, they’re still commonly used across

How To Sync Apple Watch To Fitbit App

How To Sync Apple Watch To Fitbit App 2023

Can you sync Apple watch to Fitbit app? The Apple Watch is an incredibly intuitive and innovative device that works like a charm. It is obviously more than just a watch because it is capable

Spotify Apple Watch Offline Playback

Spotify Apple Watch Offline Playback 2023

Is Spotify Apple Watch Offline Playback possible? Spotify is a superior app for streaming music. Its users enjoy features like unlimited playlists, connectivity with others, and the ability to stream music offline. Apple Watches are

AirPod Case Not Charging

AirPod case not charging causes and solutions

There’s nothing worse than traveling with your AirPods and the AirPods case acting up and causing charging issues. If your AirPod case is malfunctioning and you are left wondering why your AirPod case not charging,


What is VoIP and how does it work?

If you’re considering getting a VoIP system, then you’ve probably tried to do some research to try and find out what VoIP exactly is. And although there’s an abundance of information out there, it can

How Far Can Airpods Be Away From Phone

How Far Can Airpods Be Away From Phone?

How far can Airpods be away from phone without losing connection? Keep reading to find out the maximum connection range of your Apple Airpods! The AirPods created a revolution when they were first introduced. Like

Do I Need Cellular On Apple Watch

Do I Need Cellular On Apple Watch?

Do I need cellular on Apple Watch? This is a question that most Apple Watch owners ask themselves when they find themselves in a number of situations. So, do you really need cellular on your

Apple Watch Battery Draining Fast

Apple Watch battery draining fast

Is your Apple Watch battery draining fast and you’re looking for effective ways to fix this issue? If this is the case, then this guide will provide you with 15 probable fixes to this issue!

How Far Can Apple Watch Be From iPhone

How Far Can Apple Watch Be From iPhone?

How far can Apple Watch be from iPhone for it to function fully? Most people have been wondering about the range of the Apple watch and how far it can reach! Hopefully, this guide is

How Long Do Airpods Last

How Long Do Airpods Last? (Before Breaking)

How long do Airpods last before breaking or replacing? Also, how long do Airpods battery last before needing a recharge? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, I suggest you keep reading to

How To Mirror iPhone To TV Without WiFi

How To Mirror iPhone To TV Without WiFi

Do you know how to mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi? Or similarly, can you screen mirror without WiFi? If you don’t know how to connect iPhone to smart TV without WiFi, then this guide

How To Ping A Cell Phone Location For Free

How-to ping a cell phone location for free

Do you know how to ping a cell phone location for free? If you don’t, then this guide is exactly what you need! There’s a probable chance you might have heard the word “ping” being

can you connect airpods without case

Can You Connect AirPods Without Case?

Can you connect Airpods without case? The Apple AirPods were released by Apple to considerable fanfare. While some people really liked what Apple was offering, others were incredibly disappointed. The removal of a headphone jack,

How To Hack Someone Whatsapp Using Chrome For Free

How To Hack Someone Whatsapp Using Chrome For Free

In this guide, we’ll show you how to hack someone Whatsapp using chrome for free. Hacking someone’s WhatsApp account could give you access to all of their conversations and their media as well. It’s incredibly

how to find lost galaxy buds case

How To Find Lost Galaxy Buds Case

If you’ve lost your galaxy buds case, then this guide on how to find lost galaxy buds case will show you how to find them. When Apple first announced the AirPods, a lot of people

How To Switch Phone Carriers Without Paying

How To Switch Phone Carriers Without Paying

Do you want to know how to switch phone carriers without paying? Then read through this guide carefully to know exactly how to do so! If you look back around 10 years, you will remember

Can You Use WiFi And Hotspot At The Same Time

Can You Use WiFi And Hotspot At The Same Time?

Can you use WiFi and Hotspot at the same time? The introduction of Wi-Fi completely changed the way people consume content and remain connected to the Web. It is one of the most important discoveries

can you send text messages through wifi

Can You Send Text Messages Through WiFi?

Can you send text messages through WiFi? Short Message Service (SMS) used to be one of the most popular forms of communication at one point in time. Millions of people used SMS when it was

can you use an iphone without a sim card

Can You Use An iPhone Without A SIM Card?

Can you use an iPhone without a SIM card? The iPhone has become associated with cool technology for the millennial generation. Apple’s big technology hit revolutionised the mobile phone market and ushered in a new

can you use apple watch with android phone

Can You Use Apple Watch With Android Phone?

Can you use Apple watch with Android phone? Read on to find out! Apple Watches have become very popular over the last several years and many people want them. Even those who have Android phones

can i leave my airpods charging overnight

Can I Leave My Airpods Charging Overnight?

Can I leave my Airpods charging overnight? Read on to find out! Apple Airpods are fantastic products and there is a reason why the world has fallen in love with them. You probably use your

can a phone be tracked in airplane mode

Can A Phone Be Tracked In Airplane Mode?

Can a phone be tracked in airplane mode? Read on to find out whether it’s possible or not. Nowadays, just about everyone carries a smartphone around with them in modern times. Smartphones have made life

airpods not playing sound

Airpods Not Playing sound? (How To Fix)

Do you want to know how to fix the issue of Airpods not playing sound? It can be very frustrating when you have to deal with technical problems. Perhaps you were just sitting down to

how to block my phone from being tracked

How To Block My Phone From Being Tracked

In this guide, we look at how to block my phone from being tracked. Everyone pretty much carries around a smartphone with them everywhere in modern times. Smartphones are very convenient overall and they make