How To Sync Apple Watch To Fitbit App 2023

Can you sync Apple watch to Fitbit app? The Apple Watch is an incredibly intuitive and innovative device that works like a charm. It is obviously more than just a watch because it is capable of doing a lot of stuff.

Tech companies often go the extra mile to make sure that an average user continues to stick with their core software offerings. However, there are times when you can circumvent these limitations.

For instance, many people don’t like using the conventional fitness tracking app built into their Apple Watch. Instead, they prefer using the Fitbit app. If you are essentially switching from a Fitbit to an Apple Watch, this is an excellent idea.

Obviously, you might have read that the ecosystems adopted by the two companies are very different and they do not always acknowledge the presence of the other.

Of course, it’s going to be a bit complicated, but you should know that the method does work. To make this work, you are going to need an intermediary, and the Strava app is a great starter.

Strava is one of the most popular apps and almost every ecosystem and fitness tracker is able to work with it. Strava, obviously, communicates too, so if you are interested in getting the Apple data into your Fitbit, you should run it through Strava.

How To Sync Apple Watch To Fitbit App

The first step is to install Strava. You can download it from the official App Store on Apple devices or the Play Store for all Google powered devices. Then, you should create a Strava account.

The app will send you an invitation to record your activity. However, instead of doing that right away, you should click on Later. This will give you the time to set up the app properly.

You will also have the opportunity to follow other athletes or connect to your Facebook account and even sync your contacts. There’s no need to do any of that now, so just skip the whole thing.

Now, you will be greeted with the “Getting Started” screen. This is where you have to connect your Apple Watch. Tap on the “Connect a GPS Watch” and you will see a bunch of different devices that are supported by Strava.

Just click on “Apple Watch.” You will arrive at a page that will give you information and you will also be asked to agree to a code of conduct. Once you do that, you will have to allow access to all of your health-related data to the app.

Now, your Strava app is connected with Apple Watch. The next step is to connect your Fitbit app so that it begins to communicate with Strava.

You have to first log into the Fitbit app. When you do that, tap on the “Account” target on the top left corner. From there, go all the way to the “Discover” section. Here, you are going to see a section marked “Compatible Apps.”

Tap on it, and you will have to search for Strava on the next page. When you find Strava, just click on the Download button and the App Store is going to open and take you to the Strava download page.

Download the app and install it. Once you are done, go to Fitbit on the list of devices that appear right away. Finally, tap on Connect Fitbit; you will be asked to enter your account information at the next screen.

Strava is now going to serve as a conduit between your Fitbit and your Apple Watch, making it easy for you to connect and sync data in both directions.

How to Use a Fitbit with Apple Health

If you want to use a Fitbit with Apple Health, you are essentially reversing the connection. There’s also another method that allows you to sync the two devices together.

This is known as Sync Solver. Sync Solver is basically an app that costs a mere $1.99 and it will help you communicate with your Fitbit and your Apple Watch.

Most people already have the Fitbit app installed on their phone, so the first step is to download the Sync Solver app. Once you are done, just sync your Fitbit app to get the data flowing into the system.

When you are there, just open the Sync Solver, and it’s going to show you a prompt, asking you to import the data from your Fitbit. You will have to log in and the device will start syncing the data automatically.

You have to approve the read and write privileges for the Sync Solver app, it is important to know. The Sync Solver can import data such as steps, sleep information, distance, calories burned, and your weight directly from Fitbit.

However, you should know that when data is imported from the Sync Solver app, it is going to have a small icon besides it, letting you know that it was imported from there.

It’s pretty accurate, and you can even test it out by comparing the data from the source. However, Sync Solver isn’t a perfect solution. For starters, it doesn’t have access to the Partner API from Fitbit.

As a result, you can’t expect syncing intraday from that app. You can’t even hope for these features because certain features, such as exporting data, require the app to compete with the premium subscription from Fitbit.

Obviously, Fitbit isn’t going to allow that to happen. There are several other apps available on the iOS platform that are primarily designed to help you bridge the connection between Fitbit and Apple Health.

One of the most obvious apps that you can use is Wristband Manager. However, the number of reviews available for Sync Solver are much higher than Wristband Manager, so it might not be the first choice for most people.

It’s also important to note that the Wristband Manager is also a paid application, and you will have to fork out $1.99. There’s another app known as SyncFit, though you will find that many of the reviews clearly state that the app doesn’t work at all.

A common mistake that many people make is that they think that MyFitnessPal is going to do the trick. Obviously, that doesn’t work at all. My Fitness Pal only receives data from Apple Health.

If you are thinking that because the app can interface with Apple Health, it doesn’t work. For starters, you should know that the app doesn’t sync the number of miles logged or the steps you have walked to Apple Health.

Many people have stated that using the Fitbit Aria scale does work for importing their weight into the app. A common mistake that you are likely going to encounter is when steps are double counted.

Since Health primarily relies on the information detected by the sensors on your iPhone, you should know that the information, when exported to other platforms, might begin to cause issues.

These are just some of the methods that you can use to sync data directly from your Fitbit to Apple Health, and vice versa. There are third-party platforms, and Strava is obviously the best choice for this.

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