How accurate is the samsung health app?

You might have heard about the Samsung Health app and how handy it is to track your health and fitness. If you own a Samsung phone, you may even be using it.

Fitness geeks love to use such health apps to stay fit. No wonder there are so many similar applications available for download. But what makes the Samsung Health app so special? How is it different from all the other options available? 

And how accurate is Samsung Health? 

In this guide, we’ll find out whether or not you should use this app and what it can do for you. 

So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

How Accurate is Samsung Health?

When it comes to overall effectiveness and precision, the Samsung Health app is reliable. It is more than just your average activity and calorie tracker. 

This app is available to download on any Android phone. But for accurate results, you have to use a Samsung smartphone. For instance, the heart rate tracking option is only available on Samsung phones, and no other branded Android can utilize this app feature. However, the information on the app shouldn’t be used for diagnosing or treating any health conditions. 

Samsung Health App
Samsung Health App

Additionally, the results shown by the app can be affected by skin conditions, environment, and the particular activity performed when wearing a device. 

Moreover, user-provided info, user configuration, device settings, end-user interactions, and device placement can influence the overall precision of the data and information.

It is important to use or wear your device correctly and refer to the end user manual that comes with your phone or wearable. Here’s a video to check this app out if you haven’t already.

Samsung Health App Functions

You must understand this app before you start using it. By doing so, you’ll get the maximum benefit from it. 

Highly personalized data

This app’s recommendations vary from person to person. For instance, a result for a  25-year-old athlete will differ entirely from something suitable for a 45-year-old. Therefore, when you use this app for the first time, it will ask you for personal info. 

You will have to provide your body weight, height, gender, age, and other details. The app will also ask you how much physical exercise you indulge in daily or weekly. 

The app will then save all this info and create a profile to determine your body mass index (BMI). It will recommend various types of activities based on this info. 

If any changes occur in your daily routine, you can alter the information you have provided to the app. It will change the profile and your BMI according to the revised data. 

Just go to “More Options,” available in the top-right corner of the screen within your app. Then, choose Settings and tap on your profile to make the necessary changes. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch worn during physical exercise
Samsung Galaxy Watch

Keeping Track of your Exercises

This app does much more than keep track of your activities. It can provide you with your activity history, provide summaries and encourage you during your activity

You will have to tap on Exercise and choose your preferred training style. From strolling to running and hiking, many activities are listed there. 

Next, you can choose your activity goal and pick an option to set your targets, such as calories burnt, distance target, or time goal

You can choose a basic workout if you don’t have any specific goals in mind. This app has an audio guide feature, and with an audio tour, the app can tell you about your progress. For example, if you’re cycling, the app will let you know how much distance you have covered and at what speed. 

While you are covering the distance, if you come across something inspiring, you can also take a picture from the app. 

Heart Rate Measurements 

Your Samsung phone has an optical LED light source and a light sensor. This heart rate sensor will determine your beats per minute. 

This sensor is not available in newer Samsung phone models. So, you can use this feature with the help of a wearable such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Your wearable and phones will sync with the app and estimate your heart rate and calories burned. 

Measuring your Daily Activities

Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle; it shouldn’t stop when you step out of the gym. Hence, your Samsung Health app stays with you to track whatever you do

It pairs with the inbuilt pedometer in your phone and will track your every step. You must tap on the pedometer icon daily in the morning, and the app will track all your movements throughout the day. 

Newer phone models don’t require you to tap that pedometer icon. Instead, they can track your daily activity and maintain a record. 

Keep your phone in your pocket, and the app will continue to count the steps you take throughout the day and the resulting calories you have burnt

Sleep Monitoring

Wearable devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Watches have an inbuilt gyroscope that can detect movements even when sleeping. 

Therefore, before you go to bed, you can wear your Samsung device and connect it to your phone (optional). The watch will record your sleep data and save it to your profile.

Moreover, you can manually feed the data into the app. The app can show you your sleep patterns for up to 30 days. Eventually, you will be able to monitor your overall sleep quality

Samsung Health App Sleep Monitoring
Samsung Health App Sleep Monitoring

Counting Calories

With this app, you won’t have to worry about counting calories. Instead, it comes with a food tracker where you can provide the app with the details about your diet throughout the day, and it will count the calories for you. 

You can always add the details later. There is a wide range of food items on the list and their calories. So, you can conveniently choose what you have consumed and add that to your daily consumption. The app will automatically calculate the calories and add them to your profile. 

How to Get More Out of Your Samsung Health App?

As you can see, there are a variety of exciting things that you can do with your Samsung Health application, which improves its overall accuracy. The more you log, the better overview of your health you get from the Samsung Health app. Here are some important tips to get the maximum benefit from this app. 

Step Count Challenge

Motivation is critical to staying fit, and friendly competition always comes in handy to further boost that motivation. This app features a feature that enables you to challenge other users for a 1-on-1 step count match-up. It will surely add some excitement to your regular workout routine. 

Starting this challenge is easy. You will have to tap on Together to begin your new challenge and name your challenge and invite one of your friends to take part in this challenge. Of course, your friends need to have this app installed on their phones. 

Samsung Health App Step Count Challenge
Samsung Health App Step Count Challenge

Saving Your Battery During Workout Tracking

It can significantly drain your phone battery when this app is tracking your activity during workouts. Therefore, you must put your device to sleep while working out, as it will prevent the battery from draining.

The best part is that this app has a feature that displays your workout time on a black screen. You only have to tap the padlock icon on the workout page. It will help your phone to consume less battery while tracking your workout. 

Logging Your Caffeine Consumption

If you are an avid coffee or tea drinker, you should log your daily caffeine intake. The food tracking section of this app will help you with that. 

You need to add a feature tile to your display page, and then you can add how many cups of tea or coffee you have consumed during the day. The app will calculate the overall caffeine intake for the day and add that to your record. 

Participate in a Global Challenge

This app features various global challenges. You can join them and compete with other fitness freaks from across the globe.

You will have to tap on Together, located at the bottom of your screen, and tap join to start your next challenge.

Health Symptoms Diagnostics

This app comes in handy for diagnosing various health symptoms. You will only have to tap on the Symptom Checker located in the Experts tab within the app. These features will ask you different questions and assess your health and fitness by the data you provide. 

But you must remember that this is not a replacement for any diagnostic assessment provided by professional medical experts. You can refer to this app to get into some details, but the app shouldn’t be solely relied on for this purpose. 

Samsung Health App Sleep Stages
Samsung Health App Sleep Stages

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Samsung Health accurate for stress?

This app will only get a precise reading of your stress level when you sit still with your wearable or phone’s heart rate monitor working properly. Just clean your sensor and be seated and calm until the stress level measurements are completed. 

Can Samsung Health Detect heart Problems?

This app can measure heart rate thanks to the light sensor on the back of wearables or older Samsung phones.

It won’t be able to detect heart problems on its own. For that, you will have to install an ECG app that can work with your Samsung Galaxy watch to record and assess heart rhythm for any Atrial Fibrillation presence. 

It’s a type of irregular heart rhythm, and it can indicate some heart problems you are currently dealing with. 


So, how accurate is Samsung Health? It’s more than your fitness and activity tracker; you can record your calories burnt, daily activity, and other stuff pretty accurately when you use it. 

Participate in global challenges and compete with fellow fitness enthusiasts from around the globe. This app will help you in your fitness regime, and you will be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

It works with Samsung smartphones and wearables and has a good accuracy rate. It is one of the very few, most accurate options available today. 

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