Can You Shower With Apple Watch? (Waterproof Guide)

Can you shower with Apple Watch or can you wear Apple Watch in the shower? If you’re not quite sure how waterproof your apple watch is, then this guide will make things clear for you!

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular devices that the company has released within the last few years. It’s easy to see that Apple has created a dedicated ecosystem for all of its users, which makes for a fantastic and seamless experience.

The Apple Watch is now in its fourth generation, and the company has also released a wide range of updates to allow for better functionality.

The Apple Watch seamlessly allows you to push all of your notifications through the watch, and also makes it easy for you to control the functions of your device with ease. You can answer calls and send texts, and the company has also added third-party app support as well.

For people who are into fitness, the Apple Watch is a fantastic product. You can easily replace the conventional band with a resin one, which is considerably more durable and also absorbs moisture.

But, have you ever wondered just how waterproof your Apple watch really is? More importantly, can you wear this watch in the shower?

Many people don’t like taking off their watch once they put it on in the morning, but this poses a unique problem with smart devices such as the Apple Watch. What if water enters the device and causes permanent damage?

In this article, we will talk about the important details associated with the toughness of the watch and figure out the risks associated with wearing this watch in the shower, or when you are going out for a swim.

It’s an expensive piece of hardware, so the last thing that you would want is to take it in the shower and ruin it permanently.

Can You Shower With Apple Watch?

Can you wear Apple Watch in the shower? Understanding the water resistance and waterproof ratings is a bit difficult for most people, but you should know that the water resistance ratings usually vary for different watches.

The first generation Apple Watch, sometimes regarded as the Series 0 watch, and the second generation (Series 1), offer resistance only for an occasional splash.

If you are thinking of going for a dip in the pool or jumping in the shower while wearing these watches, it might not be such a good idea to keep them on.

Instead, you should consider taking them off and then taking a shower. If you did accidentally wear the watch in the shower, you need to get it out and let it dry.

You should keep the watch on a dry surface, with the speaker facing downward. This is going to allow all of the excess water to drain out from the watch.

Never use a compressed air can or any other kind of tool for that matter, because that is going to cause irreversible damage to your watch. Newer models that the company has released are all designed with waterproof ratings and can be worn in the shower.

Some are even designed to be worn specifically during watersport activities, such as swimming. Starting from the Apple Series 2 up to the latest Apple Series 5 watch, they are all waterproof.

They come with an ISO rating of 22810:2010, so they can easily withstand water up to 50 meters. However, despite that high rating, Apple explicitly doesn’t recommend that you wear the watch while water skiing or when scuba diving.

You will want to actively avoid a situation in which the water can seep into the ports, primarily due to high pressure. You can wear the watch in ocean water or in fresh water but you do have to rinse it off once you get out of the ocean.

Otherwise, the salt may remain stuck on the surface. Also, it’s best to rotate the digital crown along as you clean the watch.

Is Apple Watch Waterproof?

is apple watch waterproof

One of the things that you need to understand is that there is a difference between waterproof and water resistant. The company clearly tells you that the first two iterations are not exactly waterproof, so using them in the shower is a bad idea.

However, the company does clarify that all of the later models that they have released do come with a waterproof rating. If you are going to wear this watch in the water or go in the shower with it, one of the most important things that you need to do is turn on the water lock.

The company has provided a Water Lock on its Apple Watch, and you should get into a habit of activating it before you decide to wear it in the water. When you start a Swim activity on your watch, it automatically enables the Water Lock.

Furthermore, you can also activate the Water Lock by yourself using the standard feature from your Control Center in the watch. If you want to disable the Water Lock you will have to turn the Crown on the watch until you hear several beeps.

This is an indication that the Water Lock has been disabled. The noise that the speaker emits is designed to push all water out from the speaker cavity.

Precautionary Measures

There are quite a few precautionary measures that you can take to take care of your Apple Watch and prevent it from serious damage. Even though these watches can be worn in the water, it is definitely a wise idea not to do so.

First of all, you should know that the Apple Watch is an expensive product. The company has steadily raised the prices for its products over time, and currently, the Apple Watch Series 6 retails for a whopping $749.

When you buy something this expensive, it would definitely not be a wise idea to wear it in the shower. Therefore, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The same goes for going swimming or going to the beach with this watch. While the company does claim that it is fine to wear the watch in the shower, you should know that the risk involved is just too high.

It would definitely not be a good idea to wear the watch in the water while you swim. If you end up getting water inside the watch, it’s just going to lead to permanent damage, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

It’s critical that you understand that these watches are designed for shallow water activities, so wearing one in the deep end is definitely not a wise idea.

The company claims that these watches are both splash and water resistant, but you have to take those claims with a pinch of salt as well. Remember, exposure to sweat on your body is fine, and the watch isn’t going to sustain any damage.

But, if you are thinking that the watch can be exposed to things such as lotions or soaps, you might want to think again. Also, make sure you avoid wearing this watch in places where high-velocity water is expected, such as under a running tap, during skiing, or on the waves.

There have been cases where the watch has sustained damage due to the crashing waves. These are just a few things that you should know about wearing your Apple watch in the shower.

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