Google Play Services Keeps Stopping How to Fix in 2023!

Nothing riles Android users more than an annoying pop-up when they are trying to update/install an app, and a pop-up appears that reads, “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped.” This leads to a flurry of questions in users’ minds, all of them circling — why does google play services keep stopping? 

Faulty software or network problems cause nearly all Google Play Services to stop. However, there is also a chance that Google Play Services keeps stopping because Google may have inadvertently rolled out the incorrect version of Google Play Services for your device that stopped Play services from running smoothly.

If you wonder why Google Play services keep stopping, don’t worry —  this guide has you covered. We have listed several troubleshooting methods to help you fix the issues with Google Play Store. 

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping: How to Fix

So, what to do if Google Play keeps stopping or crashing on your device? You can fix the Google Play Services keeps stopping error by following the methods listed below. Try each technique one at a time, and we’re certain you’ll be able to get the Play Store back up and running smoothly.

Restart Device

The first action to do when Google Play Services stops working is restarting your Android device. Not many users know that restarting your device can help fix minor issues and help it to run smoothly. It may come in handy to solve why Google play services keep stopping issues on your device. 

How to restart your Android device

  1. Press and hold the power button on the top or side of your Android device
  2. Tap on the Restart option that appears on the screen
  3. Verify your selection and wait for the device to restart
  4. After restarting, check the Play Store 

If restarting your device fails to fix the Google Play Services keeps stopping error, you must jump to the next method. 

Update Device Date And Time

If Google Play Services continues crashing, it’s likely that your device’s date and time aren’t in sync. This could happen more frequently for users who prefer to manually adjust the date and time of their device instead of letting it update automatically. If that’s the case, you should adjust the time and date on your device again and fix it so that it does not end up triggering a Google Play Services stopped error. 

How to fix the date and time settings of your Android device

  1. Open your device’s Settings 
  2. Go to General > Date and Time
  3. Enable the Automatically update date and time option
  4. If the option was already enabled, then you may need to check the date and time manually to ensure that it is accurate
  5. After ensuring accuracy, restart your device
  6. Check Play Store again

Move on to the next option if the date and time tweak does not resolve Google Play Services’ problem. 

Clear Cache

Clearing Google Play Services’ cache may help with resolving the crashing issue. Corrupted data can easily make any app behave abnormally, and cache clearing can remove bad data.  

Getting rid of cache restores your device to its original condition and frees up space on your device. Cache clearing for any app is a pretty simple process. Follow the steps below to do it on your device. 

How to clear Google Play Services cache

  1. Open Settings > Apps 
  2. Go to the Installed Apps list
  3. Look for Google Play Services and tap on it
  4. Click Storage > Clear Cache
  5. Restart your phone after clearing the cache 

Go to the Play Store again after restarting the device to check if clearing cache resolved the Google Play keeps stopping issue. 

Check Wi-Fi

Google Play Store depends on the internet. The app will not function properly if its internet requirements are not met. When Google Play Store continues crashing, you should ensure that the app is connected to the internet and is getting ample data. Determine whether or not your network signals are sufficient to support web browsing. 

Either way, the solution is relatively straightforward. If you have been using a Wi-Fi connection, try connecting using a different wireless network or your cellular data. Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data if you’re currently connected through a cellular network. Try both of the network mediums to find out which network Play Store performs better on. 

Reset Google Play Services Preferences

To fix Google Play Services keeps stopping error, you can try resetting the configuration. If you perform a clean reset, all of your app choices will be erased, including the settings that could have been triggering the issue. 

How to reset Google Play Services preferences

  1. Open Settings on your Android device
  2. Now, go to Apps 
  3. Tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner
  4. Choose Reset App Preferences from the menu
  5. Tap Reset to confirm the action

Note: Resetting your device will affect all of your applications, and it will also erase permissions and background data associated with them.

Update Google Play Services 

Glitches or errors will appear in Google Play Services and other apps when they are out-of-date. When Google Play Services stops working, and the problem is related to updates, what should you do? Keeping applications up to date can benefit the recovery process. 

If you have the Google Play Store installed on your Android device, you can update the newest API package and applications. Check out the  steps outlined below:

How to update Google Play Services 

  1. Go to Settings > Apps and Notifications
  2. Tap See All Apps
  3. From the list, select Google Play Services > App Details
  4. Tap Update 
  5. Wait for the Android device to complete the update 

If you want to update a specific app that you believe is causing the Google Play app error, then you can update that app within Google Play Store. Follow the steps below.

How to update via Google Play Store app page

  1. Open Google Play Store 
  2. Type the name of the app you want to update in the search bar
  3. Choose the app from the list 
  4. Now, tap the Update button below the app title 
  5. Wait for the latest app to install

Alternatively, you can update specific apps from the update list in the Google Play Store updates list. Follow the steps below to perform it. 

How to update apps via Google Play Store updates list

  1. Open Google Play Store 
  2. Tap your profile icon next to the search bar
  3. Choose My Apps and Games from the list 
  4. Find the app you want to update 
  5. Tap the Updates button next to the app 
  6. Wait for the update to finish

If none of the above methods worked for you, move on to the following steps. 

Revert To An Older Setting Of Google Play 

Updates aren’t always flawless. When Google Play Services keeps stopping, the most likely cause is a botched update. Google Play Services on your Android device might be updated to a corrupted version even while you’re not around to notice it. If your apps are enabled to update automatically via Wi-Fi, this may occur. 

What should you do if Google Play Services stopped working after a recent update? Until the developers release a newer version of the API package, you must revert to the package’s functional default or factory settings. 

How to uninstall recent updates for Google Play Services

  1. Go to Settings > Apps and Notifications
  2. Tap See All Apps
  3. From the list, select Google Play Services 
  4. Tap the three-dot icon from the upper right corner and choose Uninstall Updates 
  5. Wait for the Android device to uninstall recent updates

Once the uninstall finishes, restart your device and open the Play Store to see if it is back to normal functioning. If not, brace yourself for the following method. 

Use Another Google Account

If Google Play Services continues stopping because of your primary linked account problems, you can temporarily switch to your backup Google account. Ensure you have a backup of your Google account before you start unregistering it from your device to avoid losing any data. Follow the steps below to backup your Google account data.

How to back up your Google account data

  1. Open Settings on your Android device
  2. Choose Google
  3. On the page, scroll and select Backup
  4. Enable the toggle next to Back Up to Google Drive if it is not already enabled
  5. Tap the Back Up Now button to initiate backup

After successfully backing up your primary account, you can switch to the temporary account for Google Play Services. Follow the steps below to perform the action. 

How to change Google account for Google Play Services

  1. Open Settings on your Android device
  2. Go to Accounts and Backup > Accounts
  3. Select the currently linked account
  4. Tap the Remove Account button
  5. Open Google Play Store to run a check on Google Play Services
  6. Now, go back to your device’s Settings menu and open Accounts again
  7. Tap Add Account and choose the temporary account that you want to link

Check if Google Play Services has started working. If so, then you can re-link your original account. If the temporary account trick fails to fix the google play keeps stopping error, you must try the next method. 

Update Android Version

What should you do next when Google Play Services keeps stopping, and none of the prior fixes have worked? Maybe it is time for the Android software upgrade. It might solve the problem since it can close the gaps left by the previous program, even those in the API bundle.

How to upgrade to the latest Android version

  1. Open Settings > Software Update
  2. Tap Download and Install
  3. If your device shows a new update is available, then tap Install Now
  4. Wait for the installation to finish

Your device will restart on its own after installation is complete. Once it restarts, open the Play Store on your device to check if it has started working properly. 

Install Google Play Store From 3rd Party APK

Attempting to get the Play Store from a third-party APK source may be worthwhile if the methods outlined above don’t work.

Installing the downloaded APK will be easier if you have a file manager installed. Sideloading applications on Android 8 Oreo and later requires you to enable it differently. You can download Google Play Store and Google Play Services APKs from the links below. 

You may either open them directly from your browser’s download dialog or use file management software to look for them manually and then install them. Your Android OS will update them like any other app. 

Factory Reset Device

You can restore a device’s original configuration through a factory reset. As a result, the Play Store and other applications will return to their previous versions, which should fix your problem. 

Please note that by performing a factory reset, you’ll lose all of your device’s data – including your apps, media, messages, and more. So if you do choose this method, please ensure that you first take a backup of your device.

To reset your device, make sure it has ample charge left (we suggest over 80% charge). After charging your device, follow the steps below to factory reset it. 

How to factory reset an Android device

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select General Management > Reset
  3. Tap Factory Data Reset 
  4. Check the apps and accounts that will get deleted during the factory reset
  5. After reviewing, tap the Reset button
  6. Please wait for your device to complete the course and restart on its own

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of the burning questions relating to — why does google play services keep stopping? 

How do I fix Google Play Services keeps stopping?

You can fix Google Play Services keeps stopping errors by performing a set of methods starting with — restarting your device, updating Play Store, using an alternative Google account, or resorting to factory reset of your device to weed out any issues. 

Why does my phone keep saying Google Play Services keeps stopping?

Your phone keeps prompting — Google Play Services keeps stopping — message when the Play Store app starts misbehaving on your device, and the glitches make it hard for the device to run the app smoothly. It also triggers abnormal closing of the Play Store app or the inability to update an app. It is usually caused by bad software or a faulty network connection. 

How do I fix Google Play Services?

Google Play Services ensures that apps on your device are updated and running smoothly. If Google Play Services start behaving oddly, you must clear the app’s cache by going to the device’s Settings menu alongside the cache from the Play Store app. You must also check if Google Play Services is up to date; if not, update all the apps at once from your device’s Settings. 


What to do when Google Play Services keeps stopping? We hope our troubleshooting methods help users resolve the problem effectively. 

Rooting and sideloading the Play Store might work for some users, while others may have to perform a factory reset. However, if none of these worked for you, you must contact your device manufacturer to discuss the issue and find a viable solution to the “Google Play Service has stopped” error message. 

Alternatively, you can also contact Google. Their support team is quite responsive, or you can also add your question to their Help Center. 

Do let us know if you are able to fix the Google Play keeps stopping issue. Drop your comments below. 

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