SimpliSafe vs adt – which home security brand is better?

If you are a fan of home security system solutions, then you have probably heard of SimpliSafe and ADT. Both of these companies are well recognized in this industry. Therefore, we have decided to compare SimpliSafe vs ADT to see which one prevails in different segments. 

SimpliSafe vs ADT – Quick Comparison

SimpliSafe is a relatively young home security company that was founded in 2006. Two Harward Business School students created a security system for rent. Since contracts are usually signed for a longer period of time, they offered an alternative of month-to-month contracts. 

ADT, which stands for American District Telegraph, is a much older company. It was founded in 1874 by Edward Callahan. He created a call box that sent the signal for assistance. He then connected 50 homes in the neighborhood to this security system. Today, it is a company that offers security and alarm systems for homes and businesses. 

Although these two companies have a lot in common, we will point out their differences. We will clam a winner in each section to help you choose the right brand.




  • Easy installation
  • Free subscription package
  • Affordable monthly storage costs
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Color night vision
  • Fields of view




  • Facial recognition
  • Reliable cameras with battery backups
  • Extended warranty options
  • Infrared night vision


  • Contract obligation
  • Installation fee

ADT vs SimpliSafe – Key Features

Price and Value

If you have decided to install a home security system, the first thing you need to do is to buy equipment. You can equip your house or apartment with a vast range of sensors and cameras to increase your security to a higher level.

At some point, you might decide to enhance the system with premium features. So, let’s see which company offers the best services. 

For instance, a professional monitoring feature is often part of a company’s subscription plan. You need to choose whether you want to pay a monthly fee for the professional monitoring feature or self-monitor the system.  

SimpliSafe Subscription PlansUnmonitoredSelf MonitoringStandard MonitoringFast Protect™
Arm/Disarm RemotelyYesYesYesYes
View/Configure SettingsYesYesYesYes
View Timeline7 DaysUnlimited7 DaysUnlimited
Push notificationsYesYesYesYes
SMS/Email notificationsNoYesNoYes
Secret and Activity AlertsNoYesNoYes
Arming AlertsNoYesNoYes
Unlimited RecordingNoUp to 5 CamerasNoUp to 10 Cameras
Smart Home IntegrationsNoYesNoYes
Lifetime Equipment WarrantyNoNoNoYes
10% Discount on Sensor PurchasesNoNoNoYes
24/7 Fire/Medical/Guard DispatchNoNoYesYes
24/7 Police DispatchNoNoYesYes
Cell-Communication BackupNoNoYesYes
Video VerificationNoNoNoYes

The cheapest solution when it comes to SimpliSafe’s subscriptions is the Unmonitored package, which is free. In this case, consumers get a system that contains some basic options. For instance, they can use the app to get notifications, watch live video streams, activate or deactivate the system.

The next package costs $9.99 a month. The most significant feature in this package is the unlimited recording feature. However, only the Self Monitoring and Fast Protect™ plans allow unlimited recording. Depending on the package, you can have up to 5 or 10 cameras monitoring your house. 

The professional monitoring feature costs a minimum of $19.99 a month. The company doesn’t offer a reduced yearly fee, which is the main disadvantage. 

The SimpliSafe subscription packages are much cheaper compared to ADT packages. All ADT subscription plans include professional monitoring and theft protection. 

If you don’t know how to set up the system, you can choose professional installation. The ADT installation fee is around $150.

ADT Subscription PlansSecure HomeSmart HomeVideo & Smart Home
Intrusion DetectionYesYesYes
Fire, CO & Flood MonitoringYesYesYes
Touchscreen Control PanelYesYesYes
Voice ControlYesYesYes
Remote Access Mobile AppNoYesYes
Smart Home AutomationNoYesYes
Video SecurityNoNoYes
Stored Video ClipsNoNoYes
Monthly Price$45.99$49.99$57.99

Speaking of subscription plans, the cheapest option is the Secure Home plan, which costs $45.99. It includes intrusion detection, fire, CO, and flood monitoring. You can also manage the system via voice. 

The monthly price can go up to $57.99 depending on the package you choose. For the best deal, it is recommended to talk to your ADT specialist. 

However, due to low prices and various options, the winner in this segment is SimpliSafe.

Winner: SimpliSafe


If you purchase a SimpliSafe home security camera, it may require a base station to work. In this case, the installation process could be slightly difficult. So, here is how you can install the SimpliSafe Home Security system. 

The SimpliSafe Home Security system is a good example of a DIY system. You can install the whole system yourself without professional help.  

ADT’s home security system is difficult to install compared to the SimpliSafe system. The professional installation can cost you between $99 and $199 depending on the system. 

Winner: SimpliSafe

Professional Monitoring

From the aspect of home security, professional monitoring is the key feature. In this case, home security assistants monitor your home all the time. In case of an emergency, they send professionals to your home. 

If you don’t like the idea of self-monitoring, you should consider adding the professional feature to your system. SimpliSafe and ADT offer a professional monitoring feature. Therefore, we will compare the cheapest packages which include this feature. 

The SimpliSafe Standard Monitoring package costs $19.99 a month. For this price, you get the following professional monitoring services: 

  • 24/7 fire, medical, and guard dispatch
  • 24/7 police dispatch

ADT Secure Home plan costs $45.99 per month and contains fire, CO, and flood monitoring. So, if you need flood monitoring, ADT might be the best option for you. But, SimpliSafe offers professional monitoring services at lower costs. 

Winner: SimpliSafe 


Monthly Cost

SimpliSafe doesn’t offer free cloud storage. You need to pay for this service separately. In general, you have two options. The first option is to pay $4.99 a month for one camera or $9.99 for up to ten cameras. 

The second option is to subscribe to the Interactive Monitoring plan. The package costs $27 a month and comes with the camera recording feature. 

ADT storage monthly costs range from $27.99 to $62.99. Without a doubt, SimpliSafe is much cheaper. So, if you want to save some money, this brand might be the right choice. 

Winner: SimpliSafe 

Storage Retention Time

SimpliSafe stores video clips for up to 30 days. You can use your mobile app to download the video clips. 

With the Self Monitoring or Interactive Monitoring plan, a SimpliSafe camera records videos during an event. For instance, if the event lasts 5 minutes, the camera will record it. If there are still movements, the camera will continue to record.

ADT also stores video clips for up to 30 days. The length of the clips depends on your camera settings. You can choose from 15 to 40 seconds.

After 30 days, the ADT system deletes your video content to free up the memory space. Therefore, it is recommended to get an external SSD to keep important video files. 

Winner: SimpliSafe   

Camera Options

The SimpliSafe Outdoor camera might be the right choice for those who prefer battery-powered solutions. The battery is rechargeable and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as snow, rain, or low temperatures. It features two-way audio, smart person detection, and color night vision. 

Outdoor Security Camera
SimpliSafe Outdoor Security Camera
SimpliSafe  CamerasMSRPIndoor/OutdoorResolutionCurrent Price
SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera$169.99Outdoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
SimpliSafe Indoor Camera$99.99Indoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
SimpliSafe Indoor Camera
SimpliSafe Indoor Camera

If you want to monitor your office, kitchen, living room, or bedroom, the best solution might be the SimpliSafe Indoor camera. This camera has a powerful microphone so you can hear what is happening inside your home at any time. It delivers a clear 1080p HD picture. When the camera detects unusual activity, you get a notification. 

Apart from prices, there is no significant difference between the camera models of both companies. The ADT HD Outdoor camera is slightly cheaper than the SimpliSafe Outdoor camera. However, it brings some premium features. One of these is facial recognition.

ADT HD Outdoor Camera
ADT HD Outdoor Camera

This technology can differentiate the images of your family members and strangers. So, if you want to know who is in front of your house at any time, ADT can be a good choice. 

ADT CamerasMSRPIndoor/OutdoorResolutionCurrent Price
ADT HD Outdoor Camera$199.99Outdoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
ADT HD Indoor Camera$199.99Indoor1080p HDCheck Price on Amazon
ADT HD Indoor Camera
ADT HD Indoor Camera

From the aspect of market prices, the price of the ADT HD Indoor camera can be interpreted as high. However, it is up to you to choose whether you will buy it or not. Like other models in this section, this camera also supports HD resolution. It features two-way audio and smart alerts.  

Winner: SimpliSafe

Power and Battery Features

The SimpliSafe Indoor camera needs to be plugged into the power outlet. However, if you want to get a battery-powered camera, SimpliSafe’s outdoor model is the right choice. The battery life is between 3 and 6 months, depending on usage. However, there are some measures you can take to maximize battery life on this particular model. 

Camera ModelBattery or Wired
SimpliSafe Outdoor CameraBattery
SimpliSafe Indoor CameraWired
ADT HD Outdoor CameraWired/Battery backup
ADT HD Indoor CameraWired/Battery backup

As you can see, ADT camera models combine wired and battery solutions. In this case, you can be sure your cameras are always supplied with power. 

Winner: ADT

Subscriptions and Contracts

You don’t need to sign a contract with SimpliSafe to use their services. On the contrary, you can use the Unmonitoring plan, which is free. If you don’t like contractual obligations, this can be a perfect choice. 

However, ADT requires contracts. Their contracts last for 36 months (24 months in California). When the contract expires, consumers are switched to a monthly contract. 

You can cancel the monthly contract at any time. But, if you cancel the initial contract, you will need to pay 75% of the remaining monthly amounts. 

Winner: SimpliSafe 

Trial Period

Instead of the regular trial period, SimpliSafe offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, from the moment you buy their equipment, you have two months to test it. 

ADT doesn’t offer a free trial period. By law, however, consumers get a 3-day buyer’s remorse period. It is worth mentioning that you can cancel an ADT contract within 3 business days from the day the contract is concluded. 

Winner: SimpliSafe


SimpliSafe equipment comes with a one-year hardware limited warranty. The warranty starts from the purchase date. Before the original warranty expires, you can subscribe to the Standard Monitoring plan and get a 2-year extension on this hardware warranty.

ADT offers a 90-day limited warranty on the equipment. This company also offers extended warranty options. To get more information about extended warranty, it might be a good idea to consult with an ADT specialist. 

Winner: SimpliSafe 

Technology Features

Image/Streaming Quality

SimpliSafe and ADT cameras support the full HD resolution. Even though there are HD and 4K camera models on the market, the HD resolution is more than enough for watching video streams.

Winner: Draw

Night Vision

The SimpliSafe outdoor model has full-color night vision. On the other hand, the ADT Outdoor Security camera has infrared night vision. In general, infrared cameras are more reliable because they don’t rely on visible white light.  

ADT Home Security Camera Night Vision
ADT Home Security Camera Night Vision

Winner: ADT

Video Display – Fields of View 

The SimpliSafe indoor camera has 120 degrees while the outdoor model has 140 degrees field of view. 

SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera Footage
SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera Footage

The ADT indoor camera has 145 degrees, and the outdoor camera has 130 degrees field of view. Even though both brands have similar fields of view, ADT overall has slightly better fields of view.

ADT Indoor Camera Footage
ADT Indoor Camera Footage

Winner: ADT 

Two Way Audio

The two-way audio feature allows you to speak to other people via an outdoor camera. Many outdoor camera solutions support this feature. 

In addition to other useful features, SimpliSafe and ADT incorporated this feature in their cameras. 

Winner: Draw 

Types of Products


Unfortunately, neither of these brands offers floodlight cameras. Consider other security camera brands if floodlights are a must-have for you. 

Winner: Draw 

Doorbell Camera

SimpliSafe has one doorbell camera in its offering. The Video Doorbell Pro camera comes with HD resolution and a wide field of view of 162 degrees. It has plenty of valuable features, such as two-way audio and smart motion detection. 

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro
SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

ADT also offers one doorbell camera with two-way audio, motion detection, and night vision features. However, it comes with a lower resolution than the SimpliSafe doorbell camera. It has a 720p resolution, and therefore SimpliSafe prevails in this segment.

ADT Doorbell Camera
ADT Doorbell Camera

Winner: SimpliSafe

Alarm System

SimpliSafe alarm system combines a variety of different security devices. You can combine them any way you wish to fit them into your home. 

They offer several alarm systems – The Hearth, The Essentials, The Haven, The Knox, and The Foundation. These include different combinations of the following devices: 

  • Base Station 
  • Burglary sensors – panic buttons, extra siren, entry, and glass break sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Hazard sensors – water, temperature, and smoke sensors
  • Security cameras

ADT brand also offers a variety of panic buttons, smoke detectors, CO detectors, flood, and other types of sensors. Their security system includes devices:

  • Command panel
  • Security Key Fob
  • Alarms for doors and windows
  • Motion sensors
  • Yard signs and window decals
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring

Winner: Draw


At the end of this SimpliSafe vs ADT comparison, we’ll point out the most significant facts from the article. 

If you want an affordable system, SimpliSafe should be your first choice. This company has very affordable subscription packages. In fact, one of their plans is free. The Unmonitored plan allows you to use SimpliSafe’s equipment without monthly costs. 

SimpliSafe doesn’t require contract obligation. So, you can use their products without signing contracts. Therefore, this company is recommended for those who don’t like contracts but want to keep their homes safe. 

To keep your home safer, you can get the most out of SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring feature. For $19.99 a month, you get 24/7 fire, medical, guard, and police dispatch. 

Most importantly, the SimpliSafe home security system is very easy to install. You can do it yourself without any professional help. Above all, their cameras are affordable. So, you can start building your own system today! 

On the other hand, ADT offers the professional monitoring feature in all subscription packages. So, if you want to combine this feature with other premium features, this might be the right option for you.  

Their cameras are extremely reliable for several reasons. Firstly, they feature facial recognition technology. In other words, ADT cameras can distinguish the faces of your family from strangers. 

Secondly, all cameras come with battery backup. ADT is the right solution for you if you are afraid that your cameras may run out of power. 

Last but not least, ADT cameras support infrared night vision and have wide fields of view.

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