Best Freelance Websites to Get Stared With [2023]

If you’re looking to make some money freelancing, then you need to find the right platform to do this. There are so many scattered all over the internet that it makes it difficult to even know where to begin. However, finding the right freelance website can help you launch your own business.

But out of these freelance websites, which one is the best? You want to ensure that even as a seller, you’re protected so buyer’s can’t take advantage of you. Although it will depend on your industry, here are some of the best freelance websites you can use to help make some money online.

Best Freelance Websites

Upwork – Best for Writers


If you’re a writer trying to sell your services, then I’d advise that you start with Upwork. Upwork is a good place to find people looking for writers for a variety of different things, like website content, e-books or help with sales headlines.

Upwork’s billing scheme starts at 20% for the first $500’s earned with a client, then between $500 and $10,000 hey take 10%. Anything more than $10,000 and Upwork will only takes 5%, which is fairly reasonable. Of course, you could try and set things up for yourself as a content writer, but Upwork provides a good platform to start, even if you want to move the client off the platform later down the line.

Another good option for a writer can be reaching out to a content agency and seeing if you can work with them. Most companies have more work than they have writers, so this can be a good way to get your foot in the door and build your reputation.

DesignHill – Best for Designers


A good designer should never be out of work. One place where you can advertise your work as a designer is DesignHill, which as it sounds, is a place for people to buy design related services.

These services vary greatly, from a simple logo design to the full branding of a new company – there are many different avenues that you can take and no matter what design area you’re experienced in, there’s probably a service that you can sell. When you think about the broadness of design, there are many different areas you could move into, from social media covers to clothing.

DesignHill is one that you should definitely check out if you’re interested in selling yourself as a designer.

TopTal – Best for High Level Clients


If you have a lot of experience on your field and you don’t want to deal with chasing around after invoices, then you might want to check out TopTal. They advertise themselves as a premium marketplace for experts, so clients are fully aware of what they’re signing up to when they register.

As far as industries are concerned, TopTal is good for everything from design to web developers. However, it’s probably best for those looking for a project manager – someone who can help take their brand to the next level. So if you have project management experience within a company environment and helping them to deliver results, then TopTal is a great place to advertise your services.

Worksome – Best for UK Based Freelancers


If you’re based in the UK and ideally want to work with people in your area, then you should sign up for Worksome. It’s a good place that can connect freelancers with contractors looking for people who have experience in their specific field.

Worksome is relatively young compared to many other services out there, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not good. They have created a good platform for client and freelancer to not only connect, but carry on the conversation too – the interface of the site is great. So if you’re in the UK, you need to make sure that you’re signed up to Worksome.

More Good Freelancer Websites

Although these are some of my favourites, there are many more out there for you to choose from. Here’s a few more that you might want to check out too.

  • People Per Hour – People Per Hour is a good one if you want to sell something specific, like link-building or video content.
  • Freelancer – Another good one to pick up odd jobs to pay the bills is There are always tasks that you can pick up on this site quite easily.
  • Behance – Any artist, designer or illustrator should definitely get themselves set up on Behance. It’s a great resource for anyone who needs some inspiration too, as some of the best designers have set themselves up on this site.

What about selling Digital Marketing Services?

If you work in SEO, then the best way to advertise yourself is always going to be by using your skills to rank in Google. Going after keywords in your area is undoubtedly the best idea, although ranking for these keywords might take some time. In the meantime, you can sign up to a general freelancer website. to sell your SEO services.

Lie SEO, if you’re selling PPC services then the best way to do this is going to be via PPC! Don’t be scared of trying out new avenues like LinkedIn Ads even if you’re a Google specialist – all platforms are similar enough that you should be able to run basics ads from there. The good thing about paid ads is they can start pretty much immediately!

If you work in a more specific area like outreach, then a good site for this is something like Worksome, where you can sell more general services based on your experience.

Should I have a LinkedIn page?

One of the best ways that you can find work in 2020 is via LinkedIn. I’ve had several people reach out to me for my services and my LinkedIn profile isn’t even half finished as of yet. Be sure to explain your area of expertise specifically in the description so that people can naturally find you through the search bar, as well as reaching out and making new contacts too!


these are just some of the sites that are out there for you to advertise yourself as a freelancer. There are dozens more big sites out there for you to sign up too, and there’s no harm in doing so (as long as you’re doing everything efficiently!). There’s never been a better time for you to start your freelance career, so why wait any longer?

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  1. A great article, but there is one thing the author forgot to mention – competition. And this is where the fun starts, because even if you’re full of enthusiasm and know your trade, once you come around a well-known platform, you meet a lot of competition on two sides. On one side you have professional with good reputation, portfolio and good reviews. They have a solid reputation at the platform and are usually the ones who get the best orders. And on the other side you have people who are in need of any job at all and they offer the lowest prices possible. So either you’re outmatched by professionals, or outnumbered by people ready to work dirt cheap. All you can do is persuade the client that your price is not high, but average. But hey, who needs average prices when most people tend to purchase any kind of service for as cheap as possible?
    One way to solve this problem is to search for places which are less crowded. For instance, one place I found some time ago was Insolvo. And I can’t say that it’s worse than Upwork or Fiverr. It’s fast, reliable, secure and they say there is a good AI observing the place.
    My point is – don’t be afraid to look around. Don’t rush to well-known and popular places just because. Risks are high that you won’t find place for yourself there.


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