How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to One Device

Sometimes just one Bluetooth speaker isn’t enough to get the sound that you want. No, in fact in many cases, it would be much better if you could create a chain of Bluetooth speakers that all connect together and provide a fuller audio experience.

But is this possible with a standard Bluetooth speaker, or do you need a certain brand which can connect together? Well, let’s take a look and find out.

How to Connect multiple Bluetooth Speakers to One Device

If you’re trying to connect multiple different branded Bluetooth speakers to the same device, then you only have one option. You’ll need to download an app like, which can allow you to connect all of these speakers to the same device, even if they’re different brands.

Some other types of Bluetooth speaker can do this with the same model of speaker as themselves, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Bear in mind to do this, you’re going to need multiple smartphones for this to work, as is solely for linking smartphones together, not Bluetooth devices.

If you’re trying to connect two different brands of Bluetooth speaker to one phone, then this is not currently possible with any app.

How does work? works by syncing two different phones together, not the speakers that they use. When they are synced together, you can then go ahead and play music via Spotify, Apple Music or even via YouTube too.

You’re also going to want to make sure that the speakers are connected to the phones too. This is how we’re going to get all of these speakers playing at the same time. Remember – we’re linking the phones together, not the speakers.

It’s very easy for you to set this up within the app, and it shouldn’t take long to do. So if you have access to several smartphones (if you’re camping or at the beach, for example), then you can easily use this app to combine all of the speakers into one.

How else can I do this?

This is currently the only way to do this with different brands of speaker. However, many of the top brands out there will allow you to do this with two (or more) of their speakers, but obviously they have to be the same brand. This includes;

Apple Homepod


It was never going to be long before Apple released a competent home speaker to rival the competition. With iPhones, you can actually connect to two Homepods via Dual Audio settings, which you can find within your iPhone settings.

This is just one way you can connect multiple bluetooth devices together. But, it’s not only Apple who allow you to do this.



Anything that Apple can do, Samsung do.. equally well? For those who have the S8 or newer, then you might be pleased to learn that you can actually connect to two devices at the same time via Bluetooth with this phone.

This can come in handy, and allow you to not only connect to two speakers at once, but also to two different pairs of Bluetooth headphones too.



There’s a reason why Bose are said to be the best speaker brand for the consumer. Whilst some criticize their sound quality, there’s no arguing that they make their products with the end user in mind. With the Bose Connect app, you can connect to two speakers at once.

Ultimate Ears


Another brand of speaker that you may or may have not heard of is Ultimate Ears (they’re featured in our list of the best budget Bluetooth speakers). You can connect to two speakers at once by downloading their app.

Why can’t my iPhone do this?

At the current moment, the iPhone doesn’t have the capability to do this, though it may well do in the near future. The reason that it can’t do this at the moment is that Bluetooth uses a coded signal to connect between the two devices, and they haven’t used hardware capable of combining these two signals together.

This can be frustrating for iPhone users, especially as it’s already possible for some Android phones. We’ll see in the upcoming releases of iPhone whether they have this capability to connect to two Bluetooth speakers together.


In conclusion, there are solutions for trying to connect to two or more different speakers at the same time. For most people, the solution is going to be the easiest to do, as it enables you to connect to speakers make by different brands.

But if you own a certain brand of speaker, then you can easily connect to two speakers if you’re an Apple, Samsung or Bose user. This is one of the advantages of going with a big brand like this!

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