HP Deskjet 2130 All-in-one Printer Review

The HP Deskjet 2130 is a simple, all-in-one solution to all of your printing needs. For those looking for a good cheap printer, then you’ve probably comes across this model and wondered how it performs. HP have an array of ink printers to choose from, but what makes this one different from the rest? Well, let’s take a look at it in a little more detail to find out.

HP Deskjet 2130 All-in-one Printer Review

HP Deskjet 2130

HP Deskjet 2130 All-in-One Printer

Ink Costs: Above average | Sheet capacity: 220 sheets | Wifi Printing: No | Scanner: Yes | DPI: 1200 | Pages per minute: 7.5


Good price for an all-in-one printer
Fairly lightweight and portable
Simple setup


Expensive ink
Very basic
No connecting cable

The best thing about this model is that you’re getting an all-in-one printer for a pretty decent price. If you need the ability to print, scan and copy and you don’t have a ton of cash to spend on a printer, then this model will likely suit you.

As well as this, it isn’t some large, heavy printer that’s going to take up a lot of space on your desk. It’s pretty lightweight and quite portable, and it should easily tuck away somewhere in your office when you’re not using it.

Unlike many other HP printers that I’ve had the misfortune of setting up in the past, this model is very easy to get going. Although the instructions are clear, you probably won’t need them as there isn’t much to do before you can get going with this model. Of course, it’s not all good about the HP 2130, so let’s look at some reasons why it’s not so good too.

What’s bad about the HP 2130?

As always with HP printers, one of the most annoying things about them is the ink costs, which can definitely stack up with any inkjet printer. Whilst the costs aren’t quite as Epson, they’re still pretty expensive. If you do print fairly regularly however, then you can sign up to the Instant Ink deal, which does make printing quite a bit cheaper.

This printer isn’t going to win any awards for it’s innovative design, let’s put it that was. It does everything that you could need of a printer, but it’s printing speed is quite slow and it’s not the highest quality of print either. So if you’re looking for a very basic, cheap printer then you’ll want to consider this model.

I should also point out that if you buy this model off of Amazon, it might not come with a cable to connect it to the computer. Check the description first to make sure of this, otherwise you might have to pick one up separately.

Common Questions about the Deskjet 2130

Does HP DeskJet 2130 have wifi?

No, the HP DeskJet 2130 doesn’t have wifi printing. You can only connect to it via a USB port. This is pretty typical with cheaper printers like this one, as one printers cost a little more. You can connect your phone to this printer and print via USB, however.

Is the HP DeskJet 2130 an ink or laser printer?

This model is an inkjet printer, not a laser printer. Some people get confused because of the name deskjet, they assume that it’s different to inkjet. But in fact, this is just the name of HP’s line of inkjet printers.

What ink does HP DeskJet 2130 use?

The 2130 uses the pretty easy to find HP 302 ink. You can pick this up pretty much anywhere nowadays, in Staples or any office shop.

Does the HP DeskJet 2130 scan?

Yes, this is an all in one printer which means that it can print, scan and copy.

Can the HP DeskJet 2130 print A3 pages?

No, you can’t load the 2130 with A3 paper to print out in A3 format. If you need the ability to print in A3, check out my guide to A3 printers and how to find the best one.

Overall Verdict

Overall, I think that the HP Deskjet 2130 is not a bad choice for those looking for the most basic all-in-one printer out there. It does do everything that you ask it to. However, I would rather invest a little more money and buy a better, faster and more reliable printer in the long term.

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