HP Envy vs Spectre vs Pavilion – Which is best? (x360 & More)

When you’re looking at purchasing a HP laptop, it can be pretty difficult to know which model to opt for. There are so many different options out there to choose from that it can be a little overwhelming.

This is especially true for those who are looking at the difference between the Envy, Spectre and the Pavilion models that HP offer. They often produce the same models of HP laptops; for example, the x360 is available as Pavilion, Envy and also Spectre.

But what are the differences between these models, and how can you decide between them? Well, we’re going to look at the differences between these laptops.

HP Envy vs Spectre vs Pavilion

In general, the main difference between these series of laptops is their overall build quality. The HP Spectre range as a whole are going to be a better quality than the HP Envy range. And then, the HP Envy range are going to be better than the HP Pavilion range.

This isn’t the same across the board – obviously you can find models of the Pavilion range that are better than the Spectre range. But as a rule, this is typically how these lines compare to each other.

To show this, I’m going to look at a model of HPs that they have released a model under each different range name. This is the x360, which has a different build and has been released under each of these different names.

HP Spectre


It’s difficult to see the difference between models when you’re browsing around on the internet. In their product pics, they all look very similar to one another.

However, when you actually hold the products next to each other, then you’ll easily be able to feel the difference. Even though these models can have the same specifications, the design build of the Spectre range is superior to the other two ranges.

When I’m talking about the design build, this doesn’t necessarily mean that one range will have ‘higher’ specifications than another model. For example, if you’re comparing the Spectre to the Envy, they might both come with i7 processors or Intel core i5 processors.

However, the Envy comes with a i7-8550U processor, whilst the Spectre comes with the better i7-8565U processor. So although they both come with an Intel core i7 processor, one is going to be better than the other.

You’ll also notice other differences with the Spectre range, especially with the USB ports and the sound quality of the laptop will be improved too. You’ll also notice that the Spectre typically comes with a 4K display too.

However, the main difference between all these models hasn’t been mentioned yet – the battery life. The battery life on the Spectre x360 is much more compared to the other, and you’re going to get a few more hours of battery life out of the Spectre.

So overall, the Spectre is typically the more premium option out of these three ranges. It is a high end laptop line that’s not cheap, but definitely going to last you a while longer.

HP Envy


Like the Spectre is going to be better than the Envy, the same comparison is made between the Envy and the Pavilion. Although a broad statement, they are typically better or more premium than the HP Pavilion series.

There are many ways that we can measure the difference between them. If you take the average lifespan of the Envy x360 and a Pavilion x360, then the Envy is going to last a little longer in the long run. This is due to using higher quality parts to build the machine itself.

It’s difficult to compare the entire range of each of these models to each other, because as I said, you could find a Pavilion that is better than an Envy. However, as a rule, the Envy is the mid-range option between these three different range. The parts used to build them are good, but the not the best out there.

For exThere’s nothing wrong with the Envy series – I even recommend the HP Envy x360 as one of the best laptops under £800. So, it might be worth considering getting yourself a HP Envy laptop.

HP Pavilion


Typically, the Pavilion series is one of the cheapest releases from HP. For example, the laptops from this series do not generally come with a 1080p screen fitted, whereas this isn’t the case with the more premium ranges.

As well as this, if you actually take some time and look at the reviews of these model online, generally the HP Pavilion comes out as the worse of the bunch. The Pavilion series is known for having a ‘black screen’ problem, as well as the lower quality parts making the laptops themselves pretty noisy when you’re using a lot of the laptops memory.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should just overlook the HP Pavilion range altogether. They still make some good laptops for those looking to find a good bargain, however they just can’t be considered as a premium range of laptops.

Although it must be said that the newer HP Pavilion that have been released at the end of 2020 are particularly impressive. They come in a 13 inch, 14 inch and 15 inch size. Most impressive is their recycled chassis, which looks pretty amazing. It might be time to invest in a Pavilion laptop after all.


So in conclusion, if you’re looking for the top range of laptops out of this bunch then you’ll want to opt for the Spectre series.

If you’re looking for a decent laptop that isn’t top of the range but is still good, then opt for the Envy series. And if you’re on a tight budget and just need a laptop to get you by, then there’s nothing wrong with opting for the Pavilion series either.

These aren’t the only laptops that HP offer. You can also consider checking out the HP Omen line, which is their range of gaming laptops. However, their most popular options remain to be the three I’ve mentioned.

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