Logitech Spotlight Review

When you’re giving a presentation, there’s nothing worse than having to stand by you laptop and manually click through every slide. You can counteract this by setting a timer on your presentation, but who has the time to do this, especially if you’re giving presentations fairly frequently?

The resolution to this is typically a good old fashioned presentation clicker. They can allow you to click through each of your slides easily, without having to do anything in advance.

In the past, these kinds of clickers or pointers came with a laser attached, so you could point out on the screen where you want the audience to focus. But the Logitech Spotlight is a newer and probably better method to use that highlights things a little differently.

But with it’s high price tag, is the Logitech Spotlight worth your investment? Or should you look elsewhere for a clicker? Well, we’re going to find out.

Logitech Spotlight Review

All in all, the Logitech Spotlight is definitely one of the best presentation pointers that you can find out there right now. However, it’s high price tag might put a few people off, as well as the necessity to have admin authorization to run it’s software

So whilst there are a lot of good things about the Spotlight, there are some areas to criticize too. However, it did make it onto our presentation clicker buying guide. Let’s look at this device in a little more detail.


The main selling point of this clicker is undoubtedly it’s useful highlighting features. Instead of using a laser pointer, it actually uses a circle on your screen to highlight different areas of your presentation. This is very useful, and it’s perfect for those giving presentations in large lecture halls. You can highlight and even magnify certain areas of your presentation very easily.

It also has a good range too, with it working up to 100 feet distance away from your laptop or computer. This is another good feature of the Spotlight, and another reason why it’s primarily suited to large halls. It has the same feel as most other Logitech pointers, but it’s definitely better in terms of build quality.

Another thing that I really like about the Logitech Spotlight is that you charge it via a USB cable as opposed to using batteries in it. Batteries will get annoying after a time of using them, even if you don’t need to replace them very often. Having the ability to plug it in to recharge is is a definite bonus.


If you’re worried about how long it’ll take you to install the Logitech Software, then don’t worry too much. It’s very quick, and should only take you a few minutes for you to install it completely on your device.

The only tricky part comes with the fact that you do need to have the Admin’s password to run the software on your laptop. This means if you’re using a work laptop that you don’t know the admin password for, then it can be a but tricky to get things up and running. It’s only a presentation clicker – why does it need verification?



The Logitech Spotlight is available in different colorways. Depending on which country you’re in, you’re probably going to have access to a different variety of colours. The most popular are Gold, Slate and also a silver/grey colour which has been continued in the US. There was also a red version released too, but that isn’t available in most countries.


The good thing about the Logitech Spotlight is that it’s highlighting function works extremely well. It’s a better choice than a laser, especially in bright rooms where it can help show your audience where you’re focussing on.
The software that the Spotlight uses is excellent, and the way that you can use it to guide the audience around your presentation is fantastic. There’s not another clicker out there with the same software as this, so it’s quite unique.
The fact that you can connect this device to your computer via Bluetooth as opposed to using a receiver is also a bonus, as it frees up one of your USB ports when you’re using it.


The main drawback that I can see with the Spotlight is that it’s probably going to be a little more than most people want to spend on a clicker. When you can get a cheap one on Amazon for a quarter of the price, is it really worth your investment?
As I’ve mentioned, you’ll need to have admin access to the device you’re using to use the Spotlight. So whilst it’s quite easy to set up on any laptop, if you don’t have the admin’s authorization, then you can’t run the software itself.
The magnifying feature of the Spotlight isn’t as well controlled as the rest of the software, and could definitely be improved.


All in all, the Logitech Spotlight is definitely a useful little tool, and it could be a good replacement for a laser pointer. This is especially true if you’re looking for something that you can use with a television, as generally the standard laser pointers don’t really go well with screens. So, it’s a good alternative to the more old fashioned form of clicker.

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