Sky Sports App not working | Troubleshooting

If you’re a sport lover like me, then you probably spend a decent amount of time watching the Sky Sports app. Nowadays, it’s super easy to utilize your travelling time to and from work – and what better way to use your time by watching football games that you don’t really care that much about?

However, it’s not all easy with the Sky Sports app. Although it’s definitely one of the better streaming apps out there, you’re still likely to face problems with it at some point in time. So if it’s not working, what’s the cause, and more importantly; how can you fix it? Well, let’s take a quick look at this.

Sky Sports App not working – Troubleshooting

The majority of the time, you can actually fix your Sky Sports app not working by using the three step method. This first means closing your app and restarting it. Then, turn off your whole device and turn it back on again. If these two don’t work, then try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it again afterwards.

For most scenarios, this will resolve the problem. But what is even causing these problems in the first place, and what other resolutions are there out there? Well, we’re going to look into things a bit more now.

Potential Causes and Solutions

There are different causes and solutions which could be creating this issue for you. Let’s look at them all, starting with the easiest and most common things you can do to find a solution to the problem.

Connection Problems


Before you try anything else, you’re going to want to go ahead and make sure that it’s not a connection issue with your phone itself. What’s the best way for you to do this?

Well, you’re going to want to ty and use the app with both wifi turned on, and with the wifi turned off as well. This way, you can see whether there may be a problem with the app specifically on one or the other.

It’s also worth testing the app against others that are currently out there as well. Why? Well, you’ll be able to narrow down the problem and find out whether it’s a problem with just the Sky Sports app, or it’s a problem with all of the apps that you’re currently using.

Caching Issues


One of the most common problems that people can have with their Sky Sports app on a mobile phone is that it could be caused by caching issues.

You can go ahead and clear your cache – some phones you can do this pretty simply by holding down your finger on the app itself and getting access to your data caching, however this might vary for some other phone models out there.

You may need to go into the settings of your phone to clear the cache of the app too. Either way, it’s quite a straightforward process, and doing it may actually resolve your problem, so it’s worth trying.

An issue with your phone company

In some cases, there might not be an easy resolution that you can take to fix the problem. For some folks in the UK, it may just be down to the network that your phone is on, and this could be causing the problem with your app.

This seems to be the case for some Three users, who can’t connect to Sky Sports either through the Sports app or using the Sky Go app either. So, unfortunately in this case you’ll need to contact your data provider.

Check your subscription

In some cases, Sky might not have actually set up your Sky Sports package properly, which could be preventing you from watching sports from the app itself. It could be worth going into your Sky account and seeing if everything appears like it should.

You can also give Sky a call and see if there’s anything they can suggest which can help your problem too.

Use Sky Go instead

Although it’s not a complete solution to your problem, it might prove to be a good alternative until the Sky Sports app itself gets fixed.

You can quite easily just download the Sky Go app and use this to watch Sky Sports instead. The Sky Go app is a little more reliable than the Sky Sports app, and you’ll have access to a whole range of different channels to watch with Sky Go as well.

So, if you can’t access sports through one app, then there is another alternative solution to this problem.

How to Fix your Sky Sports app

So, there’s most of the problems that people face with their Sky Sports app. Each of them can have a different resolution, which you’ll need to work out depending on what your specific problem is.

However, here are the main ways that you can try and fix the app on your device.

  1. Make sure that the issue isn’t something simple. If there’s no volume, then check there’s no external Bluetooth devices linked to your phone. If the pictures bad, then make sure it works fine on another app, otherwise it could be a data issue.
  2. Go onto the Sky website and find out if there’s any nationwide issue currently going on with the Sky Sports app. This happens occasionally, and if so you’ll just have to wait for a fix.
  3. Go ahead and close the app and restart it. This is always the first thing to try with the majority of apps out there.
  4. If this isn’t successful, then restarting your phone is the next thing to do. Between the two, this will fix the problem more often than not.
  5. Still not working? Go ahead and try uninstalling the app, and then reinstalling it again after.

If you run through all of the steps above, then most of the time you should be able to find a resolution to your problem. Then, you can get back to watching your favourite sports.


In most cases, you should be able to fix the Sky Sports app pretty easily if you’re having any problems with it. It’s one of the more reliable apps that’s available on the market, and there isn’t a whole host of problems that can go wrong with it.

Between restarting everything and ensuring you’ve got a good connection, there aren’t many other things that could go wrong with it – if they do, you’ll need to contact Sky to fix this.

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