Best Antivirus Software [2023]

It doesn’t matter nowadays whether you’re using a Windows OS or Mac OS, it’s still best to get an anti virus software just in case. But with some many different anti-virus softwares available, it can be difficult to tell which one is going to be best. And although they are all similar, there are some subtle differences between them which can make one anti virus software a better choice than another.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best antivirus softwares that are currently available so that you can decide which one will suit you best.

Best Antivirus Software in 2023

ProductVerdictPriceGet More Info
bullguard-antivirus Best Overall AntivirusFrom £19.99Visit Site
panda-security Best Full VPN PackageFrom £26.24Visit Site
avast-antivirus 60 Day Free TrialFrom £24.99Visit Site
bitdefender-antivirus-software A Good Cheap AntivirusFrom £14.99Visit Site
norton-antivirus Does the JobFrom £24.99Visit Site
mcafee Gone DownhillFrom £24.99Visit Site


  • The Best Overall Antivirus
  • From £19.99 for one device
  • Highest level of protection

Although Bullguard aren’t as well known as McAfee and other brands, they do have almost two decades of experience in the antivirus space.

There are three different levels that you can opt for with Bullguard. Their basic antivirus covers one device, however you can opt for the Internet Security or Premium Protection plan which will cover multiple devices within the same household. The basic plan doesn’t actually cover Mac either, so if this is something that you need, then you might want to look at a different option or their premium plans.

One of the more unique features that Bullguard has is that it has an inbuilt game booster. This can tell when you’re playing a game or some media on your device, and it will automatically give more resources to your game for a better experience. The only issue that I really have with the Bullguard software is that it isn’t as easy to navigate as some other options out there. It can be a little confusing, especially if you aren’t experienced in installing applications and managing them efficiently.

Like many other antivirus softwares out there, you’ll probably be hassled with popups for promotions from other brands. Fortunately with Bullguard, you actually have the option to turn this off if you go and look at the settings of the antivirus. So, this is another reason why I do like Bullguard, and why I’d happily recommend it if you’re looking for a good antivirus software available at a decent price.

Panda Security

  • The best full VPN Package
  • From £1.60 a month
  • 24/7 Unparalleled Support

Panda Security are another brand that are lesser known outside of IT circles, but well respected within them. Panda Security probably have the best track record amongst customers online, and all you need to do is look at their customer reviews online to see that they’re one of the better companies in the long term.

Whilst Panda Security is the brand name, the product itself is called Panda Dome, and there are 4 different variations of it. Their essential plan is the bare bones of antivirus, but it’s still a good offer if you have only one device to cover. If you want a step up from this, you can look at their Advanced plan, which includes cover for more advanced threats and gives you the ability to restrict things with parental controls.

Another step up from this is their complete plan, which will help with any cyberattacks and gives you complete control over your passwords. However, where I think Panda Dome is most useful is if you want to opt for their Premium package.

This includes full premium VPN usage for your computer, with no limits and complete anonymity. It will also give you full access to the Panda support team, which are available 24/7 to help out with any requests that you might have. For it’s price, this is a pretty good all inclusive deal.

Overall, Panda Security provide another pretty good option in my opinion, especially if you opt for the full package and want to keep your computer security airtight.


  • A Solid Choice
  • Free 60 Day Trial for those not sure
  • Real Site protection against DNS redirects

You’ll likely have heard of Avast before. Not just because it’s a big name in the Antivirus space, but they have some free products that most people will have come across at some point. They’re another option to think about if you’re looking for some solid antivirus protection.

The Avast antivirus suite actually comes with a lot of different features which make it worthwhile. One of the better features is that Avast has their ‘Real Site’ feature. This helps to ensure that you cannot be redirected to another suspicious website via DNS changes, which are essentially a system which point you to the correct website you’re trying to reach. The Avast suite runs on a nice and clean GUI that’s easy to navigate, even if you’re not experienced with computers.

Although personally I’ve never had any issues with Avast and none of my other IT friends have either, there are a lot of reports online of them charging people when they shouldn’t have. So, it’s probably worth your time to go and check out their trustpilot account beforehand just so you’re fully aware of what you might be dealing with. But in terms of effectiveness, Avast is one of the better antivirus softwares out there.


  • A Good Low Cost Antivirus
  • From £14.99 for one device (first year)
  • For Windows PC, need premium plan for Mac

Bitdefender is one of the most respected antivirus software names out there, and there’s a good reason for that. They have a great track record with customers, and they give you some of the best value possible when looking for online protection from viruses.

Bitdefender probably provide the best value for money of any antivirus software that’s currently out there. You can get coverage for a single device from only £19.99 a month, and if you want to cover more than this then there are several different packages for you to consider. You can cover 10 different devices from only £49.99 a month, or slightly more if you want to cover Mac devices.

Bitdefender offers great malware protection and awesome phishing protection, which can help protect you from fraud. Another good thing about using Bitdefender is that it offers you full coverage for your banking details with their banking protection integration.

Along with most other softwares, it has all the staples that you should be looking for in an antivirus software. With a comprehensive Password Manager and ransomware protection, it scores amongst the highest in all web protection tests across the board.

So overall, if you’re looking for the best value for money option that’s still going to give you maximum security, then Bitdefender should probably be the first place you look.


  • A safe choice for those used to it
  • From £24.99 for Single Site Licence
  • Does what it says on the tin

Norton are another one of the big names when it comes to anti virus softwares. And whilst it’s still a good choice, I don’t think it lives up to it’s name and compares to some of the newer brands that are on the market.

However, let’s start with the good stuff. Even the cheapest versions of Norton Antivirus will give you a firewall, password manager and their 100% virus protection promise. This is essentially a guarantee that any time you encounter a virus, all you have to do is call Norton and one of their experts will sort everything out for you. Or, you’ll be entitled to a refund. And to be fair, Norton does score highly in all phishing protection tests and any malicious URL blocking tests that I’ve seen across the board.

The main issue that I have with Norton in general is that although they have a cheaper package, this doesn’t really include enough to cover you properly, and you’ll likely have to go for something more expensive. For example, the cheapest Norton deal only covers 2GB of cloud backup, which just isn’t enough for many people. You also don’t get any parental control over the anti virus unless you are on one of the most expensive packages.

Another thing about Norton which is quite frustrating is that they have a lot of pop up ads. The whole reason most people opt for an anti virus in the first place is to get rid of pop up ads, right?! Anyway, although Norton Anti virus will do the job for most people, it isn’t the best out there in my opinion.


  • Not as good as it once was
  • From £24.99 for Single Site Licence
  • Poor customer service

McAfee is probably the most well known anti virus software. And although founder John McAfee doesn’t have anything to do with the product anymore, the company kept his name due to it’s prestige (even though some would argue he’s tarnished the name with his behaviour!).

McAfee Total Protection is designed to be a full security suite. This means that’s it’s an anti-virus, but it’s a lot of other things too. It’s also a firewall, and it can help you filter out any spam or malicious URL’s. You can also use it to manage the passwords on your computer and laptop, too.

What are the good things about McAfee anti virus software? Well, it’s definitely one of the best value anti virus softwares out there. Whilst you can pick up a single device licence from as low as £29.99, for a little more you can get one that covers up to 10 devices that you own.

That means that if you have numerous different devices in your household that you need to cover, then this makes it a fantastic choice. However, this brings me to the main low point of this anti virus software.

The main criticism have I have of McAfee software is that it isn’t as good for Mac’s as it is for Windows users. With Windows, you get a full array of different features to use. But this isn’t the case if you’re using an Apple laptop. And whilst Mac’s generally don’t suffer from the same amount of threats as their Windows equivalents, they are still at risk, especially to trojan horsess and malware. So whilst it’s a good choice for Windows and Android users, it’s not as good for those using Mac OS or wanting an anti virus software for IOS.

Commonly Asked Antivirus Questions – Answered

Is an antivirus necessary?

If you want to protect your computer, laptop or even your phone, then an antivirus is a necessary software to have installed. It helps to keep your protected from malicious malware and ensures that it doesn’t travel through the network onto your device.

Do I need a paid antivirus?

There are many free antivirus softwares out there, with Avast’s free antivirus probably being known as one of the best. The issue with any free antivirus is that they don’t tend to protect your from more serious threats, like identity theft, which is continually shown to be on the rise.

What are the essential functions does an antivirus software?

Whilst there are differences between all of the softwares out there, they should all provide the same functions as minimum. This will be things like running scans automatically or enable you to schedule them whenever you require, removing any malicious malware or code found on your device, and the ability to see how ‘healthy’ your laptop or computer is.

Do you need virus protection on a Mac?

It’s a commonly asked question, and the short answer is yes, you do. Whilst Mac’s are a lot less vulnerable to viruses than Windows devices, they are still susceptible to being hacked. When you’re buying an antivirus, make sure that they can be used for Mac, as some of the can only be used for Windows devices.

How can I tell if my device has a virus?

There are a few telltale signs that your laptop or computer has a virus. Typical signs you’ve got a virus are; unwanted popups, noticing a lack of storage space, your device crashing, suspicious activity on your hard drive and above all, your device running slowly or feeling sluggish.


Overall, these are the best antivirus softwares that are currently available as of 2023. Although the big names like McAfee and Norton are still worth considering, in my opinion there are better options out there if you’re looking for something more cost effective and proficient.

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