Best Home Safes UK – Keep your Valuables Secure in 2023

We all know that we need to protect the valuables we carry with us when we are out and about. However, many people don’t realize that you need to protect your valuables while you are at home too. In the unlikely event of an intruder, a home safe can help keep your most precious items safe from theft. They can also help keep precious items away from children. 

When investing in a safe for your home, it’s important to find one that is extremely secure and durable. You will need to be able to fully trust that the safe is going to keep even the most determined thieves away from your property. We’ve rounded up some of the best home safes available to help you make your decision. 

Best Home Safes UK

Yale Small Value Safe

If you’re looking for a safe that’s affordable but secure, this is a great option. The exterior is made with a durable steel and uses 15mm locking bolts to keep your items secure.

It has a keypad entry with 10,000 different possible numerical combinations, which you can program on your own. The safe will also lock you out after too many incorrect entries to deter criminals from randomly trying to guess the code.

An LED indicator next to the keypad will tell you when the safe is locked or unlocked, and will flash red when the battery is low and needs to be changed. This safe has a very compact design, so it’s great for small apartments where you may not have much storage space. It also can be mounted to the wall or the floor and comes with the appropriate fitting bolts. 

Dirty Pro Tools Large Safe

This safe is great if you want a slightly larger and more secure option, but don’t want to spend too much money. It is made of thick, heavy duty steel that has a powder coated finish. The door also has two chrome plated rods for further durability and security and 16mm locking bolts keep intruders out. The interior of the safe has a felt lining on the bottom, as well as a removable shelf that you can use for extra storage.

It can hold 44.6 litres of storage, so there’s plenty of room inside. It has a keypad lock that supports numerical codes of 3 to 8 numbers, with thousands of different combination choices. It comes with two keys in case you forget your combination & also has an automatic lock feature that will lock the safe temporarily after three incorrect entries.

It has holes at the base as well as in the back of the safe, which you can use to mount it to a shelf or to the wall. Mounting bolts are included with your purchase. 

Master Lock Fireproof Safe

This is a great option for those who are willing to invest more for an incredibly durable safe. It comes in four different sizes: 22, 33, 56, and 61 litres, depending on how much storage space you need. It is UL classified as fireproof and can withstand extremely high temperatures, and is also fully waterproof as long as it is not bolted down.

It can also withstand drops of 4 to 5 metres in most cases. It is made with durable steel construction and has three large live-locking bolts to secure the safe. It opens using a backlit keypad, which you can program with the numerical combination of your choice.

The interior has a bar that secures the safe even further, as well as an adjustable shelf, a door pocket for extra storage, and a handy light for additional visibility. The safe can easily be bolted to the floor, although it should not be bolted to a wall as this can reduce security. 

SentrySafe Electronic Safe

This is another excellent safe for those who want the highest quality protection and are willing to pay for it. It is UI classified for up to 1 hour of fire protection, and ETL verified for water resistance – it can handle up to 8 inches of water for up to 24 hours without incurring any damage. It also can resist a 15 foot drop. It can be bolted at the base, and comes with oversized bolts that are very durable and difficult to remove.

To access the safe, you can program your own numerical code using the backlit 10-digit keypad. While it does not come with additional keys, the SentrySafe customer service team can help you retrieve your code if you lose it. The interior of the safe has a removable shelf, as well as a door pocket and key rack that you can use for smaller items. 

Relaxdays Home/Office Steel Safe

If you prefer a key locking safe as opposed to one that uses a numerical keypad, this may be the right option for you. This safe is very small and compact, so it’s easy to hide in a tight closet. It uses a key to open and has two strong locking bolts for security. It can be wall mounted, and it comes with two keys in case you lose the first one. 

Home Safe Buying Guide

There are a number of different features to consider when purchasing a safe for your home. The first thing to look at is the security of the safe. It should use a complex lock system that cannot be broken into easily. However, it should also be simple for you to open when you want to access your items. Look for a secure keypad lock that is intuitive to use. Many home safes also come with override keys, which you can use if you forget your combination. 

It’s also important to consider how durable the safe is. It should be made of sturdy, weighted materials so that intruders cannot easily carry it out of your home. Ideally, your safe should also be fireproof and waterproof, so that your most valuable property will be protected no matter what happens. 

Is it worth having a safe at home?

It’s definitely worth having a safe at home if you’re going to keep valuables at your house. A safe is not intended to be the main thing to stop intruders coming into your home – it’s meant to be the last line of defence to protect your most valuable things. With any luck, you’ll never have anyone try to access your safe, because the rest of your home’s security is solid. But having a home safe is essential, even if it’s just for peace of mind.

How heavy should a home safe be?

In an ideal world, you’re going to want a safe to be more than 20 or so kilograms if you want to ensure an intruder won’t take the safe with them. But, this really depends on the purpose for your home safe, and in some cases, a 5KG might be more appropriate.

Where is the best place to keep a safe in your house?

In an ideal scenario, you’d try to keep your safe on the ground floor, with the kitchen being a great place for you to hide a home safe. Another great spot to keep a safe in is in a child’s room, as an intruder is very unlikely to go into a child’s room, as they probably think the stuff that is in there is low value.

Do burglars steal safes?

Research shows that the majority of times that a burglar comes across in your house, they may try to break into it, but it’s very unlikely that they’ll try to take the whole safe. Home safes are generally very heavy, and an intruder only wants to try and access things that are light and easy to take from in your house.

Where should you not hide valuables in your house?

There are some places that you should never hide your valuables in your house, and you shouldn’t rely on these places either. The most common places people think valuables might be safe is in a drawer or inside CD cases, though most people will know to look in the spaces nowadays.


If you have any valuables at home, then getting a safe can bring great peace of mind. Of course, most of us have our money safely stored in bank accounts, but for important documents like birth certificates, a safe is extremely useful. Also if you have jewellery, then having it in a safe can be a deterrent to intruders.

Depending on your needs, you can find cheap safe for less than £30 or £40, or you can find something more heavy duty if you so wish. There’s a few of the best options out there listed here, so hopefully you can find one that you want.

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