Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working 2023 (Xbox One Or PS4)

If you are playing Fortnite and you find that Fortnite voice chat or mic is not working on Xbox One or PS4, it can be annoying. This article will list solutions to help you fix the problem and get back to chatting with your friends.

The chat option allows players to talk to each other and communicate when they are working with teammates or when they want to say something to an opponent during a fight.

It is a feature that most players enjoy using. If it stops working, it can be annoying. Continue reading to learn how you can solve this problem.

Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working (Xbox One Or PS4)

Often the voice chats in Fortnite stop working because your microphone is turned off or because you have parental controls enabled. However, there are other reasons that this can happen.

The software could malfunction, or you may not know what is going on. Often, gamers turn their console off and back on to reboot voice chat, but it doesn’t always do the trick.

This article will look at two different ways to fix your voice chat in Fortnite. Both methods are designed for gamers who use the Xbox or the PS4 console. If you use a PC, you will need to use a different method to fix your voice chat.

You have to use Windows for the PC, and you will need to use the gaming pad and look at the settings in Windows. However, if you are using a gaming console from Xbox or PS4, you can use the following methods.

Method One: Turn Voice Chats Off and on

The first method to fix voice chat not working on Fortnite is to turn the voice chat off and on to trigger a reboot of the system.

This is a simple solution that often corrects any glitch that was causing it to malfunction. You will find that this method works most of the time. You can follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your gaming console
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Choose the speaker button
  4. Find the option to turn off voice chats and select it
  5. Turn your console off for a few seconds
  6. Turn your console back on
  7. Go to the chat settings again
  8. Turn on the voice chat option
  9. Go back to the first screen and log into Fortnite

Both the Xbox and the PS4 have a very simple process to use these settings, so you will not have any trouble following the steps. The voice chat option is a favorite among players, and they make sure that it is easy to access and change.

It will help reset the system, and it corrects any glitch or malfunction that was preventing the console from recognizing your microphone. If it was a simple problem such as this, this method should fix your problem.

Method Two: Turn on the Audio in Fortnite

Another way that you can activate your voice chat option is to use a feature that teams use during efforts when they are working together.

You can actually activate this option and use it for your private chats in Fortnite as well. This activation process is very similar for both the PS4 and the Xbox, so you can follow the steps below to activate this feature.

  1. Log onto your console and look for options at the top of the home screen
  2. Choose the options to create a party
  3. Make sure that you mark it as a private party and select Create
  4. Now return to the party settings
  5. Choose the chat audio setting
  6. Change the setting to say Prioritize game chats
  7. Apply these settings
  8. Test the voice chat to see if it works

When you use this method, you are transferring your voice chats from your console to the Fortnite game itself. The console will then prioritize the game’s voice chats.

It will bypass your normal voice chat settings and allow you to chat with other players, even if you aren’t part of a team.

This is a great solution for fixing your voice chat not working without having to purchase additional hardware or other equipment.

What Are Some Other Voice Chat Solutions to Try?

There are a few other solutions to try if you are unable to fix voice chat in Fortnite using the two methods above. There are a lot of minor issues that can cause it to stop working, and fixing these issues is quite simple.

Most of the time, you will be able to fix the voice chat not working in Fortnite problem with a few quick strokes of your gaming pad.

Parental Control Settings

One of the most common reasons that your voice chat isn’t working is that you have parental control settings. It will interfere with the voice chats if you have a Filter Mature language feature enabled.

This filter is designed to protect young children, but you will have to turn it off if you are using the Voice chat option. You can follow these steps:

  • Go to the main menu of your Xbox or PS4
  • Choose the settings option
  • Go to custom settings
  • Turn off the Filter mature language option
  • Test your chat feature

This may fix your problem. If not, there are other solutions to try. You might need to adjust the privacy settings for cross-platform play: Your privacy settings for cross-platform play may be the issue.

Privacy Settings

Your privacy settings help to keep you safe when you are online, but they can affect your ability to use features such as the voice chat feature on Fortnite.

The Xbox also has a function that prevents users from communicating with other players. Follow these steps to adjust the privacy settings for your Xbox:

  • Press the Xbox button on your console
  • Choose System, and then select Settings
  • Choose your account to view your account settings
  • Select the Privacy & Online Safety option
  • Choose Xbox Live privacy and go to View Details
  • Select the Communication & Multiplayer option
  • Activate the option to play with people outside of Xbox
  • Choose everyone under this option so that you can communicate using voice or text on your Xbox live
  • Go back and test your voice chat to see if it works

Make sure that you are patient when you go through to make these changes because you can accidentally click on other options and restrict other features.

Go through the steps one at a time, and then check to see if voice chat is working. You can also turn the console off and then restart it so that the new settings are put into effect.

How Long Does It Take to Fix the Voice Chat?

Of course, many people want to know how long it takes to fix the voice chat when it isn’t working. They want to get back to their game and their friends as quickly as possible.

Your voice chat may have gone out in the middle of an important event, and this can be very frustrating. You can use any of the methods listed here and have your voice chat working again very quickly.

It will only take you a few minutes. You need to use more patience when you are looking at your privacy settings or your parental controls, so this may take a little longer.

However, it is a good idea to take the extra time so that you don’t accidentally change other settings. You won’t need any additional hardware or other equipment to restore your voice chat capabilities, and you will be back to gaming with your friends in very little time.

Is Fixing Voice Chat a Permanent Solution?

The methods listed here can be a permanent solution as long as there is no other issue that is causing the problem. For instance, if you have a problem with your hardware, you may need to replace parts to get the voice chat up and running again.

This might happen if your microphone is broken, or you may have a headpiece that has worn out or become damaged. You will want to check these items before you continue, and you may have to replace them.

However, if you simply need to restart the console or change your settings, it should be a permanent solution unless someone changes them again. These are simple ways to fix your voice chat, and they will stay in effect until someone changes them.


When you are playing Fortnite with your friends, it can be annoying to find that your voice chat isn’t working. It can cause problems for you and your game play, and you will want to fix it as soon as possible.

Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to fix this problem. You might need your voice chat to communicate with others on your team, or you might want to taunt your opponents during a fight.

Either way, voice chat is an important feature of playing Fortnite. You can try the solutions above to fix your voice chat, and you will likely have success with one of them.

Most of them take only a few seconds, and you will be back to playing. Remember that this is a common problem that people experience, so be patient, and you will fix it and get back to your friends.

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